University of Massachusetts-Lowell Dining & Food

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As you can see here. I just got some subway, but I think it's really cool. But I love a lot. It's a sit right over here. Next two kind of that entire area where they have everything. Don't look at her over and see this pretty good. Come view the dining hall from both. Oh, no. I think that Alex school, maybe I'm wrong, but you have some to go. Enjoy this, and I'll make sure you guys more of So I'm here at the dining hall, and I think the most important things for, you know with Donnie is how they're different stations all across the nine. L. So I can't show you over there. You see, that really will be others. The stations everywhere, all over the dining hall. And they give you different types of foods. You get burger type of thing and get more pizza, have things in common time, just like it varies. Its variety, of course. You know, it's lunchtime. So people, you know, people doing the eating thing here. Yeah, I'm gonna go eat this thing burgers. Right now, I'm in the power, which is placing get food and stuff like later at night if you want. That's super dope. That's what that looks like. We call it the pod because there's a market over there is good stuff pizza openly.