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The A-Quad: Tulane's gorgeous academic hub | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at Academic Quad.

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Take a look around the A-Quad, where a majority of student's academic buildings are located. Immediately surrounding the A-Quad is Richardson Memorial (home of the infamous architecture studio), Richardson Building (which houses academic advising and a few lecture halls), Norman Meyer (a political science building), and Gibson (home of the admissions office and a bulk of the English department). This is where a majority of students will have their classes, and each building is just a minute or two away. Despite its utility, the A-Quad maintains a beautiful glow in the New Orleans sunshine. Many students filter in and out, and even back and forth between these buildings. But in the midst of the midday bustle or between classes, it's super relaxing to just lay in the grass or sit on a bench, put in some headphones, and zen-out in the shade of a giant oak tree.