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Yeah, Wave made it. Tio campus centre. This is where all of the food is. We're in this place called Blue Wall right now and you can come here to get, like, salad. Sushi, kind of stolen. You can also get, like, burgers and pizza and pasta. They really good food and who also always go in there. And then right across, which is where we're headed right now to go get some smoothies is harvest right here and service. You can, like, serve your own portions of things, social. You guys that as well, you can make your own salads, and I'll show you once, okay? There's other good stuff over here. They have a refrigerator is full of already prepared food. Over here, there is like a breakfast bar with yogurt and bagels and things like that. And then my favorite is the smoothie bar. Here they make fresh movies or anything that you want. And last but not least, something that's really good is the Maple Valley ice cream. So this is a local memory that makes ice cream. It's super super good. So definitely be sure to check out the campus center. Flew all and harvest when you get to, you know.