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Lily takes you to Ceaser Rodney Dining Hall!

Ceaser Rodney is my favorite dining hall out of the 3 dining halls on campus! With over 13 different stations, 2 delis, 2 salad bars,  bakeries and more you will be sure to find something you love! My favorite part about the dining hall is UDairy, UD’s handmade ice cream made from the milk of the cows at the UD farm on campus!

Video Location Caesar Rodney Dining Hall

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Lily Wolfe
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It she's a Romney diving hole with my friend Sarah. Heard tilapia and budgies, and I also got some tilapia and a shrimp pad Thai. We have over thirteen different stations, including a vegan station, a kosher station, gluten free station. We have You dairy are famous handmade ice cream and lots of other options. Here's our food's going to go show you around the dining hall now. So the first off with these kosher stations So we're gonna head this way. We have the corner grill, oftentimes burgers and fries. This is called Mongolian in the morning, they have omelets here. So this is my friend Katherine, and I gonna continue the tour.