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So here's another beautiful building on campus. And I thought, as we just look at all these amazing buildings have still on the main quad, I could talk a little bit about the core. So the core at U Chicago are a set of classes that every single person has to take. It takes about a third of your time at U Chicago and their classes in all different areas, so physical sciences, languages, social sciences, humanity's, biological sciences, math, all of that. And it just make sure that every single student has, like a nice base they know how to write. They know how to do math, so means that everyone gets kind of like a similar education for the first three years, which I personally really adore. Hi. I'm Taylor. I'm a first year and I studied neuroscience here at the university. All right, Taylor. So why did you choose the university? Chicago? The bureau director here is the bomb, And I also like the cold, but mostly that the bureau directors bomb. What's your favorite thing about Chicago? Um, honestly, I love people here, especially you, my girlfriends that I've met. They're awesome. And I really like, like, come, Rigorous. It is. And I know it's just like, beautiful here, too. What's released? Everything about Chicago. Definitely. House stress people get and how it becomes like a culture of stress. Well, like it's okay, because all of us do really well. So kind of needed sometimes. But so what else are you doing on campus? So I work in a neuroscience lab and we study rat empathy, and then I'm also just, like, always study Oh, all right. What's your favorite place to get food on campus? Only God, definitely. Starbucks bookstore has, like, a really cool sandwiches. And then also bart Mart, which is like many grocery store that's really cute of And in the rain signed library, they have this cafe called. Actually, it has really good. Like scones, coffee and stuff. So it wasn't my leg. Three best places. Hi guys. So one of the really awesome things about living in North Residential Commons is that each building is divided up into every three floors is a house. So basically, this is what a house lounge looks like, and this is what a house would look like. They're one, two, three floors. So every house has the pretty much the same amenities. There's little there's a living area on this on the bottom floor. You're Artie s u R H is live over there. And then you also have this lovely kitchen space, so you would not all. So Even though you might not have an apartment, you can still cook, which is really nice, and we have like, utensils. We have food in the fridge. If you don't have your own many friends, you can always store things over there. We have We have a table here, Civil leaves her art here, and then we also have tons of beanbags everywhere. So right now, I'm here on fifty third Street, which is kind of the main thoroughfare of Hyde Park, which is the neighborhood that you the universities in, and this is a couple blocks away from campus. But it has a lot of food places, grocery stores, and it really has the feel of like a college town, even though we're actually like in a huge city, which is something I really love about High Park and about the University of Chicago is that you get like the city and a small college town in one. Hi all. So I'm here at one of my favorite little cafes on campus is only open on Mondays and Wednesdays, but they have really cheap bagels, and I love it, but there's a ton of other coffee shops on campus to sort of get a quick poll. We have Isaac Favorite coffee shop. Uh uh, see shop. It's run by Preminger Air and it's in the Hutch commons, which is the big student union. And Jonah, let me this smart cafe, which is in the smart Museum of Art, which is kind of clear, secluded place on campus. Yeah. So the smart Museum of Art is super cool. We have a whole museum right on campus. Maybe I'll show you guys later. Hi, We're at X sleepers. But stop shop here at Vegas, one of many coffee shops here. Campus. That's very convenient for when you're trying. Teo, do your studying? Here is the rag, but there's a lot of other options with different vibes around campus you have followed, which is across the Street and Reynolds Club, which has it's like dark pool table music playing. And it's like a good place to take a nap. You also have Harper Harper library, which it's also a great place. Just pop over next door to take a nap. A lot. A lot of naps. There's also Cobb, which is in the basement of Cobb, and they have a lot of funky drinks and whale noises and, well, Moses. The hot food. Yeah. Great place. No espresso stab. Um, lots of other good stuff. Oh, hello there. Hi. Welcome to my door. Good. This is the one of the rooms in the suite. Two people live in this room. It's a little bit messy right now, but what you gonna do? We eat USC's and plenty of closet space. Pretty spacious door. You have a fridge that we run it from the university. Basically, we're in Max P right now, which is one of the residential dorms on campus. And what's special about Max P is that we have our own bathrooms. So let me show you back through the streets. So one No, Basically half the bathroom is a shower, and Asik, a little relieved myself, and the other bathroom is the toilet. So if somebody is using the toilet in the morning and you're a weight on them and vice versa, so it's really nice yet, and what else is there about housing? Within this residential complex way have something called houses, which are basically late assigned to you based on where you live within the dorm. So this floor and the floor is right above us are all part of Woodward House and Woodward house, basically, just like a unit of people we have to raise and two resident heads who are like to graduate students doing their pH d's here and have a child and they live in an apartment upstairs. And we all kind of have fun events together, like they'll arrange study breaks for us and make looks more is their Mac and cheese. And it's really good. Wait, take trips downtown together. So we'll ride on the A all the way downtown or sometimes still, actually, like organize events for us on campus. So, like there was, like an awkward prom or something like that. So it's also, and it's all totally optional, so like you can be as involved or not involved as you want. But it's always there, and you can also eat with your house in the dining halls because there are tables that are designated for each house. So it's just kind of a nice like support system Tau, huh? You know, especially like as first year when you first get here and its majority first years in the house because kids start to move off later. Hi guys. So my name is Ruth Landis. I'm from Lexington, Massachusetts, but I study here University of Chicago in Hyde Park, and I'm a second year studying sociology and religious studies. I declared my major a couple days ago, some pretty excited, and I'm super excited to be showing you all around. You're going to get a view of all of campus what my life is like and I can't wait, so let's go. All right. Hi, guys. So right now we're waiting for the bus fare at the bus stop. Twenty four hours. You could see that. So one of the awesome things about going to Chicago is that included in your included in your student light fee. You get a venture card, so the venture card pretty much allows you to get on for free on any of the city a buses or car. And while Ratner here E. R. Is still in the background. Figured I take this moment to talk about athletics. You can see our football field right back there. Um, you Chicago isn't necessarily known for our athletics. Life of the mind. All of that. But we have a bunch of varsity sports teams. My two roommates are on the track team. One of them is at nationals right now. Yeah, I pretty fancy friends. I know, but yeah, so it's not like a huge part of campus culture, but if you're looking for it, it's definitely there. Like, I know a bunch of people go to game day for football. Andi, I always cheer on my friends on the swim team and track team in baseball teams. So yeah, if you're looking for you, confined it. That's kind of what you Chicago is. There's definitely something for everyone, as long as you're willing