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University of Connecticut Edwina Whitney Residence Hall

University of Connecticut Homer Babbidge Library

They're walking up on our home right now, and this is where a lot of people come to take tests. Usually, if you have a big lecture class and you have a test coming up, you'll go online and signed up for a slot that you want to take your test on. And you know whatever works with your schedule. Tuesday at three, four five PM and you'll come here and then you show them your I d. And make sure that you're at the right time and then you go in to get Justin computer. Whenever you're ready, you can leave. So I'm here on the quad at the student union and especially during the fall and summer months and Springs is really, really pretty because the sun comes out. So a lot of people usually will come and sit on the lawn or toss a Frisbee or even study or eat their lunch. There are even a few, uh, teams and intramurals that'll come and, like, Mess around here. So we have. We have a club Quidditch team and they like to come and play on this yard or people come here and paint or draw. And so it's kind of like the central behind the Hi, it's me again and no crazy. We stopped inside one of my favorite buildings to kind of escape from the rain. This's the music building, and so we're kind of towards the back. We pass a lot of the classrooms up front. I mean, there are more upstairs, but I am standing in front of this really cool mural goes from end the walls so that on the wall and behind it, you see out there in that window, there's basically a huge court yard. And during when it's once actually nice outside, they have barbecues and people go out and hang out there. But whenever I'm kind of like thinking, sometimes I'll walk down this hallway or if I want to get out of the rain or if I'm just like killing some time will come down here because they are. They always tend to add new things. So like right here. What painting? Because they just painted something new on the wall. And so it's nice is a little creative outlet. And if you ever need timeto like kind of sit to yourself, we wanna play on the piano. They have practice rooms upstairs, a recon saying or just sit there and think about what was happening All right, right here on the outer patio of the library, and you can clearly see a laurel hall right in front of us. And there are tons of costumes in there, lecture halls that a lot of people use. And then right in front of me, right here is the building, which also has a lot of classrooms and lecture halls inside of it. And if you look over there, you can see some construction for a new rec center, which is shoot the cold when we almost three times the size, the one that we have right now, it's just really impressive. And there are many things super cool rock wall and lots of other features that were So one of the really cool things about Yukon during the holidays that they decide to decorate. So over here we have our Jonathan statue, which is absolutely iconic. If you think about you know, you can. You know, Jonathan, the husky and legend has it. If you rub his nose, he'll give you some good luck and they've already decorated around it. And people come here. It's basically like a pilgrimage. They come here, they pay homage to the wonderful Jonathan, and the nose has been robbed so many times. It's actually not even great anymore. I don't know if you guys remember what I said about stairs, but if you come to this campus, you will remember what I said about stairs. All right, So now here's kind of look it, uh, sample right here that you are yesterday for the basketball game, and then also there's the, uh, Yukon bookstore. But you can't see but inside yourself, fuck and supplies. But they also sell. Um, you can hear what you could almost find. Every single person here at least owns one piece ofyou card here. And you're just gonna keep on collecting, because that's what you do. So we're standing outside of the music building, which is where my lovely roommate goes. She is a music education major, and it is facing, like, the town part of stores. So I mean, you got your classic everyone loves most. Everyone always goes out, they know. And then you got seven eleven. You got a loose called Dogleg cafe, which is a little precise here. And then you've got a Barnes and noble's. You've got CVS. Um, there is an urgent care over there. More restaurants back there, and there's also a parking garage. And above all these stores, their apartments. And they're all pretty pricey. But a lot of students So I am walking toe work right now. I'm super bummed because one of my favorite shortcuts is covered up by construction. So the wind really awesome things is that Yukon puts a lot of its money into developing buildings and fixing up the roads to make our experience better. But I'm not gonna like it's likes a little bit when you're trying to walk and get to class. And you I have calculated exactly how long it takes you to get from Point A to point B. So this is the main particle library with a lot of computers said here, and do your work on their printers on the corner. Generally, this is a little bit quieter. If I went up to the top level, I would have to be silent. But the ones downstairs you could talk a little bit more. The campus squirrels happened to be one of my favorite features of the Yukon campus, and they're enormous. And last year one of them sacrificed their lives to get class canceled because the kind of to a transformer box that how's power to all the university and he fried. So he sacrificed himself for our well being, and A lot of people say that this happens to be the ugliest sculpture on campus. You know what? I'm gonna have to agree. I'm running. I'm writing from the Thea Thomas Straight DOD Research Center and right across the psychology building. And so we ever find the library right now on our way over towards South campus, which happens to have one of the best training on campus and also lots of really nice storms inside for the upperclassmen, usually. And, um, all the buses come through. They're threatening sister center Mirror Lake. All right, So now we're walking into the entrance of the library. You can see there's balconies will sit out there when the weather's nice. We have school set up here in the front. And then from here, you can decide where you wanna go, basically. All right, I'm gonna walk back, and I'm gonna wait for the blood. The bus that goes back to my dorm because I'm so tired, and I cannot stress this enough. You guys learn the bus schedule. They have these little signs on them that looks like this. And, um, B PS. That means it's the blue bus, the purple puss in a silver bus that comes stop king. And if you check on you, they have a bus schedule. And there's also a nap for the buses themselves. And there are little houses like this all over campus for when the weather's bad and you need to catch a bus somewhere or if you're like me and you had a long day and you do not want to walk all the way back over campus, this So Towers is also right next to a horse, Barnhill, which on one hand is super duper pretty in the summer. And even when you're just gonna walk over there and watch the sunset. Um, in the beginning of the year, they have cows out here that would come out in grace. And there's a barn over there. There's a, uh, horse arena. And you agricultural program is actually really rich and really intense. Um, the bad part is that you have days where you're walking through and all you can smell our cows and horses. So I mean, that's not so often anymore. But when it happens, it's unmistakable, Absolutely. But it's nice to wake up in the morning and watch the sun rise over the hill.