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Thinking about University of San Francisco and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of San Francisco in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of San Francisco’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of San Francisco, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of San Francisco experience. These University of San Francisco video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Mikayla Datu

Iran, Biology, Class of 2020



Okay. My name's Charles Midland. I'm a sophomore, USF When basketball team and the finance major. What is your least favorite thing about us, Seth? And your favorite thing about us, on least favorite thing. If I had to say, I'd probably say how we need to use our one card for everything. You just said that it's important. So I'm not like I don't complain about it, but it's probably at least everything that's like using a mic for everything. Everything but everything definitely gets played basketball. She's pretty awesome. I'd be a lot of freedom, like we're in the city, but I really want to go to school in the city. Thank you so much from Walking back to campus from Apple. Okay? And I thought I would take this time to share with you A few things about us. USS has about six thousand two seven thousand undergraduate, So it's a pretty small school. But what's really nice about it is that you can have smaller class sizes. You can get to know your professors classmates. It's it's much more personal on, I guess the only con about it is that, like not many people go to the games. We don't have football, but it would be nice like tailgates. Actually, we do have tailgates, but they're pretty small and not many people go there. Yeah, I wish we had more school spirit. So yeah, that's something on our school is located in the city. The best city in the world San Francisco There's always something to dio You can just talk. Yeah, you can just walk around There's always something. It's always fun. You never get bored. Golden Gate Bridge is like right there and beaches air nice. You can go shopping in Union Square. I'm running out of brash so many hills. There's so many hills. Yeah, we're going uphill right now on every day is leg day in San Francisco. Oh, the weather's nice today. Yesterday it was pouring. Yeah, good. So you get the right idea. Weather. So this year, Yeah, but it's super nice when it's sunny out, and then it could get very foggy. But that's part of San Francisco. Yeah. So do you want to tell me what you think? You really sure My name is Sergio on DH. I'm a freshman here at us. I'm originally from Spain, but I finished high school in Dubai. What? You mean my major's managed? So, what is your niece? Everything about us and your favorite thing about us. My Lee's favorite thing about US office living in San Francisco. So expensive from my favorite thing is that I get to be on the best of Spirit squad. In my room. I live in the tower building. Last year was called viewing, but this year they changed it to Toller and usually upperclassmen live here. But sometimes freshman come with me here as well. So let's start over here. The door. I'm so outside. You just swipe your card and you type in your code here, and you go inside. Here is the towel rack. Um, here's my roommates had only one remains. Usually, freshmen have to have two other remains. And then here's my dad. As you can see, we put it in an L shape. The room was not position this way. It was actually one that here and in another bed the same way. But we wanted to put this carpet here, so we moved it herself. Okay, so we're going to my head. I have so many pillows appear and then have me bears on how my palm bag hanging here and my slippers under my bed. He put her so you could, um the rage. It's nicely under that. Actually, we didn't think it would fit, but it does. We sell tapestries like, uh, but we decided to take them down since they kept falling before spring break. And then, as you can see, we have lights hung up and they look really pretty at night when we turned them on, Then moving over here. These are our cloth. So these Mary's actually don't come with the room we bought them ourselves. My roommate actually bought this mirror for me, and I thought this mirror for her about two. My target for, like, five dollars. Oh, yeah. And then if you open the closet They have a built in drawers. I put me tops, my bottom's my gym clothes, everything in between. And then my shower caddy and my shower thing's over here, have some books over there. This light over here. I don't really use it by I just Sometimes he's four, and then that mirror back there, it actually opens. You can put things in their ears. I don't remember what I put in there at the beginning of the year on. It's kind of hard to open it, so we're not gonna open that. And then there are extra beddings and blankets, pillows. And then it opened this Jack, it's me coats and cardigans. And then I have my shoes down here and some trash bags and some type pods light and then more actual pillows there. This's my roommates. Hi. This is her death. Mom. She has cute pictures affairs. Well, makeup. And then we have a recycling then and we have a trash bin. And this comes with the room. And then here's my backpack. This isn't my side. This's my desk. I have so many random things up there. But first, let's look at this view. What I really like about Toller is that it's in the middle of campus. You can literally see everyone walking. You see everything. There is a university center, cafeterias, super close. Oh, there's a little tour going on, and that's the rest of capital. Um, here's where Memorial gym, basketball games and all of that. And then so back to my death. Where's my? My chair? The church? Pretty hard. So it might be me and I play pillows in time, so it's a little comfortable and then have a little drawer here for random friend and things. My laptop. I was working on my lab, um, homework. And then I make coffee. My little mirror. This'll actually comes with the room, so that's good. That's nice for setting when my roommate's sleeping, and then I have my pictures. And then my mirror and all these random things appear in my snacks, and that is So baker and a really nice day out. And I'm here with my friend that I think about it. Uh, my name's, uh, sophomore at us. I'm originally from Southern California, and I'm currently majoring in biology. And how would you explain the academic climate? Yeah, it's very stressful being a bio major. I know a lot of skin and struggle, but where are you? You know, get through it. And how would you describe the student body at us? It's very diapers. Um, people make a lot of good friends here. I don't know. Um why did you choose us? I chose you because you wouldn't want to go school in San Francisco. So, what is your favorite part about us? F. And your least favorite part about my favor. Part would have to be the church. Just nothing like it is just so pretty Is just such a good feeling. Being inside my least favorite Paul would have to be like I really don't know. You think about that a little more. I'm in the Thundercats, then little toward leaving. And this is a little area where we get coffee. There's Nika. We just got a call from here, and then this is the thundercat. Um, sometimes they're her karaoke night here. Yeah, it's usually opened until, like, like twelve. And then she was the use of a book store where you can buy us up here, find your luck's gone and endure my friends of his. Oh, I can do, man. You wanna point there they So this is T pumps on Irving Street. A lot of good things to say, so fine time for my first time, your favorite place. guys. So it's college moving day. It is currently 7 17 and then you get over there at nine. Check in time isn't nine. So here, however I am or who bag going has shampoo and a coconut butter lotion type thing. And here I have my skin care, which how to use this morning and then here. I just have obviously all the stuff for school, just like my laptop supplies. I don't know whether I am driving, but if I do end up driving, then Oh, no. Single. So let me, like, flip your room egg. I also did my eyebrows, which I didn't do on camera, because I didn't I don't know if I could find my eyebrow pencil, but here I am. This is all weight. Them Carrie right now by room, way just made it to my dorm. Right now I'm the only one here has ever read because I've been carrying a bunch of stuff up to my room. So I'm just gonna give you an empty dorm room tour right now. How it looks like right now, So whole bag of Capri suns that's gonna be in my bed. I'm just the top bunk. And then here's all my stuff. I just shoes right there and then, Yeah, this is how space looks like right here. And as I said, I have two other roommates with me, and then that's just the door. And I just just stuff I have one more bag, and these are my pillows were here trash can. And then out here is the view. I really wish I can clean this window up. And then I think this is the hall where my best friend is gonna stay out. So we're pretty close, and then my car is just over there. So my parents are gonna go over there and get the rest of the stuff I'm probably gonna be doing my bed for So right now, I'm gonna take you up to loft, appear flick and actually get up here. So let me, actually, just Hey, guys, is Lilia and I'm here with another update. I am such a responsible young adult because I missed a mandatory meeting that we had for my hauling us. And I thought it was from 6 to 7, and it turns out it was from 5 to 6. And during that time as you saw, I went to Target. I went to subway and I went to Starbucks. I love being a, uh, missing all. Missing everything. I just you know, I love this. I love this for me. Hey, guys. Sorry. I'm talking quietly because I think that the people in the other dorms I just had my first day of college today. It was good, actually, I really liked my first year seminar. Klaus. I just thought it was really good. I met a lot of new people, which I thought that was really awesome as well. I don't know what I'm going to be filming this week as well. I don't know. I just like new to this whole college thing. So if you don't see me posting as regularly and I am gonna go home this weekend to film a couple of videos just cause I don't feel super comfortable filling in college yet, though, I do have my tapestry right there. I did get up yesterday like, finally, it's just been on the floor and I was getting tired of seeing it on the force, all of like you know what? I'm just gonna do it so I did. Oh, no. This was gonna be my backdrop for when I do videos here in college, so you'll be seeing So Grand Prix. Wouldn't our friend Miriam reintroduce Cherokee thing fires? Um, I'm a sophomore biology major at USF. I'm double Mina ring in chemistry and neuroscience. I'm originally from I was born in London, but raised in palace treaties. Out. Yeah, And then I hope I've always want to be a doctor. That's why you're studying biology. Are you in any organisation? Sorority I'm in tried Elsa's woman fraternity here on campus, and I'm the director of ceremonies and rituals as well. So can you help? Can you describe the academic climate in your major? The academic climate of a biology major is stressful, overly competitive and has unrealistic expectations, but it's Lauren. Hi. So would you like to share a few things about yourself? Yeah. My name's Lauren Marone. I'm a design major, USF. I'm a sophomore and I'm from Southern California. So how would you describe the academic climate in your major? I love my major. Personally, it's really great. And the classes, although it's a really heavy workload, it's really, really fun. And the professors are really helpful. I haven't had a design for us, sir, that I have not liked or been like men about. They've all been really great. I'm also a computer science minor. Those classes are a little bit harder, and the professors are a little bit less. They'll connect with you less, but they're still extremely helpful, and I'm enjoying my time here.