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Here is my double! | Dorm Tour 2019

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Vanderbilt University Dorms and Housing Tours at Stambaugh.


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Douglas Finnegan
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Here is a short video showing what my room looks like. Sorry it's a bit messy! We have (provided by school) two beds (These can be lofted to fit your desk under it or it can go to the floor), two desks, two closets, a mirror, four sets of drawers, two chairs, a thermostat, a trash can, a recycling bin, and outlets. We purchased a TV, a refrigerator (under my roommate's bed) and microwave (But Vanderbilt has an option for you to rent these things for a year), a tea kettle, a fish bowl, a book shelf under the TV, a mat for sleeping, and lots of smaller items. Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to message me on instagram @douglas.finn !!