A Friday Night in Wyoming: Camping! | Campus Tour 2019

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Shannon Livengood

Tour Guide

The outdoors is a huge part of the Wyoming culture! So, when students find some free time, we fill it with hiking, camping and such! Laramie, itself, is surrounded by mountain ranges. Snowy Range is a quick 30 minute drive west of the city, with the peak being another 15 minutes or so up, from there you can hike. The Saratoga hot springs are on the other side of the mountain, an easy 90 minute drive with friends. Johnson's creek is about 30 to the north, where we like to go cliff jumping. Curt Gowdy State Park, where you can find our iconic Hidden Falls is about 25 minutes up to the East. Fort Collins and all it has to offer is a scant hour drive south over the Colorado border. This night, however, we went camping up in Vedauwoo (vee-duh-voo), a 25 minute breeze to the east, on the way to Cheyenne.