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Hey, guys, I want to show you what I was eating. I'm having chicken tenders. Noodles for Todd. My roommate is having vegetables and potato fries and noodles. And God we're having so far they have pizza. I'm back. I got a smoothie from Golden Golden Bear. Two. The dining hall's here. All right there, Hood. You'd expect from dining halls. There's a couple different ones which I will take us all about. But the food IGBC is actually pretty good. I like this. Movies are like salads. I hear that the case of use air good. But I refuse to eat them because I don't find native Mexican food and I get inside you go. But I am this walking sprout. Most of the clubs kind of packed up. But they're so clubs around here. A lot of them close around two o'Clock, so they kind of just there's dogs. Let's go. He's on back. So hello. So now you guys saw the tour, so before that showed you tour. I can't really show the what's it called the residence team are not the residency at the residence hall. We called a dining because it's really restricted. And really, there's a bad notion of not recording their recording in there because it's seen as I guess not. I don't know what scene it's really frowned upon or why it is but got started so. Starbucks isn't at the resident's nineteen, but it's near campus and you point it at another video, right? Go around campus and just show you. I saw a couple spots, but none. I'm here to show you that talk to you because I couldn't talk in the actual dining hall that you can do is call. It's another video and this basically talk about the meal plants and the plants. You see Berkeley expenses for a freshman or anyone with room and board it does to plant is a Blue Planet is a Goa'uld plan now by the car. By notions of the words blue and gold, you kind of decided which was better. So obviously the gold ones better and the gold mines of limited swipes you contrive however you want. You can just going in and out most times. People with this Web all right, have a quick snack in the cafe. They will split their card and boom bang a bang. I get a little snack, get apple jelly. Usually that's usually very expensive. That's six hundred bucks more compared to your actual financial package. Now I can tell you a set number of how much a pack costs because that usually varies on your financial aid package. And it's not really Biggs among students, however, I think million in general. So I have to say, I think mailing that generally spics and I can't give you a really good price, but you have to check the online website to see that and obviously let any Berkeley you if you want. Ten. Berkeley is the research one university. So if you want to get accustomed to what it has to be, you see birthday studio, we should probably get used to being doing research. So that's one the blue plan is. I think it's twelve swipes a week. Have you really count that? It's six swipes at six days, Just wives. It's lunch and dinner. That's what I used. But for me, I work. So I don't really use that many swipes because I usually just take out. There's no continues. You have there's sex points out six points is just hard money that's in your cowl on cards and eventually your car. So you got one card? Is your idea that you received the first day of school? This card was sort of the credit card was a set amount of points in the blue pack. Get two hundred fifty dollars in which shouldn't go to a bear market, which you saw another radio Where is like the open sign? You can spend money. You could buy things like little things like I bought these cookies right now it's a setup, but we really expected really, really good. Like, this is the spot like you guys are hungry. Weekend. This is spot. You should really be best if you come to count. So you get flex points of that flex points you can like, by containing what they continue, could take our food. Usually that's what I do. Just so like I can swipe point and get two meals boozing because I get dinner used most handsome that like you go to dinner, you know, get a container and takeout for lunch for my following job when I want my work break at work. So it's really how you want to invest in it. So most times in that people there maur accessible toe, I guess funds usually, if that's a scholarship, you see, if your parents are well off going, usually would invest in the six hundred bucks just had that kind of safety that if I'm hungry, I might as well have a limited, not be feared how many swipes I have left in the week because it's sometimes some things for myself that I know the beginning. The year before I started working, it was that your harmony swipes tohave. So it's something have to be conscious of that for me. I know I'm doing it personally. I'm only having twelve swipes a week and I'm surviving. I've never been once tonight, like all you've ran a swipes. I've never been in fear of it. It's just been the beginning of the school year, but now I'm fine and obviously like different stories, different things. People change, so I don't know how people react to it, So I was tested out. You can always change the gold plan if needed. Six hundred bucks once more, a little more booty. A scholarship. So you just wanna invest in alone That would really have a pretty blanket on your food security, then that's a good thing to invest. So it's not really complication with two plans. That's in the beginning. So it's twelve swipes limited there's no between. And it's up to your rationale to decide whether you want to eat or not. You know, you're an adult now. You are goingto make your decisions. And I know sometimes money it's still tied to your parent's decision. But it's your rational decide. Am I going to eat them? I gonna hold it out. Can I hold it out? Is that healthy for me? Is that going to be best of my diet and etcetera? Right? Do you have to start to hear every diet and responsibility of your human being? So, you guys, that's the mule thing. I'm sorry for no video. I'm sorry, buddy. Excuse me. It's just my background. All right, So I've walked about a block or two. And if you walk right up here, that is Unit One. That is one of the parts of the units of the dorms. Campus is right that way. See earlier time. They have really good pizza there. Open pretty much all night. I love it. I highly recommend you try that. A lot of Vietnamese place dumpling place. There's a bunch of different types of food here. You definitely could probably eat a different type of food every day of the week and not yet. So we're walking right now, up to Crossroads Dining Hall. I know I help even up walking across its shining all It's our main dining home. All right. So, campus write this. As you see, we're very close. Have a Walgreens have a subway right there. Just a bunch of places. I walked around a little bit. Everyone's just getting out of Custer lunch. Right, We're coming up on a Bank of America. There's also a Wells Fargo create posted campus on the other side and in front of us fifty six and great wants to buy all your hear that everywhere every day. Bagel shop, noodle shop, Rahman shops everywhere. Now, if you continue right down that way. Down there, you have it. Yeah. Now there's games of Berkeley. You want cards and humanity is I suggest that's where you do it. Um, there's a peaceful place that Senor ease pizza. But I went to for the first time two days ago because they were giving out free user, so, so good, actually get something. This is what we call the Asian ghetto because there's a lot of Asian, too. No. There's a hotel right there. Have your parents come visit. You are ready. What? Donut is so good. Haider, come and check it out. Blue sky right there. There's a Taco Bell like that. A little bit further. Top dog, which is a place that culture always that and up on the corner. Right there. We're looking right now. Place is also artichoke pizza, which is super good. I love it. Recommends. So this is one of the main streets that we have If you want to grab a bite to eat. I said you can't really go wrong ending on here. Everything is super good. One of the things I love about Berkeley. You have so many unique, amazing food options. Hey, guys. So we are now going into crossroads. Which ones get in Ours are dining hall. Yeah, so this is kind of what it looks like. You're always playing pretty good music. For the record, I wasn't able to recording Cafe three. So video you're seeing right now is use the outsider just my food, because if they were to catch me recording, I probably be spend it. Now I'm completely line, but there's a strict no recording policy, so I try my best. Just no respect the policy at Berkeley, but Cafe three is the most famous resident hall dining hall. I'm lying. That's the closest one to me. I live the Unit three. So obviously by the name Implication Unit. Three Residents, all Unit three, Cafe three. You kind of imply why I went to it. Only Good Cafe. It's buffet style once more. If you want to know about the meal plans, I'll do another video about it. But it's really good Cafe at times, and sometimes I really wish it was just Guys, it's Karen again. So today I wanted to talk to you guys about the meal plans here at Berkeley. So if you are going to be living on campus, you already have a meal plan that is included as part of your rent here. If you're not living on campus, you do have to buy a meal plan separately. That's my understanding of, but I'm not quite sure how that works because, as you know, I live on campus. Mom's. So the way the mail plan works at UC Berkley is the most basic plan is the it's called the Blue Meal plan. And what you get with that is you get twelve meals a week. So this goes from Sunday to say you get twelve meals a week and for each, like a lot of period of time. So like breakfast, lunch, dinner. You can swipe in once, and once you're in, you're in and it's all you can. So, um, from Monday to Friday, they have breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then on Saturday and Sunday, they have brunch and dinner. I'd be thinking twelve meals. Not that much, because at that point you're not even getting two meals a day getting like one and a half, maybe. I don't know. I don't really know how the math works out, but it's not that much. If you are really heavy eater, if you're like me, it's perfect because half the time I skip breakfast because I wake up super late or it just don't have time for it, and I don't really eat that much. So I usually what I do is I go Monday to Saturday, two meals a day, and that's pretty much what I do. So that's told me a week and then sometimes I'll cook for myself in the dorm or I'll go out to eat, so it balances out pretty well for me. Um, but if that's not enough for you, they do have an option to upgrade your meal plans. I believe this costs a couple hundred extra person muster, but with the gold mail plan, you get unlimited swipes. You can go in whatever you want completely free. There's no limit on how many times you can go in every week. So yeah, if that the blue meal plan isn't enough for you, that gold, that meal plan might be an option. And the thing about the mail plans is they also come with flex dollars. So flex dollars are a type of currency that you can use around U C. Berkeley at its various campus locations. So around campus, you might see some cafes and some little stores and some of these stories except flex dollars. So as part of your meal plan, the most basic plan you get two hundred and fifty dollars person Lester. And for the gold plan, I believe you get. I want to say three fifty, but don't quote me on that. Get a little more with the gold plan. These flecks dollars, I nice. It's another way where you can get food if you're out of meals. So Cal dining, um, puts on with cold night and late night runs from, like, ten thirty toe one AM so they're openly and, um, at late night. You could get some pretty much just jump. You could get pancakes. You could get buffalo wings, cookies, just all kinds of junk that you might be craving at night, and you can pay for those using reflects dollars. That's what the meal plan it colors like in my personal opinion. I don't think it's the best that it could be just because like this, the swipes don't carry over. It's the next week. So if you don't use all your twelve meals in that week, then it's like It's like you're losing out on food, which kind of sucks. But it is all you can eat, so that's nice. Um, and overall, I can't Cal Dining does a pretty good job. But the food, the quality is not terrible, and on any given day, like you'll be sure to find something that you can eat. Hey, everyone, it's Karen again today. I'll be taking guys to Oakland, which is in nearby city to three miles south of Berkeley. I'll be grabbing dinner with my friends, but that's not the main point of this. Even though I will be showing you just in good food places, I'm going to be showing you how to use the public transportation system in the Bay Area. So as a Berkeley student, you get what's called a Clipper card and there's a fee included in your registration. I think it's like seventy or eighty dollars, which is which sounds pretty expensive for like a plastic card as a Berkeley sitting. What you get for free is you get to ride on the county bus for free. So the bus that takes you throughout all of Alameda County, it's called a C Transit. What you can also do with the Clipper card is you can go on other Bay Area transportation systems. You still have to pay the cost of the ticket. But this is really, really nice because now you don't have to carry around different tickets and different cards for all these other systems. For example, the subway system we call it the BART, the Bay Area rapid transit. And for that, like, everyone takes it like, trust me, it goes throughout all the Bay Area takes you from Eastbay Toe SF takes a little bit south to near Fremont. And yeah, so basically, this is the subway system and you can use Clipper card in here. You just load money into the card and you're able to use any of the systems in the Bay Area. So some other good ones, our community, the SFM, uni. So this is the bus that takes you around SF um, there's also some of the ones I have taken personally are Golden Gate Transit, which will take you across the bay from U. C Berkeley to SF. But you can also do that using a C transit by taking the offline. And what else called the smart people here above their acronyms. It's like the cinema Marin area, Rapid transit. I believe it's like another train is all the way north. Stuff like that. Um, so, yeah, Clipper Card is a great tool to help you get around the Bay Area. And today I'll be showing you how to get to Oakland. I see. She lives on my floor. We're going to Oakland together. Um, so I'm gonna show you how to get on a C transit. So basically, what you have is you have a Clipper card. It's this little thing, and you top it with a little reader there. Get on, Get on for free. You get to where you want to go. Hi. I'm back here with fitty. Fitty? How would you rate the ease of using public transport? It's pretty easy on a scale of one to ten. Yeah. No. Easy, easy. You can do it. We can do it. Everyone can do it. Hey. Hey, guys, We're back. I thought for a minute to talk to Conrad and Alexa. Uh, Conrad is a sophomore here, and Electra is a junior. But you guys are obvious and solving love. Berkeley. Much idea. Cool. I'm going into GBC eagles in All right. Way are at, As you can see, across our dining home for Prince. Unit one is right there. You walk down that way, you get towards you three, which I'm gonna be going to later for a rally commuting tonight. Crossroads right here. There's no life right now because it's about two. Thirty. We also have the done. They have Pete's coffee. It's super cool. You can use your meal points. You're dining points to get coffee from the done. They also have really good pizza. My remain, I love going there. How would you say the food options are honored around campus for the dining hold? I know like opinions. Why dutiful? For this? I was mostly over here with a But a lot of people find it to be really limiting, but as in definitely provide for you like you. Basically one campus. There are tons of cafes. They could win the place, he said. But you have tons of options like you have. I know I don't find Indian full on campus, but otherwise, like you find Nick sandwiches, Vegas movies, There's lots