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Philanthropy Event with Greek Life!

Take a look at what it is like to volunteer with a sorority! My Sorority paired up with a fraternity to put this philanthropy event that aimed to feed children across the world!. Anyone on campus was welcome to join us and we ended up packing over 60,000 meals, which is enough to feed 167 kids a meal every day for a year!

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Ciara Lynch
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What's up? You're looking a little sketchy about. My seven children in the organization next food just about country. So we're just helping out today, impacting for them. You can get really competitive about it. So all this is going to be some great people, Julia. We ended up packing over sixty thousand meals, I think, which is beating one hundred and sixty seven kids a meal every day, Which is awesome. Yeah, there's a bunch of philanthropic events always going on around campus, So whether it be by serving children, um, anything through Greek life or any other event, you always find some here.