University of Louisiana at Lafayette Dining & Food

Hey, guys. So I'm here with a couple of my friends in front of the CAF. Say hi, friends. Why? Oh, my God. Okay, so, uh, the cafeteria has a couple different things that they offer for a freshman. They offer to different meal plans. One of them where you get fourteen twice a week, the other one where you get unlimited swipes a week. My friend Kyle over here is the man. He gets a limited swipes a week, and he actually saw me into the CAF whenever I need food. Anyone with a Cajun ideas? Welcome into the cafeteria. Um, as long as they have someone to swipe them in, We do offer a lot of different meals here. Each day is a different meal, and you can always find whatever it is on the website way. Also have vegetarian option gluten free options. For those of you who have food allergies, all you need to do is talk to the chefs. If you don't weigh, have a hamburger bar. We have pizza bar, and then we have our daily meal of the day. Uh, we also have a dessert bar where you can go there, and if you're not a fan of any of that. We also have a salad bar, so we have a lot of different options, food wise, and this is kind of just the place for people to come and hang out. So this is the cat. This is where all of the students come to get lunch. A lot of the times, though. Either come here or we have a couple other locations on and off campus. Bacon grab food. We also have Subway. McAllister's The Brute Way have a McDonald's or Taco Bell right off off of campus. We also have the Food Court, which contains Chick fil A Pizza Hut, a bunch of different sushi options. So we have a lot of different food options on campus. But this specific location has your daily food, so anything that you see on this wall over here is gonna be your daily meal. That's what you're gonna find on the Web site in that corner over there. Um, I'm gonna just walk over there and show you off, but in the opposite corners of the of the actual daily meal, you have pizza and, uh, hamburgers. So and for those of you who don't like hamburgers. They also do, uh, kiss ideas and girl cheese. So you have your pizza here and then over in that corner, you have your burgers. WeII do have a bunch of different options, Like I said and for anybody. But we do have other options for vegetarians. Gluten free. Anybody was food allergies. We also have a variety of different drinks and desserts for anybody who is a fan of sodas or tea or milk. We have all kinds of things. And then when you're done, we also have a dish return where you can actually put all of your dishes. The kitchen cleans it for you, so you don't have to worry about any of that. Um, but yeah, that's our meal plans and everything that