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Thinking about University of California-Merced and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of California-Merced in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of California-Merced’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of California-Merced, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of California-Merced experience. These University of California-Merced video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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you need to come to me that he wanted him from the back of a fake. Like when I get Yeah, so are you. Good morning, everybody. It is Tuesday, and it is 11 or something. Don't mind me. I just streets, um, missile and I will come back 10. 40 something for my 1 30 class A peek, but at 12. 37 but different The fat cat. So it goes backwards through town and come back. But that's OK this time. After they took a last time when I had a class like a right then but my classes at 1 30 and I'm taking that killed 57 like a waste time and then come back I like and driving to school. But like, a good time. And then just just going to one day be remain. It's like a lecture. And then after that, at 33 30 until 5 20 I have my mass discussion. So good morning. I'm about to remember. So we have two classes today, um, injured a fake and math discussion. Come home and do what, man do homework. They have Matthew do. I did like a big chunk of yesterday and then that I have to go to read, Have to be something visual. Yeah, that's it. My classes today, one. And he'll be one when it's light. No. And then have another. I have my discussion in Glacier Wonder. So So I'm walking right now. The best up. It leaves that to 47. It's 12. 41. So may wait. Can we come back? No, but actually enjoying my class, it's not Not like, uh I don't want to go actually like them. So, huh? I don't really complain, like in my head. And I used to be like, Oh, I don't want to go to class even though I didn't really not not like it. But now I'm just like, Okay, let's have a great day. We're trying to have a more positive mind that obviously than last year Fuck you and your badass attitude. All your negativity or that other ship. That's it. Your fucking self. You know, I saw Well, fucking positive. So that bus was 10 minutes lead. I have to sit out here and wait a long period logically time, you know, going this like a lecture. So I just got done with my psych lecture. Now I'm gonna go when I got to a C s building like their bathroom. So, people, what if you don't know? Oh, that lecture is so long, so tired. I hate women. Like in our in 30 minutes. It's just that extra our in the middle instead of being, like 50 minutes two, you know, like so help my daughter. Well, it does. I'm gonna go over this bridge over here. I'm doing this bridge to be built. I don't even have a lab anymore. So doesn't matter for it to be there, but as we can see, way had discussing together. Now we're going home. Fine. That young. He's trying to get the cabinet. She said, Look up. Thank you for our. That's my cup. I drink you whenever I have free time. Who's that about white bones? This is fighting is either You don't know where you eating it? Oh, my God. You're making me angry. Any any of you want to discuss And our weekly hall? Can we not? No. Didn't you? I was cooking. If they're gonna ask us what? So you could pick up the kids coming up? Is it ready? that's helping. May. Yeah. You guys in my last vlog. Yeah, I know, I know. I just concluded another right now. Like a now ago. Yeah, I watched it is not there at the last part. Oh, good morning. So today seems Monday, which is math and 9 30 me 30 and then and then the whole truth making eggs. And thank you. Really? Really Okay. Things pretty much gonna be, like, almost nothing, you know? Good. It's like Monday schedules take me to say, because, like, a suit. Okay, Look out the window yet. Um, coming out. And how high does it just mean? Yeah, Um, I wanna know you Your classes schedule. My life is going. I called it so So I gotta know. I just got an email that my teacher cancelled my visual culture class, and I'm not even happy about it, because imagine the gap that I now have. 10. 30 21 three. Now, listen. No, listen, that's no. No. Well, it was pretty cool. Oh, but I have the whole dorm anymore, bro. It's perfect. Even know, mail me. But a struggle itself. He he's gonna cast class. Careful. Don't have two classes today. Um, give me some meeting. I know it. ISS Oh, What time is it? What time is it? 11. Bullshit. It's like 8 11 8 11 Anything. So I'm going to bust up. I was just thinking about that D s. Get that Have now, Big guys get up between my first and last class. Second class is now canceled. So and I really liked that class, and I didn't do the reading. So I guess this is with a They didn't do the reading because I was like, it was either sleep or read. And the readings are, like, not tolerable for my tensions, Van. So I was like, Look, I'm going to go bed and read. We all know what happened was I said, I'm gonna go to bed. Michael, in my bag. Comfy isn't saying much air and do this damn lady now, soon is my fucking body hit that bid. I was gone, but alas, in conclusion, I did not read. And then the class was canceled. So, technically, technically, does the universe telling me No, ma'am, no ma'am, no mail, no man, no ma'am, no. So I'm lucky No. Two at age 27. So let's go is at 8 30 The class is over, and I don't know where to go since you know Well, we're launching a new building. There's a good legs. Were actually I left my whole. After at home, I looked at it, too. Was like Now I don't even have math lecture. And then okay, whatever yet over my class would be. But it's I'm done with my clubs. Here's the gap. I'm literally killing in that one spot. Dad, I put the first video. Let me my first log of this week on Monday and I'm like, I don't know. Oh, this is that this advantage? It's like how almost two hours and I'm out here. If it was hard drive that it can't, it's too. It's too much lake. A pure chili. It's It's only nine. You know something and I am here. No, very so it's now my designated. Does it needed break like if I had my capacity? Now it's my lunch break. In a way. Is sliding rose my ship. It's so good. Crunch on that have streamed to for that. And then I have some. So class, I'm just exhausted. Being outside for so social battery is always at 50% when I leave the house. Sorry. Now I didn't talk to anybody. So what's that? About 25. 40. We're doing the door. Go great. Oh, my friend took my other sitting spot, so I just moved to another one. It's further. It's just a little two tables away, but yeah, but e don't know. Yeah, but eat like one and save the rest for later and then have an throw at 1 30 into politics. Get me. I don't want you watching a movie today again. That's right. Gob. That class is only 15 minutes. 00 Hours a full hour and five minutes. It goes to 45 for no reason. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I was in the library for, like most of the time. It's pretty Okay. Okay, a little. I never go in there. I never go in there. I I'm like a lot of beer and secluded little couch areas of land for do. Took a feat. No, still in there and editing videos. You're, like, the whole time. So that's a new area. Could go to any of you out here because we're, you know, but yeah. Um, wanting to go to my bedroom, I literally couldn't take a nap. Yes, it it was so frustrating. We couldn't take a nap, that one of my friend's house for dinner. And we did it so up. You're like, Oh, shit, Mama. Right now, after waiting. And then then the ate dinner with Mrs O. All right, How else me and my computer like home one of you gonna take me? And if there were any crumble, So right, then fucking you, huh? And then we just ended up getting food. Me and Amman, my house. Meet the small Indian girl. No. Well, yeah, it's 2 40 I'm gonna go to the bus stop. Go home, bro. Tired? Definitely a good lecture. Yeah, good, ma'am. But go home. You're right. You know the deal, though I understand why you hate on me, Love. It was nothing. It don't cost nothing to show a nickel. I don't win this game. Hi. I will go back to my channel, guys. Okay, so today it's Coachella springing of it for you. And we are attending really late, like, an hour late. But this is my makeup green. Could I have green? Yeah. And why do you always drink tea? Oh, you and so we are going now. Come on. Gum here. This'd lucky. Not pretty on hill and traveling and then other to grill. Ease back their stuff. And I'm not on you. My God. And then, Norma, you wanna blow your face? You know, my husband hated burgs year. Yeah, all right. I was definitely struggling with that left St Louis. That left eye. Yeah, you gotta tuck it under. Wait. Everybody wait. Mama was something that is done. I don't know how we do. We got up to, like, a room with with hard work. Hard work in our game. Give food that you eat tentacle. Since 12:10 p.m. We have a recurring segment on our shell. Called Explained that Graham Radio Deep Throat. I am mentally in pain all the time. I also don't want to talk about it. So So it's finals week. How do you feel? Cell is extra stress right now, and she's not ready for either that when she has less. Because she has a being cast this year. They need the whole thing to pass for. Could be like that, you know, whatever. Now we're gonna go to the market to get some power. Smith first natural, you know, city. Great. Yeah, I would've. Where this is life feed. I was getting a great change, right? Right for weeks. But now we are happy praying for a good grade on the final that Biocyte cell. But really years you out. Oh, my God. He was goes wrong. They were all them buyer to give you this one thing. Happy last turning point for extra credit. She dropped it like the mist in my It's a good day today, isn't it? Spreading positivity, please. I love vegan hash tag. No, not really. Biodiversity. Oh, say, what are the four factors If I never see that university habitat loss introduced species out harvesting global team bitch. Hey. Yeah, It's a girl. Becca G. And guess what I'm doing today. I am complaining. Yes, I am. Complained about an hour ago. We got done with our Kim, um, final. It was a standardized test, a cs, and was But we're done with that. And I have one more test tomorrow. His math cut. Listen, it's hard and anything, so that's gonna be tough enough to study all night and all day tomorrow. I don't I don't do anything. I like schools in the in two days. They want to go home. It is when you but it's so stressful and so tough. Well, material, if you know the material. It was good. Like I know happened material. So it was like It's messy, but study. I am currently invading my friend's room because he is not in here. So they are unlock because we're that where? Hey, guys, Welcome back to my channel. So today So what tour of my room and did the building. I did the floor. I thought you do like Google. But I was like I was lazy because I went out with Bob Cut. I was like walking on a really hot. So, um, I, um I did it my room around the rooms around here along you. So I think that is including a few clicks of my friends. Agree? Have lake. I've recorded them chained up with the home. So that is why I instituted random them. So enjoy comment, Lake subscribe. Like I'm thinking should. And don't get this video because I'm looking at my fucking sit and generous. Could do the video for the first minute after sucking find fight. Why are you doing? I don't want the video. I'd rather have you know, off the video. Skipping dumb Max. Okay, so bitches know, support me. These bitches are waiting for my motherfucking down for a bit, but I would never mind the 54 piece going Todo glacier point where I live. I didn't. So, first we're gonna go in here. Wait. Oh, goodness. So This is the main lounge thing. This is Eric May loans is a wave. This is where people do like working. We need him to talk with the r a. The study room, people in there. But there's this and had Drew Rich's way. Have you, like all the C O. V's and in the dorms with water in there like that? You have water, but I'll be good. Like nest. Yes, I do. Flash drop in class has been dropped on concrete floor. So loud and disturbing. So this house to set up these are triples. Three people didn't know and the rest are singles. And one No, no, the rest are doubles. And it is one thing on each side. This is like, think I said, Looks like three things here. Two. You better has a Yes. For me. These will have roommates. Hey, is that even your way? Have won. We have won singles on one single on each. That went for a guy. Yeah, with thing. Yeah, you know, thanks soon. No, we have to. Don't. Yeah, it's Jared and Kayla. Just one. These are Oh, he is a double, but he lives about This is cloned. I'm going there. Enough. Never. Triple old singer on the other side of the triple doubles, this is the study room. Hi. There's a study room where it lost in any kids Go down base and then their wheel fire. So many players. So you fire learns. Go off everybody. Uh, would you open your thinking, little hole? Breathing's my neighbor. The one you just saw and then his line is luck. Okay, so this is my room, So, yes, this is a double in Glacier Point. Help! Looks. This is my side. So you have my belt, You know, my closes like this in your closet. Look, I have my bags over there. My bed. Wait, He's in high school. Shut out to my little babies. Men. I am offended. Sat out. I'm gonna have my work wall into my desk. Make up. Not my hair. Part IX. More shoes When we make side, DC is like the perfect you see. And then she has to have a microwave and a little mini fits later there. Yeah, it's the truth. Hey, way have literally matching in everything that we have a little purpose in cases of comings and then we have long to lose our favorite heroes. She has window women on, you know, like I saw it on target. I was like, God, Oh, yeah. So that is on the roof. The best look, you know, locally, restroom. Good. Represent, Lindsay. This one I usually use like, because it's the biggest. And these smaller And we have time, you know, 10 conserving. I mean energy. 30 minutes. That all that clothes off. You're so scary as hell. But the's are theirs. Five years slow ones, and then this'll end badly. So that means restroom Ellipse, guys Looks exactly the same. And all fingers open by Harvey Nasty ass. I mean, do you want e Come here and then in him Hazard of the West. I sold that shit. Shower this? Yeah. Seen it in there. Okay, it was trip. Okay, So good size. Okay, cardboard sleeve. That should go there. And rose. Hi. Through with hand motion single. We love nature and technology. Trash. Yeah, this double field. Yeah, we live right next door so you can mansion disturbing back to it in so long. Um, that Dr No washers. And right here we pay with our cat card, so you scan it. This is for the washer. This is for the drivers. Hey, now we're gonna make it it. Yeah, point second, not just smaller here. Hello. Huh? Homework? Yes. And say whore with and you go cook my food. I'll be back. There's a There's somebody in here. Oh, they think this is a whole. So that's how it looks. Table. Yeah. Whoa. I don't bomb ass day, but, um, you never mind. I got down. They're so dirty upset, But I have nothing to talk about. Um, we're looking for houses today because we're gonna live off campus next year. So we're looking for rooms for for house, and yeah, it'll be easier to belong there. So, uh, shut out, everybody have fun. I got go crazy because it'll be okay. Everybody all right, Now I am. It is 7 2600 Friday, a meeting bagel and cream a week. But with you today have math and I'm pretty. And then I have my anthropology discussing. I didn't did it. Oh, he and then I get to go after day. Friday's way just went to go over Go. So it's come true, right? I forgot them. They removed my hair dye we're gonna have today anyway. Then it's the last day of the week. You too. Um, Are you die next week? Radium closed about. So I'm done. Which my like. Sure. I'm gonna go sit down and wait, because I have a 15 minute break in between my classes today that I have anthropology into 60 to 76 of CEO Beach. He is best plus back at 12 0 I'm done for the day Friday. Done. I'll be on the motherfucking perks, bitch. I come through like I need a burn. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. I'm gonna be here, Crumpton. I'm numb about to what's, um what's, um um, Mom, What's a random YouTube videos and have the time of my life. What? This is what the break is all about. This is what the weekend look forward to. Monday. It's a can't win for Friday. The chill in my room and do nothing for the rest of the day. Nobody talked to me. Nobody. Get me out of this boom. Like you know, I really don't. You understand the light? No, ma'am. About sleep. I don't know. Social battery is gone. No, ma'am. Anyways, that was all day, week to week. How did you guys week? Oh, my God, Actually. Really good. Because of the weather. The weather came in the room excluding today. But it didn't matter to me because I pen morning classes. Therefore cruiser saved. Yeah, so hot from me today. And well, it wasn't here. It it was an irritable. So tell my live, you know, Didn't forget sweat out. I don't have an outfit. I didn't sweat out my outfit. I didn't have a rough time. Math was good after public discussion was good. Not a great day. Now playtime's over. Come back home. Well, what you want to do is