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University of San Francisco John Lo Schiavo, S.J. Center For Science And Innovation

Where you go to pray before my turn, Hans. And also, when you're a freshman, this is where you go for freshman Mass with your family. It's also where graduation happens. Prettiest place on campus. One of you. The coolest place No. Yeah. You just go down. Here's a classic. All right? So. Okay, so this is what they are. Imagine campus looks like when you get to the top, beautiful, you see pretty out of it. Guy's a beard. War memorial gym. Andi, we're going to room here with nigga. And we always meet before home. This's a big, um, lecture halls. That's where we have chemistry. Big lecture halls, honey. It is the same ignition and she's palms. So this is police in plaza. Um, so many of them here. They usually like you brought climbing. And then over here is the place in library with those wolves in my friend. And then over here is my favorite place on campus, Saint Ignatius Church. For life and greasing. But take a year. It's just funny to sometimes. More study people like this. Chair. With a little study room looks like, comes with a white boy TV a desk since and more whiteboards. Hey, guys. Mining is Michaela and I will be your campus real tour guide here at the University of San Francisco. So if you think you should know about me, I'm originally from Kwame, which is super far from here. I am a biology major. I'm actually a second year undergrad. I'm also part of the Spirit squad, which is combined Dance and cheer team hear us out and I'm part of the pre dental society. So I'll be taking you through a week in my life as a college student here at us, and I Hey, guys came way winning. Get a car. Under practice. One of you. Good night. We just got out of the understaffed. I know that area. The freshman dorm is the gym. The war memorial. I'm here, my building cooler. And then that is the most McClaren somewhere and usually they're like little concerts there. Um we have lost our way, had finished the gem and I perform. Here is the grease and library. A lot of people study here by personally. Don't. But it's really nice to study here in the atrium and you're not supposed to talk or making. No, sure. So when you walk in, there's always heartaches, Austin. They always change it. But it's so pretty, you're something. If you go down there downstairs. Um, that's where they have tutoring. Stay here on the living room. You just go up next, and then I'll be sure to the university. What is that name? Some people study here. Or you can like sun tan the noise.