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Room Tour! Triples, Loft Beds, Roommates...

Celestra gives you a tour of her bedroom in a typical apartment Triple. Know some dorm room essentials and also the roommate choosing process.

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Celestra Acosta
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So I'm gonna give you a tour in my room, which is right down this hallway. Okay, So entering and you could see to the right of the door is my bed. So there is a desk on the bottom, and the bed is on top. My white board, if I want to make any any notes to myself or reminders, I have my Nikon book right here, and this is something I'm pretty proud. I, like, got these fake plants, and I just, like, put some yarn on it and stuck it to the ceiling of my life just to be, You know, that atmosphere more nice and aesthetic. I'll take you on the opposite side is my roommate's bed. We have three shows and then a bottom George right here. On the opposite side, it's some more where you could hang your jackets and everything. To get to the top bunk, you have to go up some ladders. To be honest, I really do not like a locked in bed styles or bunk beds because it makes going, going down in the morning just so much harder. You want to just like Sweeney er, legs over the bed and, you know, slide out of bed easily. I bought it separately and I use it to, like, put my tea Hughes because I need to blow my nose often at night, and my cell phone goes here like lip balm, anything I need, so I don't have to constantly go down already in bed. It's like made out of cardboard and I just tacked it on there. Are you all seeing this? I never make my bed and I didn't even make my bed for this one. I just, like, stuffed everything behind that pillow because it makes it so hard to make your bed when you're living on the top bunk. I got to do what you've got to do. Like to show you the rest of the room? No. I do have, like this hook thing right here so I could hang my towels and I had, like, a super long charger, appear as well. On the opposite side is my third roommates beds there it is her desk and everything. Thing is about this room there is like no outlets anywhere. So if you fear on this side, you don't get anything. I don't understand the planning, But that's why we have, like, the's electrical plugs running through our room because, you know, she's just trying to connect an outlet. I had my own spice to it, I guess onto dorm room essentials. You really thought I saying my towels here and my roommate, we thought similarly, she also bought a similar, um, towel hanger because there's only one towel rack in the bathroom. It's, like similar to what the bed looks like for my roommate. You know, put your snacks and they're your phone. So each and every one of us has our own personal man because the lighting here is not very good. Like the lighting is only on that side of the room and our natural lighting. We're unlike the opposite side of where the sun faces. My roommate here has her limp and my other roommates lab right there. All of us have them because, you know, you never know when you need it. Your dorm is only gonna have one set of outlets, so that's something you need to make sure you bring. So if you can get yourself a long charger, I think this was, like, five p funk so I could charge while I'm up in my bed. So the process for choosing roommates is pretty easy, but not guaranteed. Normally, we would fill out a preference for him, and that would ask us, Uh, what time do we normally go to sleep? Wake up if we're more on the loud side or like to stay in and study a lot H D H or housing dining, hospitality services tried to match people with the same preferences and put them in a room. I said it's not guaranteed because, you know, if you put on your form that you like to stay in and have a quiet space, you might be matched with someone who is more allowed in and like, goes out often. Um, once you are a second year and above, you're no longer living in dorms and you're living in on campus apartment. So there's a process called pulling people in to your apartment, and the way it works is that, for example, my registration time to get an apartment is ten a. M. And I want to pull in five friends to live in me in that apartment. Then I would like request all their names and then we would officially have the apartment together. It's like all up to me since I have the earliest time. So if only you are planning to live in the apartment, make friends with someone who has early registration times.