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Walk & Talk with Antonia: nearby things to do and her love for NOLA | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at Uptown/Carrollton.

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Tulane's campus is located in Uptown New Orleans, a more affluent area of New Orleans. Uptown is really easy to navigate, and it's really fun to take advantage of the interconnectedness of the city. A quirky coffee shop, and AMAZING hotdog place (shoutout Dat Dog!), thrift shops, a walk in the park, an art gallery, a cute store or market--everything is within a 20 minute walk or bike ride! Although freshmen don't have cars, it's still extremely easy to go do fun things in the city with friends or even on solo excursions. There's always something to do, always something happening, always something new to learn and experience.