University of Massachusetts-Lowell Campus

University of Massachusetts-Lowell Kenneth R. Fox Student Union

Lord self stiffly, but it's interesting. Is there definitely parts of campus such as where I am right now on south that are in city at all, you know, right? Kind of very almost rural and almost suburban in some ways. But then you step out a little, then you kind of get into more city. It's not interesting. In terms of size, the campus only got Rachael. You're running over, Mr Carr. Don't run me over the size of the canvas itself is about eighteen thousand kids. And it's someone, you know, medium like a medium size school. That good? Yeah, it's just a good, good and good place. Yeah, it's a nice sunny day. I'm gonna decide to do this ana side to film this portion on this kind of nice day, you could see people just all walking around doing whatever it is that they gots to do it today. And, yeah, let me, uh, show you some classrooms and some other stuff while I'm over here. I'm going to thank you all for joining me on my tour of the University of Massachusetts. Have old campus every hope you guys enjoyed the Torah. Everything I want to see some days walking. Well, these beautiful fields are usually pretty when the weather's nice. That's not always a bad thing. It's always for what is it is? Yeah. I'LL see you then hopefully have a good one. You ever have the chance to come here to Yuma? Slow you? Definitely, absolutely. One hundred percent have to go check out that building over there. That building over there is Fox Hall, Fox Holden's residence hall that people live in by the name residence. You can imagine that has the university diamond comments, which is the dining hall in Fox. Over there, right across the street from Donna here, where I live, it's super super cool. It's actually the tallest building in Lowell. It's enormous. It's so big at sixteen. Stories are, I believe, eighteen stories high, which makes it the tallest building in local. It's crazy. That's also where the pot is where I showed up a couple of seconds. Are they sure, a couple seconds of a video of from the part over there. But, yeah, that's crazy. It's so big. You definitely That is definitely one of the landmarks that if you come and visit you man slow, which I hope you do. You definitely should go over there and