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The UAH Police Department

UAH has its own police department to ensure your safety on campus 24/7. It's a really nice thing to know you're safe to walk at night on campus.

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Ryan Braden
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So I'm just here in this garage and I decided to show you guys one thing that I personally really enjoyed about Uhh is the security on campus. You come here because we have our own personal police department, which has already been very helpful to me on several occasions. They don't just protect you like, like, you know, cops do, but they also handle parking and all that stuff. They also help you if, like, your bike is tampered with or your car battery dies. Really kind officer came out once and give me a jump in my car batteries. That was the reason I was able to get home on time for a holiday. So thank you to that to that officer, but it's it's really good. Because if you're wandering around campus at night and you spooked or you feel like someone may be following you or you feel like you're in danger, there is. You can call the wage police department and an officer will. You always have access to a police officer that service directly. Really good for security reasons. That's campus is very, very safe and very, very well.