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Thinking about University of Utah and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Utah in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Utah’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Utah, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Utah experience. These University of Utah video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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OK, let's talk at the union. So the union is a main building on campus with clones of stuff to do so. For example, on this floor here we have full tables. There's foosball, there's ping pong. We even have a bowling alley back there. It's kind of crazy. Bowling. Super cheap. It's like a few bucks a game to, like Get Elaine and get some shoes. Super awesome also must seem for is one of the main, like dining areas people can eat. And it's where we have it's on a dining hall. See tax dollars, which is money that comes on yours. Uh, Neal plan. Or you could just upload them on there if you don't get it. So some of places you could eat at our we have a bagel shop way also have a jumbo. You respect there on one of the hottest places. A lot of people like you, and it's super popular, and the line's always make is the Panda Express. Everyone loves a good pandas express for lunch. Um, and then there's also like a little food court down here as well. You get snacks and something quick and easy to go. The Union is also really good resource for finding offices for resources like body or Greek life. Things like that. So the unions a huge like utility building that you want to explore and final differently So as you've heard already that the food of the PCI, the main dining hall, is a little sparse and get repetitive. So something super important to realize is that the campus does have what they call transfer meals just where you can take your meal swipes and use them another place on campus. So my favorite places to go to eat its atlas on studios, which is just right in central campus. So it's super easily located, and they have really good food. You can use your meal sweats for you can also use it at the currents in view. The honor's mine. So it's your first year on campus. Don't feel trapped. A pfc Go to the other place. Fries have some chicken. Ten There's it's It's really Hi, I'm Zoe. Watch. I'm accounting Major here. See you. And I'm a chi Omega. I would obviously recommend time because I've been here for three years now, and it definitely transformed my experience in college. I feel like the U is the big campus that has thirty five thousand students and to join a community of like, two to three thousand students where everybody knows who you are and where you get to meet people that are doing the same things about are motivated and want to make a big difference in the world. That's like, this is a good place to find those kinds of people. And so I think that any house on the road, no matter where you go, is full of like, incredible, wonderful people that are all driven and doing incredible things. And so there's a lot of great role models in the Greek system that you can look up tio. And so of course I would recommend the Greek system to anybody, but that's probably my bias. My name is Leah. I'm a freshman at the and my major is engineering, and so far it's not too hard because I'm only doing prerequisites right now. And so I'm just taking the general classes that you take some taking calculus, chemistry, physics and biology and physics is pretty hard, right so far, just trying to get in swing of things. And my favorite thing about the university is meeting new people and getting into different clubs and sports and stuff like that. And my least favorite thing is taking the buses. Um, which kind of sucks because it's not very predictable. There is an APP for it, which is pretty nice, but sometimes it's hard to refresh the app and then see that the bus is suddenly a minute away from where you need to be. You have to spread to the bus, just kind of hard. But that's not a very big thing to deal with. But for the most part, I love you and just being around everybody on. If you were to drop like any last minute advice on incoming freshman, what would you tell him My advice would be to definitely reach out to Chinese things and make friends in the beginning because it will definitely help you with your experience. Hey, guys. So we're very life. And in here we have tons of study spaces capable coming home. This's the first word. I'm trying not to destruct anybody, but let's take it to our own place. So here's the first. So it's pretty much just miles and miles of books. It's a completely silent floor, so when you're cramming for midterms, you can hide away at one of the private desks and just study, study, study. Now out here, this is the second floor. So this is our computer lab. It's fully stocked with Max PC straight printing, rentable tablets. You get audio studios, you get video rooms, all the technology you need. So the library's Hughes and their study space is everywhere that you can utilize. The main for a lot of people use to study is the third floor down here, girls like tons of study tables down there like it's really talkative. It's not only quiet place, so it's somewhere if you want to discussions on DH. If you're not looking for a study space that you could talking, that's a little more loud. There is quiet spaces downstairs, and there's little cubbies that you can like hideaway into, so there's plenty of places to utilize. I really personally recommend using the library's resource. The first semester us here. I did it and I regret it because coming here allows me to focus a lot better, so don't be A new spirit Sections are here. We have a band and right to the left of them is our must sexual student spirits section. And it is crazy. A little bit. So much fun. I definitely recommend taking part in must program. Yeah. Wait. You know what that's like? You know, like you can't be back where you can be Whatever. A little tradition. We have a basketball game. Every time one of our guys are free, we all clap. Throw aside. You sure support our guys and consider work right here. Present five minutes off to this freak grows way win the game home. Well, I really hope you guys liked my little sneak peek at the University of Utah. I hope you guys realize that these videos can't even come close to encompassing everything that this university has to offer. Truly, I'm not just saying that because I am a transfer student, so I know how hard it is to adjust that first year and how important it is to feel at home on a campus and this place. It's just it's got some special about it. And I really hope that if you come here, you can feel it, too, because it's unlike anything else. It may be a big school of, like thirty five thousand students, but there's so many ways and so many programs you could get into to make this big campus small and a home and just absolutely love your four years or five years that you spent here. Really? You d'oh um, but if I had any last pieces of advice, I feel like the best people to tell you our I interviewed a lot of people in this process, and it was honestly such a good thing for me to just to talk to people about their product, like their process and experiences here. But I made a list of the ST bits of advice that they would give two incoming freshmen have a little less down here. The first one was Call your mom or whoever and tell them how grateful you are for all the home cooked meals you got because you're going to miss him when you come here. The second one was never, ever give up. Keep pushing yourself. There may be times and it's hard, but it's worth it In the end another one was Your grades don't define who you are Don't let a bad test grade keep you down Just keep moving forward. Um always reach out to people Don't be afraid to make new friends University's only what you make it in the people you surround yourself with s you last one is Oh, yeah, I love this one. Uh, the university isn't all about partying. It isn't all about academics. It's about growing as a person and letting yourself expand and figure out who you are and that it's ok to change and that you're not going to be the same person that you came in. Is and that's totally fine. So I wish you all the best of luck with wherever you end up going, whether it's the University of Utah or anywhere else in the United States are in Europe, or if you don't even go to college honestly, just best of luck and go utes. Hi. My name's Kelly and I am a been at the University of Utah. And my major is physiology, and I planning to create it. Awesome. So could you talk about like, what your favorite thing about the university is, and you're least everything. My favorite thing about the university's probably all the people you meet because they're really friendly and they're really welcoming. Like, I haven't met a person that won't have a conversation with me Or is super rude like that? Those people are just virtually a posse lto here. And then my used to be a part about you is probably the parking because there's no parking at you. Like never, ever. Like one time. I had to go around campus for two hours straight. Like I think it's still did not find for both. Well, okay. And then you have a job, right? Yeah. Won't talk briefly about how you manage. Like having a job and going to school full time. Yeah. So I worked part time at a pharmaceutical lab that's near the U and the hours I have there really flexible. So I can go in whenever and as long as I work like thirteen hours a week, and I'm totally fine. And so it's pretty easy to manage and my bosses for understanding and understands they find time off. Toa do homework and stuff like my job is like various special case. Like, I don't think anyone else has that kind of job I'm friends with. So I really look, Do you think that a freshman there first semester, combat balance, a job and a school or do you think they should take a semester off? I think that if you do, you want to have a job, then you should. Because taking a job like my friend is like twenty hours a week with her job. And she still is able to balance school with it. And even though she's like super tired all the time, it's because she's taking like, beauty, vigorous classes. But it's possible. Yeah, so she's not tying. She's just like cruising, you know? All right, well, thank Diego. Everybody. My name's Giada. And I hope you're ready for my campus. Real tour of the University of Utah. I'm a nursing major here. Sophomore pursued it, and I hope you're ready to get to know my campus. It's up. This is the Greek row. The University of Utah does have a Greek system. We have six sororities and I believe eleven fraternities. Um, I'm personally Greek life. I'm a chi Omega. And to me, being in Greek life is a really great way to make the camp smaller for you and kind of set up away. Have a social life of a Greek girl is set right off President circle. So still slightly on campus. And these air majority the house of summer still off the road like off to the side. But this is way off that road.