Alternatives to the Dining Halls

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Virtual Tours by Students


Fran Miller

Tour Guide

In the first portion of the video, I introduce a few food alternatives on campus that are right when you walk out of the 90 in central campus. These are all great alternatives, and the Wildcat Pantry has everything you need from school supplies to late night snacks (we all eat raw cookie dough when we get really stressed and snag some chips or a pint of ice cream if necessary). This is the central Wildcat Pantry, and we have three others (one in JSB, one in a nearby neighborhood that is stationed more like a store for living off-campus, and one in Holmes dorm on north campus). Lastly, Cook Out restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants not only in Lexington, but to all students at UK. They are open until 4:30am, and so whether you are really craving one of their famous milkshakes (I recommend classic Oreo or strawberry cheesecake - trust me), or if you or a friend have just gotten back from a night out partying and need some food (southern hushpuppies and their fries are great), this is the place! It is a great gathering spot, and has high quality food for very reasonable broke-college-student prices that we are all extremely grateful for.