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Final Thought from Celestra

Celestra sends you off with some final pieces of advice to incoming freshmen and transfer students. University can be difficult at times, but remember to always make time for yourself :)

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Celestra Acosta
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Hey, then this is Celeste Ra. And this is also my final video as your campus real tour guide for U. C s D. Um, I hope that you really enjoyed seeing the things that I do during my normal everyday life, like going to classes. Um, what do I do about it? Oh, hang out with my friends, going shopping off campus and even going to some of the dining halls and markets. If you choose to go to UCSD, you could, like, check out some of those places I showed you and a piece of advice. You could see it like all bundled up right now because it's midterms weak and your girl is burned out. Oh, like studying Ally, going to a lot of my org's events and everything I really like. So make sure that you keep yourself organized a university. Of course, it's like easy to spread yourself pretty thin and take take on a lot of responsibilities, but take care of yourself. First, make sure you don't end up like me sick on Midterms week. Uh, also with that being said, Keep a planner and have all of your due dates and, you know, homework for deadlines, all the exam dates, so you could keep track of that. It's really important to, like, be on top of your schedule in university. Um oh, utilize all other any sources that you have here on campus being your, you know, first year student coming right out of high school or community coming to college. Transfer student um, there's a lot of places on campus we can get career help and advice. Uh, talk about like, there's like a place called caps where you could do like your mental health, like talking to people. There's like, their P fluffy's on campus. If you need, like a D stressor, so utilize all those things. Because college can be hard, I'm like sniffling of it. As you can see, it's a little hard, but just make sure that you're enjoying your time here and go to all the free events are so many free events here on campus and off course there's free food, and I always go for the free food and take a hole as well, so I hope that you enjoyed those pieces of advice also.