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Lindsay Shows You a Lecture Hall at Tulane | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at Richardson Memorial Hall.


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Lindsay Nissenbaum
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So this is the lecture hall in Richardson Memorial Hall. This hall can fit 100-120 students which is about standard size for lecture halls at Tulane. While there are a few halls that accommodate over 200 students, most classes aren't that large. My experience having class in a lecture hall has been that the closer you sit to the professor, the better the class is overall. Most of the time, professors will interact with students they can see and HEAR. It's really great to go up to a professor after class and ask a question and know that they recognize you. Unlike many other universities, most large lecture classes are taught by professors themselves and not the TAs. I've found this to be super reassuring and it even encourages me to do better in my classes because I want to impress the professors.