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So walking off of God cod, we are standing in front of the Lafortune Student Center, which, if you ever visit campus, you'll just hear people call this look fine in the fun. There is tons of spots for student to study. It houses all of the student government offices, and it has some good places to eat, including Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Smash Burger, which is my personal favorite. So here I am in front of the infamous Pizza Bell, as the students call it, which is open until two or three in the morning on weekends. So you'll normally see a lot of students waiting in line here on a Saturday night after going out. And how could I forget? There's a Starbucks and we have something called the huddle, which is a little mini mart for students and headed over to the huddle to give you a tour. Uh, the selection there. You can have an idea of things you can pick up with the flex points that I've explained. So I'm about to walk to the Duncan Student Center, which Wass opened at the beginning of this year. Twenty eighteen connected to the football stadium. But before I show you that right next to it is the basketball arena. So this is the Joy Center, and it has the basketball games. Any fencing? Um, our school is number one in fencing and lots of Jim's for other sports, But it's not basketball season, so let's keep walking. Now the Duncan Student Center has three places to eat. One is called the Haggerty Family Cafe, which has smoothies, crepes, gelato and coffee. The second is called Modern Market, and it has lots. It has lots of different types of foods, but they're all organic. Locally sourced. This little ingredients is possible and can be a little bit expensive. The third is a a place where you can get uh, which I've never tried before, but I've heard from people that it's really good and they just started selling sushi, so that's really fun. Hopefully, I have enough flex points. Teo, get a sandwich, the modern market. But I'll have to check that before I buy it. One tip is, I highly recommend if you want to explore anything else about Notre Dame. The maps when things were open, um, even like live video footage at all times to download the nd mobile. That's what I'm about to check my flex point balance. And that's where you could get tons. More information about our cameras. So here's an overview of the gym in the Duncan student center. He saw where the cycling classes are now. Over here, there is where most of the free weights are. Up those stairs, there is a track that you can run around. Wei have lots of different machines. Any machine I've ever seen. You can see there's lots of cardio machines back there. There are two full basketball courts that you can see as you run around the track. And there is the line of front of those. There are ellipticals in upstairs by the track. I'm Ryan Draper. I am a junior mechanical engineering major. You know, today I was home. So what made you choose? Notre Dame? Um, I think one of biggest things, but her name is just like the beautiful campus. I loved all the open space, the quads, and then love the community of life of the dorms. Um, stay for hall. Really is a community here. We'll build off each other, and we have a really cool event. So you feel your life along with the amazing campus are a couple of reasons, right? Come. So how would you describe the student body as a whole? The student body is yes, your today. That was really smart for sure, huh? Everyone works really hard. We all build off each other, especially mechanical engineering. We've actually got your cheque mechanic engineers. We we have problems. We bounce him off each other. We'll tryto help each other. Work harder, do better. So I think that's one really cool thing is that we all could help each other. So you kind of touched on this already. But what? How would you do if you were to further describe thie academic climate at Notre dame, What would you say? Yes, it's definitely tough. But once again, everyone here, uh, is motivated is very motivated. Self, you can always find Resource is there's so much help available. I know that Learning Resource Center offers tutors now for your instructors offer office hours on there's th that could help you. And then once again, all your classmates are very willing to help you out. So while the coursework is, it's heavy, it's very difficult. But there's so much help around that you're set up to succeed here for sure if you you really put the effort in. Okay. And then lastly, what would you say? Your favorite and your least favorite thing about Notre Dame is everything for father. Name is definitely traditions, especially in football. Well, right now we're full swing in our games. You know, Game day is one of the best environments I've ever been, and it's so much fun. And then, you know, outside of football names has so many major amazing traditions that are rooted deep history. I think that's my favorite thing about her name. What's your favorite tradition? Say nothing. The murder rate really a drum circle, which is the night before a football game. The drummer's go out at midnight and they kind of get you pumped up for the game. Gets ready to go and play some music. Its really cool. I think that's what my petitions. And then he says everything about her name. No, I have something that I really don't like. Uh, as I mentioned earlier. It's tough. Which is all Your time was taken up. You know, you're either working your I don't get trying to catch up on some sleep. We're trying to hang out with friends like you don't really have any downtime. You're always You're always doing something. Go, go, go. We should get tiring sometimes, but I think it's over. All right. Thank you very much, Ryan. All right to the which is her name's campus. Her name? Actually, really. Grodd Burning is actually replication, darling in France. So it's one seventh the size of the bridge and actually Stone Richard, right, The statue. You'll see it really great place to go any time.