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Walk down St. Charles Avenue with Lindsay | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at St Charles Ave.


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Lindsay Nissenbaum
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On my tour, I wanted to make sure I incorporated as much of New Orleans as possible. So, I decided to take y'all along for one of my favorite walks! This is St. Charles Ave, the southern boundary of Tulane's campus. Across the avenue is Audubon Park, a popular spot for students to hang out on campus any time of the day, any day of the year. Walking down St. Charles is such a uniquely NOLA experience as you can see street cars passing by, decadent architecture, and amazing foliage. Tulane is in the Uptown district of New Orleans, a neighborhood that's historically very affluent. It's important for Tulane students to keep in mind that our student body doesn't look like the rest of the city -- understanding and being mindful of our privilege is a central part of Tulane's values. Part of the reason why I chose Tulane is because we have such a huge community service involvement but we are always looking for ways to improve how we do service.