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Thinking about University of Chicago and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Chicago in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Chicago’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Chicago, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Chicago experience. These University of Chicago video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Hi guys. So my name is Ruth Landis. I'm from Lexington, Massachusetts, but I study here University of Chicago in Hyde Park, and I'm a second year studying sociology and religious studies. I declared my major a couple days ago, some pretty excited, and I'm super excited to be showing you all around. You're going to get a view of all of campus what my life is like and I can't wait, so let's go. So what the corps does is it allows you to take classes in different fields. So the philosophy of the core is that to be a complete student, you have to not only be ableto understand topics in your own areas of studies, but also be able to understand topics in others. So, for example, a lot a lot of premed majors are are instructed to take extra humanities courses because in their careers they won't have the same exposure. So what a lot of this does is that it, like, strengthens thie inter disciplinary in nature of the college. It helps students between different fields understand each other better, like, Oh yeah, Writing this lab report is really hard, or writing a good paper for your Hume class is much more difficult than I. I imagined it would be Here I am in one of the smaller clogs on campus. This is the social sciences research quality. That's the social sciences building. So I spent all of my time there. Uh, yeah, so it's a disgusting, great day outside, as you can see. But in the summer and spring and fall, any time it's not gross. There's always people like playing Frisbee, just hanging out, slack lining, doing their schoolwork. And it's just really nice to hang out here. And we have one big quad, which you already saw, of course. And then there's a lot of little ones just like this. And so people just kind of like hang out and it's really nice, whatever. Good morning. Today's the day that we finally go to Chicago. It's 4 30 in the morning and we're about to head to the airport. So I have to finish getting my things packed because I love some things for today. So I'll see you guys at the airport. So there was kind of a time jump between my last video, and now we're after they're probably 9 a.m. And I spent basically the day just going around downtown Chicago. So now what's happening is tomorrow's moving day. So tonight I'm gonna stay at a hotel, and then we're gonna head out tomorrow morning with my family, and we're all going to move me in. It's moving day. Um, right now I'm in the hotel, we're waiting for my dad, and then we're gonna head out to the school, and that begins the official movement process. Okay, so we just got out of these mandatory sessions that we're supposed to go to. This is Kate. Hi. She's my friend. Um and so they're kind of dumb sessions on the really long. I didn't eat this morning and I also didn't block this morning, but he's gonna eat now. You know it. Blogging now. Blogging Now, um, comment down below. If you guys want a dining hall to where? So we just came back from a library to, um They gave us these mugs on, like, little expo markers. And so we were walking back to North because we're going to rest until five wishes When we have our next event. It's curly through 30 until we find out that she lost her jacket, which had her i d and her. And here you have. So the money and her money. So we made the long track of about 10 minutes. Back toe rag, Find this jacket will better be here if it's not. I'm sleeping in the hi guys. So today we're gonna go to the street market and, um I don't know what their This is my thing. My friends, This is my friend you saw earlier thistles. Another friend. We're all from the same house. Don't know us different. What? Please. We're good. Win, Diane. The height of the block. Hi, guys. Welcome back to my vlog. It is weak one and to which you guys are going to be watching in this video. It's the weekend of week too right now. So I'm currently editing, Um But I hope you guys enjoy this video. It starts off with me in my house taking a trip to the lake in the morning before the first day of classes. Thio jump in the lake. I didn't have been, but we jumped in underwear. Other houses there, too. So I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the video. So I just got out of my second day of classes and let me just say that I'm really loving my Korean class is a lot of it. Um, she's super nice and it's just super fun. Yeah, and my other classes seem pretty challenging, so that's gonna be a problem. But later today I have the BTS concert, and I'm super excited, so we'll see how that goes. Also, I'm in the quandary now who But you know, we're going to stay here. I have another class at 11 and it's 10. 30 right now, so I need to pass some time so Okay, guys. So right now we're at the United Center. This'll is Katherine were friends, and we came to the BTS. It's about to start in, like, maybe 40 minutes. So we're gonna head in. Yeah, right. We're gonna go to sushi, and we're all piling into the elevators now. I think so. This part of the log is just gonna be a CT a blob. We're gonna be on the team for a solid hour, so we're taking more public transportation's way. Ever get there right now. We're on the bus right now. Right now. Transit number two. So we're at the place right now. And apparently our resident had ordered 62 starters. Don't know thinking here very now, but wait. So, my friend, well, my friends are lining up for this. Are lining up to get our art to live with. Um And so I brought them tea. Yeah. So that's what we're doing right now. They're gonna camp out the whole night. Yeah. Okay, so it's currently, um, about 8 30 on Wednesday, 20. I just came back from the dining hall. I'm walking to the library because I'm with two of my friends. Are hard to get this physics homework done. So we're gonna try and do that tonight and finish that up tonight because tomorrow is when the t A's have 30 session. So tunnel is probably gonna be a little stuff like that. And then I might do some stuff after my hoses hopes with this movie thing, and then we're also having study, but tonight we will see. Do you want to be in it? So we're up fourth meal right now, which is like late night food. Yeah, for the meal. But like, after studying, I came here. It's now, look, maybe 9 39 45 ish. Um, I'm gonna cut the shuttle back to more, and then I might do work. But the more likely thing is, I might just learn a k pop there. Hello? Okay, um, I'm going bowling with much again. Hello? Update. She found her wallet from last time for any of y'all that were curious. My mom texted me and after you did Hello. And mom, thanks for watching. Right now I'm on a fun and we're going apple picking. Okay. Go wait for my friend. I have never experienced listen to while she was giving birth. Wait, so we're checking in right now. It's a dollar per check in, but then they have free donut. So that's great. Wait. So really buy into the apples. So I got out a gift card that husband money left on him, and I cut through it. So if you all ever in a crime, my pack weighs, finished apple picking. And now we're in line to get food. Caroline is a B where there's a there's a beat. Well, that was my week. I hope you guys enjoyed watching little snippets here and there. I'll see you guys again and about two weeks with the new video and updates on my life and So this is basically what a double in north. What look like? Um, double is really spacious. That's my side of the room. And as you can see, I left in my bed. Chicago lets you do that, and I have all my furniture under here. Your you pretty much in New Chicago. Um, your dorm comes with bad comes that it comes with a little nightstand that I'm using for my prisoner, and this is basically which your closet would look like. You can tell him my roommate and my closets are ruinous to each other. Um, so one of the things I love to dio is I have these little books and, like, I just put my jacket for the day here. So when I come in and I leave, I can grab it, have another hook here. And I put my dick hard here so that I will never forget it when I leave. Because that's a bit of an issue. And I have a calendar, which is really nice. I recommend investing in one. Mini fridges are so great, especially if you're going to live in a double or even a single, and then one of the really nice things about this dorm room that you might have not noticed is that we have a view of the of the Chicago skyline, this gorgeous view at night and during Hi all. So I'm here at one of my favorite little cafes on campus is only open on Mondays and Wednesdays, but they have really cheap bagels, and I love it, but there's a ton of other coffee shops on campus to sort of get a quick poll. We have Isaac Favorite coffee shop. Uh uh, see shop. It's run by Preminger Air and it's in the Hutch commons, which is the big student union. And Jonah, let me this smart cafe, which is in the smart Museum of Art, which is kind of clear, secluded place on campus. Yeah. So the smart Museum of Art is super cool. We have a whole museum right on campus. Maybe I'll show you guys later. Hi, We're at X sleepers. But stop shop here at Vegas, one of many coffee shops here. Campus. That's very convenient for when you're trying. Teo, do your studying? Here is the rag, but there's a lot of other options with different vibes around campus you have followed, which is across the Street and Reynolds Club, which has it's like dark pool table music playing. And it's like a good place to take a nap. You also have Harper Harper library, which it's also a great place. Just pop over next door to take a nap. A lot. A lot of naps. There's also Cobb, which is in the basement of Cobb, and they have a lot of funky drinks and whale noises and, well, Moses. The hot food. Yeah. Great place. No espresso stab. Um, lots of other good stuff. Oh, hello there. Hi. Welcome to my door. Good. This is the one of the rooms in the suite. Two people live in this room. It's a little bit messy right now, but what you gonna do? We eat USC's and plenty of closet space. Pretty spacious door. You have a fridge that we run it from the university. Basically, we're in Max P right now, which is one of the residential dorms on campus. And what's special about Max P is that we have our own bathrooms. So let me show you back through the streets. So one No, Basically half the bathroom is a shower, and Asik, a little relieved myself, and the other bathroom is the toilet. So if somebody is using the toilet in the morning and you're a weight on them and vice versa, so it's really nice yet, and what else is there about housing? Within this residential complex way have something called houses, which are basically late assigned to you based on where you live within the dorm. So this floor and the floor is right above us are all part of Woodward House and Woodward house, basically, just like a unit of people we have to raise and two resident heads who are like to graduate students doing their pH d's here and have a child and they live in an apartment upstairs. And we all kind of have fun events together, like they'll arrange study breaks for us and make looks more is their Mac and cheese. And it's really good. Wait, take trips downtown together. So we'll ride on the A all the way downtown or sometimes still, actually, like organize events for us on campus. So, like there was, like an awkward prom or something like that. So it's also, and it's all totally optional, so like you can be as involved or not involved as you want. But it's always there, and you can also eat with your house in the dining halls because there are tables that are designated for each house. So it's just kind of a nice like support system Tau, huh? You know, especially like as first year when you first get here and its majority first years in the house because kids start to move off later.