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Lily shows you around a freshman dorm!

South Academy Residence Hall is UD’s newest freshman dorm! UD is constantly growing and expanding every year making newer and cooler dorms often! Be sure to check out the kitchen, where you can record yourself making something delicious.

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Lily Wolfe
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Hey, I see I'm here with Marguerite s O. This is Marguerite's room. This is a freshman dorm at the University of Delaware. A lot of these are double style, so there's two people to a room, and then they have, like, a communal bathroom in the hall to share. The ceilings are super high, which is really nice on. Yeah, every room comes with a wardrobe on the desk and yeah, so let's go take a look at some of the other stuff we have in this residence hall. So this is the floor lounge right here, a great spot to go and study. Every four has own bathroom here, the bathrooms and I'll take you out to the main area. There's some cool things, like a really nice kitchen that has cameras you could like, record yourself cooking. There's a nice, like grand piano if you know how to play piano. I'm going to show you so really convenient right here. So this is the kitchen, Really? There's like the overhead around the record too. What? And then we have a bunch of little cubicles to go and study, which is really nice studying. This is like the main lounge or there's a piano. So this is a typical freshman dorm at the University of Delaware CIA..