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Tour of Ole Miss Crosby Hall double room! | Dorm Tour 2019

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University of Mississippi Dorms and Housing Tours at Crosby Hall.


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Keegan Lyle
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Although it is one of the older and more traditional dorms at Ole Miss, Crosby Hall is still an amazing (and financially smart) place to live! Crosby is a popular choice among many female freshmen going through Greek Recruitment, as it is situated between Sorority Row and Rebel Drive, the two streets on which the sorority houses are located. Perks of living in Crosby include: easy access to a POD Market (aka gas station without the gas) 7am- 2am most days of the week, not having to clean your own bathroom (it may sound crazy but community bathrooms can be an amazing thing), and, for reasons unknown, AMAZING parking (seriously though... there is parking directly in front of and behind the building and I have yet to be in a situation when there was no parking spot available).