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Working for CampusReel

Why I wanted to join College Reel and my experience shotting the around the campus.

Video Location University of California, Riverside
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Then I think I swiped up or something and we got in contact the first time when you really go through. The second time I I saw the opportunity to, like, Showcase my school. I believe it was part of a lot of organizations and me being a third year, I got to see all the different aspects of you CR and says, I do film. I think I thought, This is a perfect opportunity for me to be partisan like this. I do think that this is such a cool like AP or cool website for people prospecting students to like see what that school is, what? To see what the school is really about. I wish I wish I would have had something like this when I was a senior in high school or in my high school days. Like, actually see what the school life is about art to see what a campus life is actually about. I only got to see a little bit of that do blog's, and that's only at U. S. C. But it's so cool that you can see like so many different aspects, so mean different schools and to see something different aspects of schools on the website. Exciting because that I really enjoy showcasing my school because I really do enjoy you CR. I really enjoy like the campus life, and showcasing it through film is one of my passions. So Israel free feeling and that you guys so much for this opportunity for you guys.