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LBC Quad: the most popular quad on Tulane's campus | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at LBC Quad.

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The LBC quad is where almost every large-scale student activity takes place. There are often be live performances and group activities (yoga in the quad, tye-dying, etc), but the LBC quad is also a popular spot for students to put down blankets and work on homework, sunbathe, or watch the sunset and listen to music. On a larger scale, Tulane University Campus Programming invites bands and local or famous artists to perform in the quad, and attendance is completely free for Tulane students. This past September we had Jesse McCartney come (!!!!) and one of the most famous events, Crawfest, takes place here! During a weekend in April, students, families, and fellow New Orleanians gather around to listen to bands and eat thousands of pounds of delicious boiled crawfish. There's always a great time to be had relaxing in the LBC quad.