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Thinking about University of Connecticut and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Connecticut in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Connecticut’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Connecticut, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Connecticut experience. These University of Connecticut video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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All rights, and I'm standing in front of South campus. I mean, this is a really nice deluxe kind of housing option, and it definitely has one of the better dining halls here. They had the Comfort food station, which is always really nice special when you're super stressed. Speaking of stress, they also have the, uh, the Department of Wellness, and their office is right in there, and they always have really interesting things going on to help with stress management in health and and awareness about your health. And, um, on Tuesdays. They have pet therapy and other ways. You know, the kind to come in and kind of unwind, especially a lot of stress. And it's also super cool because around here they also have a ground hog. You'll see him. I am your falling again and she's gonna tell us a little bit about the Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center. You want to talk a little bit about that, all right. So the Puerto Rican, that American Culture Center is definitely like one of my favorite spots on campus. You don't need to be like pretty recon or Latino or Hispanic to like be there. There's literally just like a program. Room also has liked couches and tables. You could, like, go there, study. You can go there to take naps. I definitely know. People have taken maps and barely in between classes they host, like a ton of different activities that are open to everyone there also associated with like a ton of associate, like student run associations on campus, for example, like a part of person, which is the Puerto Rican Student Association. And we also hold like a ton of different activities. Um, they definitely, like, want to make everybody feel comfortable. And I'm not just thinking about the Puerto Rican that American, uh, cross cultural center. Like all the calls, cultural centers want you to feel welcome. Even if you do Gnarly lake, identify yourself with that culture. Like they're definitely, like, really open. They also have, like, different programs where thank you could have mentors. Are they even, like, offer the opportunities to study abroad? Like I had no idea they did that tow, like, earlier this muster. But yeah, they definitely they're just there to help you. And you could go there for anything you want. Awesome. Well, thank you so much, So we're kicking off this tour at the Student Union Theater. And so every single week Thursday, Friday, Saturday, they will show movies. So right here, they have a movie on Friday and then, usually they'll have a first run film. So it's the first time that it's in theaters here, but sometimes also have classic movies. So you can come see. And on Fridays there's free. They have showings at eight and eleven p. M. And then on Thursdays and Saturdays. I think it's like three dollars As long as you have, You can. I d So this is a really great place to come and kind of kill some time, Maddie right now, all right, and now we're gonna kind of walk further down here. Once you pass the student union theater, you're also gonna pass Chuck it Augie's, which is like a fancy restaurant. And after three PM they actually accept points. And then right next to that is the dairy bar. And it's like an extension of the famous Yukon Dairy Bar that everybody who really, really loves. Like when you come here, try be a scream like please, that is honestly, I think this game is one of things that that sealed the deal for me. Then you also have different lounges. They have a commuter lounge. They have a lounge for graduate students. They have this one here with the giant Christmas tree. And if, in fact, is that the student union that we're walking through right now was actually built on the outside of the original student union. So if you look right here above me, you kind of see the outside of what the building used to be. And they just basically said, You know, we don't want to break it down We don't wanna have to build a new one. It's just build one outside of it. So that's one thing that I always found really cool. I mean, there's brick walls all original. They just kind of cleaned it up and put another building around it. If I'm having trouble breathing, it's because I like to walk too fast and I do it a lot. But it's fine. It's fine. So now we're walking over here. They also have a game room, which I think you actually have to pay for the games. Just kind of a bummer, but really cool. They were bowling alley back there. Um, and depending on what you want to do, you can also rent out the game room for the day. They have, like, game consoles. They have, like, the wee they have Xbox. PlayStation? Yeah, pool table. And now we're walking down the stairs and we're going over into the maid section, so all kind of flip you around so you can see the heart of the Okay, so right now we're at the edge of merely which, even though it looks really beautiful right now, it's actually really gross. So I would not advise you go swimming in it. Don't fish in it. You might, you know, come out glowing, not careful, but it is really pretty. And it's a really iconic landmark. And, you know, if you're lost around here, you can almost always find near Lake and then from there, find where we need to go over there is, uh, my honor storms, Buckley and, um, shifty. And then right next to it is store center. But we'll get over there later. We have our iconic gratitude swing, which I mean, if you're a student here, you've probably been here. And if you come and tour, definitely, this is someone that you could stop. It's a very, very good for picture taking, especially right now, because it's December. They have it all lit up in trees and we're gonna come back here later because I really want to see the light. But a lot of people will come here when it's nice out, and now put down a picnic blanket and come meet up with friends and have, uh, study dates and play Frisbee. So it's really like it's It's an awesome place to be. There's also a little walkway over there that'll get you out to the main road and basically I like to think this is like one of the most iconic. This is what the inside of the student union looks like, and almost always it's this busy or more. I mean, during the middle of the day, it's almost impossible to find a seat. And then if you look up there, I mean there's a staircase that takes you up towards dunking doughnuts. And also it's a marketplace of there. Anders on the clubs, sports team, office. And now we're walking into the Union Street market. No, this is I think, a lot of people tell you, honestly, this is one of the best places to eat on campus and they take points. So take you inside. You see Mexico. Yeah, they have. They call fireside sandwiches, which have that cheese. Actually, you got arrested in here last year because he came in drunk and they wouldn't have to. So he assaulted me. I got arrested. This is what they have. Alice Pasta have a fusion noodle bar, which is usually like Laman, our rice bowl and then all kinds of drinks Country Maddie getting something to drink. She's probably on her points. Because once you get to be in this measure like us and you have a week left, you got so many points you're not to do with you. Start find people things. So let her do that. We're gonna walk out here. If you walk straight out those doors, you'll get World Hall, which is where a lot of lectures take place. And basically from the union you can get almost anywhere you need to. As long as you find the union, you'll find the book store, You'll find Gampel. You'll find a lot of your major lecture halls. And you can catch a bus from the union to basically anywhere on campus. So basically, if you find yourself in the union and your loss, then I mean, I don't know what to do for you. Like how to help you. If you're at the union, you don't know where you are. That's a problem. But you weren't quickly. So this is the area in front of the library, the Homer Babbage library. And as you can see, there's a large steel right in the middle. Now, legend has it. If you walk on that seal, you won't graduate in four years. But you know what? I've seen a lot of people walk on there. I'm not sure how true that is, but I personally, yeah, I'm not gonna take a chance. So I mean, you can see there's a lot of people walking through here because this connects to Fairfield Way, which is basically like the main road between union and a lot of different buildings. So a lot of times you'll find yourself walking back and forth, up and down. If you go that way, you'll see Gampel. They're kind of like a big dummy thing. And the library is where a lot of people are One of the other really cool things about you con us that we're one of the on ly universities in the United States toe offer a puppetry program. Yeah, like puppets. Like like they're puppets, Cyril puppets. And I mean in stores, and there's a little there's like an exhibit or you can see the puppets and you can see some of the shows and I'm walking, not in the crosswalk, which is another thing that students do. They like to walk on the mill road without looking. We don't know why, but it happens so you can walk in. You compare a small feet and you can check out, you know, some of the puppets that they have and learn about the history of it. A bit of Buckley dining hall, which, honestly, I feel like it's one of the first time. That's just mean. Here. Oh. No right. Super sorry. Work. Oh, these are ecology free one. It's for you. Then they have. Bagel in station. Great. Over there. They have today. Hi. How are you? Kind of just like your face. Got milk. Great cereal juice, have a salad and a sandwich the way out. It's definitely different than most, uh, dining car because there are only long tables in here, so it forces interaction. I think it's funny. A lot of the other dining halls don't have that. You have several tables, but here the long people's a thinker in French Tio encourage them Hi. What's your name? Hi Am. Paulina matches right. And where you from? I'm from Puerto Rico. All right. And are you a freshman? Awesome. Can you tell me why you chose Yukon? Um, actually chose it because I lived in Connecticut when I was little and I, like, knew the area on DH People that live on the East Coast. Like, really underestimate how pretty it actually is here. Like, I actually found it so pretty whenever I came here. And you can't actually got, like, the most perfect on m cat like that's ever happened this past year. And I want to study medicine. So that was also, like, a really big thing for me. So So you mentioned you like how pretty it is. Now, would you describe the student body is pretty, um, moving. Everybody is gorgeous. Yeah, there's definitely like like people hang out with their own groups and stuff. And I'd say everyone in generals like, really nice, like everyone's always like, I don't know, I've never I've never had someone like be really rude to me or something or just, like openly, like not want to be my friend or something. They'll always be, like, really nice, even if you don't hang out with him, right? People really don't push you into anything, right? Not really. So can you describe, like, your typical Friday night for me? Um, usually, like my Friday nights could either go like two ways. Either I, like, stay in, watch a movie, like do face math with some friends or we, like, go out to a frat party. Um, like there are gonna be like drugs and alcohol there, But like, they really do not pressure you into doing anything like you. You can literally, just, like, go there to have a good time. Wait. Everything everyone's like, really accepting. That's awesome. Um and do you feel like Greek life is really important on campus? Do you feel like a lot of people are in Greek life, or is it just kind of like there. Um, actually, I'm feel like Greek life is a big thing when it comes to lake parties and stuff. Like, if you want to, like, socialized, Warren gets meat more people. Um, but you could definitely, like, do it without Greek life, if you like. Personally, I'm not in a sorority and like it, say, like, I have a ton of friends and stuff. But I also do know, like a lot of people that met so many more like friends through their stories or they're frauds. And I have friends that are in them, and they, like, love it. So it definitely depends like what you're into. Okay, awesome. And lets talk a little bit about food. Can you talk about, like, your favorite places to eat and and where you end up going over and over or what you don't like? Um, I definitely have to say that I a lot at the union. They have, like, amazing pasta and lake burritos. Wow. I'm always said, like, all my meal plan points, they're currently can't go there because I don't have enough points anymore. Um, but yeah, like, also able that I go to the dining halls, and some of them are definitely better than others. But you can definitely, like, check the menu like on the lake on the You have to see, Like, which one has stuff like you, Like more. You choose where you really want to go. Awesome. Um, so can you tell me like your favorite parts about you, Clon and your least favorite parts about Yukon? My favorite part's about you. God, I would definitely have to be like, um Okay, I'm gonna go two ways with this. Um, I say like how pretty it is. Like absolutely, like, look like the sunsets here. Like, crazy pretty lake there there likes. Yeah, I feel like really pretty. And I love walking by Mary Lake and right now, since it's Christmas, like they have a tree, like completely lit up. And I find that absolutely gorgeous. And I, like, love it, um and like socially and definitely have to say that I love, like, the cultural centers, because I'm a really big part of, like, the Puerto Rican, that American Culture Center. And I don't know, I met, like so many friends through there, definitely like one of my favorite places. On campus. That's awesome. And is there anything that you wish? Maybe it was a little bit better about Yukon, something I wish was better about Yukon. It's saying. Food organization in the sense of I don't really know where I'm going with its far really, like, uh, food and some dining halls are definitely a lot better than other is like a priority. Some dining halls more than others. Um, let's say a lot of professors, like I wouldn't say a lot of them. Like, they always, like, Want to get to know you, but some claps. Some professors aren't really like that into what they're teaching, so they'll be, like, pretty tired about it. Besides that. I don't really I mean, I know a lot of people say that the wind is Oh, yeah, the wind is terrible. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I completely forgot about that part. Yeah, the one who's really bad, like the entire campus is just, like, one huge wind tunnel. And Yeah, I mean, I've managed to survive, like you will never see me without a scar. But like you, Khun, survive here. Like if I could make the transition. You guys definitely Ray. And what has been your favorite class and why my favorite class? Um okay. I'd say, um, content. Why's it have to be philosophy and gender? Because it's just like a small like discussion were about seventeen students. And everyone's like talking about the article we were supposed to read for the week. And you just learned so much like, honestly you like. It's such an open minded class. And the professor, the professor's like he's so into and you just like really, really want, engage more in the class like, absolutely loved it. Also have another professor that's, like, immensely, like, adorable. I had his class today, and like all we do is like, discuss different topics of paper, like different papers and about different topics in his class. And like, he was literally saying, Holly, we never really got to know him too well, but he was saying, like, Oh, yeah, if you if you like everyone a letter recommendation, please. Just like if you could find my office, I promise I will say yes, like write you a letter of recommendation. And he was like, like, the sweetest person ever. That's awesome. And you mentioned earlier that you're in your store center? How do you feel about the town? Do you like it? I like absolutely love store center, like earlier this week. And they were doing like, a ton of Christmas activities, and I have no idea about. And it was literally like, the cuties thing. I worry like it was like a stereotypical, uh, like cute town Christmas, not festival. Because it wasn't really a big thing. But, like, I don't know, they were like kids running around with their parents. Like joking around there were, like, Christmas carolers. Uh, there's like a high school right next to the school. They're like marching. Band was playing there. Um, they had, like, uh, a couple activity is there for the kids. It was like, set. It's like the set up was, like, completely decorated. And it was so pretty, like, absolutely loved it. That's awesome. Um, and can you tell me your major? Um, right now, I'm psychology, but I want to switch in tow PNB, which is physiology in neurobiology. Okay, awesome. And do you feel like there are a lot of class options for you? Um, I'd actually say they're like, There's so many classes like it's hard to pick from them. Definitely. Like, uh, the more credits you come in, you come in with, like, the easier it's gonna be creator. Like, choose the classes you want because they do, like, priority, like, have seniority with people that have, like, more credits. But, like, definitely, There's so many classes for me. Two for you to choose from. Like gold. Never be. You'll never have, like, an empty slot, like, Oh, yeah. I have no idea what you like. You will find something to put their right All right. And can you give me one piece of advice that you would give Teo a prospective student or somebody who has been accepted? Um, if you still have the opportunity, I'd definitely say take AP classes because, like, people don't really understand how how having more credits can really help you in college. And I regret, like, not taking more, because depending like, how many credit to you have you can, like, pick housing first. You can pick your classes first. Like, honestly, it helps you on so many levels. Uh, but if you're, like, already accepted, you're already a senior, I definitely say, just like, um, choose wherever you feel the most, most comfortable. Like, honestly, like I love the campus whenever I came to visit. If you don't feel like that connection like you're not going to thrive like I'd say, like, choose where you feel most comfortable and where you feel like most happy and where you, like, see the most opportunities that you could have. Awesome. Thank you so much. And I really appreciated you doing this interview for me, and I will see you later. All right. And now, back here we have our different cultural centers and most of the women's center. Um, they have a library. They have rooms that you can go sit. Um, there's an Asian American cultural center in a Puerto Rican Latin American cultural center as well is down there how they have on an African American cultural center and a need of American culture, cultural center and also the Rainbow Center. So people come up here too, connect with people from their culture. They'll come over here to study, um and kind of branch out and see you know where their heritage takes them. And you do not have to be or identify with any of these different cultures. You don't have to be African American. You don't have to be Asian American to go in there and hang out with people. So if you're looking for somewhere to network and make new friends, you could always attend one of their events and see what happens. And they also have the school. Resource is here. You can use Ah, printer. You can use any of the supplies that they have out here, books, the tables, you know, just It's just a quiet area to feel safe and to make new friends and to study whenever you need. And I think you can. If there's one thing that this campus is not missing, it is study spots.