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What's up, guys? Let's talk about the meal plan s o first off, um, campus dining is a total scam. I'm sorry. I just have to make it known It is absolutely a scam. They do a lot of backwards things, and every time students complained about it, they fix it and add more backwards things to it. So, for example, this school year we have, like, meal plan periods, so they basically control when you can eat and you only have one meal swipe for a very large period of time. So students complained about that. They said, Fine, we'll fix it in a year, even though it would not take that mom first, actually fix it. And now next year they everybody has mandatory meal plans. They have tohave s o. It used to be you kind of you had flexibility, but now they're mandatory minimums. So regardless of how often you know on campus, you're still paying for it. And I mean, I could go on and on and on for like, hours about campus dining, but and summary, it's a scam. That being said, um, for the meal plan in General Hugh, get Ann on tree and three sides. A drink counts aside S O that's two sides and a drink in an entree. Eso usually that is actually quite a bit of food, depending on your dietary needs. So, for example, if you have, like, like if you're like trying to like Ito or something like that, it's definitely going to be very hard to kind of sustain yourself on any special diets like that. There are a decent amount of vegetarian options and things like that. But if you can basically eat anything, you're definitely gonna have quite a few options, eh? So we also have munchie months, and those are basically like gas stations is the closest thing that I can think of S O. They have, like a whole bunch of snacks and drinks or whatever. And you can get there three sides or an entree and two sides of a monkey. So an entree would be like a frozen meal and then aside and be like chips and maybe like a soda or something like that. And a lot of the money markets are open twenty four seven just awesome. So those air really helpful because a lot of the times dining is not open. It closes at like eight PM, even though most students are way past that on. So if you're hungry after eight PM, there's no food, which is wonderful to starve on. Then on the weekends they also closed down the food. So once again you starve on DSO something that they came up with to combat. That was Taste of Nashville, which is basically there are a lot of local restaurants who are on the card, which means we can use our student ID to purchase food there and, like pay for food like it's a regular like debit card or something like that, which is awesome. S o they give you, like two hundred dollars is something like that on your car that you can use any of these restaurant, the issues they used to have what's called rollover. So if you didn't eat like if you let's say you had a fourteen meals a week and you didn't eat all of those meals, they would give you some money, Back said over the weekend, you'LL be able to use that money to pay for food. They totally eliminated that end with worse food options on campus. A lot of students then eat out more often and eat out because stuff is always closed or close super early. So a lot of people ran out of that meal money very early on, um, so again, a scam, because you're also paying for that money and they they act like they're like, doing you a favor for giving it to you. But I will say the taste of national restaurants are awesome on DH. They do help students kind of get out of the van de bubble and, like, hang out with their friends on just go grab dinner, especially for students who otherwise probably wouldn't be able to afford that kind of thing. Um, but that is still a super van. The unique thing that is awesome. So if you can't afford to put like more Commodore cash on your card, you know, it's a really cool way to kind of go out and grab food. S o those air basic, basically. So those are the basics of the meal plan and kind of how it works on here. But it's changing all the time s O, depending on when you see this video. It could be one hundred and ten percent different because it's at least it's changed. I think every year since I've been here and I'm a junior s Oh, really? Just kind of depends. Um, but yeah, so thanks for watching. Hey, guys. So we are walking through Nashville right now, and these tall buildings you see in front of me are the vendor Bill. But medical center building. So this one on the left is called Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center. It also leads to the Robinson Research Center, as well as the Preston Research Center and also White Hole. So if you're interested in research, that's where you would go for that. This is the Children's Hospital on the right side. Um, you can go here to volunteer. There are lot of volunteering opportunities on campus. I instituted a volunteer there, even shadow a doctor. Wait are what from the medical campus medical centers, Teo, the main road where you can walk down Teo Teo, different eating paces in Nashville and it's super close to Commons. It's only like a five minute walk to get to the street. And then, like a ten minute walk, I guess who go to wherever breast drawn ice queen plays eatery you want to. And the one down that street that is super popular among Vanderbilt students is the ice cream place called Johnny's. They have a pretty good ice cream, and they make unique flavors. They had made them, so that's popular. And a lot of these restaurant, um, that are close to campus and are like local businesses, mostly are on the taste of Nashville list. And that means that you can actually use your Commodore card there instead of a credit card to pay. Um, you can use comment or card money, which is money that you could in every semester. Or you can also use steal money, which comes with your meal plan. So I think freshmen have one seventy five and meal money, so that's a very decent amount. That's our school saying you should go out and experience Nashville and taste the food around. Um, also a pretty popular chicken fried chicken place. Because national is known for fried chicken. Is honeybees very spicy? You can also get my own. Yeah. And this is the side closest to upper quad of common. Um, if you go to the opposite side of campus where mein campuses then you go to twenty first, Wes. And and that, um, Starbucks and a lot of more eateries like Mellow mushroom, which is a pizza place that's actually on our card. Pretty good to coat lane. So this the village at Vanderbilt? It's like, just if we cross under that little arch, we get to come. Across the car. There we go. You want down? Get dressed. Yeah, the restaurants. So that was a quick look around Okay, so I just finished class toe lunch. Now. I walked back to comment. The freshman area could the common dining hall come here? I'll look around. You have it. Okay, so I this is Rand and it's currently around eleven o'Clock. And we're walking back from the library because we've been studying for about seven hours and it sucks. But the campus looks really pretty right now. And described the food options on campus. Um, it's usually the sand. Food, like weekly breakfast is usually the same. Just like scrambled eggs, Bacon, sausage. There's a waffle bar on the bar. It's really good for lunch. It's kind of the same options of dinner. There's like a weekly rotation. There's like sometimes there's different types of Asian food. Different pizza, pasta, burgers, hot dogs, french fries. This morning. We are so I know my lease. Yeah. Yeah. So that wasn't you, Nicole. Nicole was correct. Fruit. Hey, Baker, every day counts quick. Hi, guys. So this is Rand. Um, this is the dining hall, a mean campus. And in front, you seen hi m leaf pies, the pizza place and make us a salad bar. And then we also have healthy vegetable bulls. And Chef James Bistro changes their menu every day. And then on the other side, we have, um, ordo, which serves your omelets in the morning, and then international cuisine and a salad bar. Also, um, we have freshly made baked cookies every day which are so popular. So you'll hear about grand cookies? Uh, Rand and upstairs there's actually which is open on later hours. Um, so if the grand dining hall closes at seven. Thirty, um, the pub is open. Tio nine, um, nine P. M. So usually when people are trying to have a late meal or on the nights now, or if you're coming out of Ken Lab, um, which is in during the dinner time for some people like me, then you'll go to pub to grab a bite. So we're walking up the stairs and you see, there it's like a little student area and fourteen girls, and I'm just have wife music today. That's right there. And I'm gonna go back something, Tio. Hey, we're here. This is how we check out our breakfast. We come, We bring our food way, swipe our car's way, get twenty one meals a week for fresh manner. And it's good that you're getting a lot. Wait a lot of food. It's just very large amounts. Okay. So today we had another de stress his dad and holding her ice cream occasionally event about. We'll have these things where they just have us the stress. We talked to some dogs. It's, um ice cream free pizza out of snacks. Yeah. So basically, that's a day in the life of Vanderbilt. Oh, and look more. He will recording. Having fun. Hey, Grace Log! Yeah. Ee I know by Misa And that's a day in the life of a Vandy student. Here are twenty first, which is having your main street by Vanderbilt Cabarrus. We have a burgers in there yet we have Ben and Jerry's having multiple times. We've a sack coaches and Antonio to our company, very frequently visited place by very cheap one two dollars taco. It's personally not my favorite little people. It is not on our plan, but it is not expensive with time way set Co. He said. Starbucks mellow mushroom around the corner with subway, and these are just places that aren't necessarily on the meal. Plan for Vanimo University students. Frequent? Not tonight. Personally, I will be eating Chipotle A with my friends after the big chemistry exam. Um, how it works out here. Is that every Thursday or not every Thursday. But there will be certain Thursday's where everyone who is taking general chemistry or everyone who is taking calculus twelve hundred thirteen hundred will always taking their exams the same time to prevent cheating. Other reasons. So let us tonight we have the general chemistry exam. I'm not internal chemistry. All my friends are because of that after exams over when he had over trolling and have a good meal now we find, so yeah.