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All right, everybody. Snow were on the lawn in front of the patio in front of Dietz Place and the convenient store. So here we have Cassell, Coliseum, Cassell Coliseum is where we hold our basketball games, which are very popular. They get very, very loud. I used to live in dorms on the other side of campus. And, you know, when we score for football games, everyone in Blacksburg knows and we score is for football games. They shoot off a cannon. The corps of cadets does whatever. We had a touchdown there, usually fireworks and whatnot. So you don't have to be a football games. No. For winning or not, we're usually winning mouth on that behind me, You see? Muzzle, turn around. See this? The upper level is our buffet style dining hall. I tried to get in there, but they don't want me filming in there, So I wasn't allowed to. And then see down there You go where we just work. Stop. Got a little bit of orientation here. We have this big one that usually hold the pipe tailgates on this lawn. And then right here, I'm gonna go show you between the ages a J's are the Ambler Johnston dorms. They are ones that people live in for two years. So if you decide you want to live on campus for sure past your freshman year than he usually try and live in Easter West. Paging. And we're gonna go take a look at those All right. We've got a little further down North Main Street. Well, I guess we're going south now, but there's Kabo fish taco. They have Taco Tuesdays, get slightly cheaper tacos that they normally are really not any great savings, but very good. You should definitely go to come. I like to take my parents there when they come to visit. Great move. There's one of our book stores. We have, like, four bookstores, so there's always place Tio, go get your stuff that you need. I got a Starbucks on the corner here. We also have some really cool buildings that are like over there. But then we also have Benny's. Benny's has people, places that are the size of, like three of your average pizza slices put together for four bucks. So that's really good food for after you got out with your friends on the weekend and you're like, Oh, my God, we want something crazy and delicious. Then you go to Betty's. There you go. That's a good portion away, a mellow mushroom seeking Go get some pizza down as well. There you go suggests just going on like Google Maps Street view going down the street and checking out what we have around here. There's a lot of really cool places like Marco Luca, you get dumplings. Those are very good for like, four dollars to get seven dumplings. And that's like my old time favorite Guilt foods. So it's very good. There you go. Hail. So start taking you through the dining centers. Here we have West End, which a lot of people consider to be the nicest signing center on campus. Virginia Tech consistently Brinks as one of the number one places for food. So we have some amazing, amazing food. We have a football game coming up. Says You can see people are getting really excited about it. We do a lot of sheets with stuff make in front of the other team. So we had a really great one for college gameday a few weeks ago. What, nigga, see another one? We have a lot of spirit here. Looking behind me right now is Dietrich Hall as two floors. The top floor is the two, and the fact about me, too, is that it is the only dining hall in campus as an all you can eat and in there Are you a salad bar? Desert by pizza place taco liner, tried vegetarian options and invasion, please. And a bottle and Tom like bar, I think. For what? How much you were after student. This sounded like five dollars and then on the lower floor, for aside the tape, it's like a coffee pastry from Kkamini, the little effects T to trick from being. Yes, it is looking express late, usually seven a. M. Almost two a. M in the morning for those late midnight munchies while you study. And yeah, that's the two. Dietrich. All I really wanted to show you inside, but I asked you some insider and they said, No, I just have courtesy, you know? But I guess I had to explain it from the outdoors and hope I explained it They also want take you through the different stores. We have a billion across from the athletic centers, So here we have Pete's place on this side. You get coffee on the side, you get any more ideas? Ice cream? Get him in the milkshake. About what? All right. This is a bigmain patio. We have a large field over there that's in front of basketball center. So wait. We have some, uh, cement on my left. You can't really see through, but here we have our general store right now. They're doing well. Fifty percent off. Still outside. We're gonna takes that. Go on through C C. What? We've gotten her general store pretty good, already goes through. It's just like any convenience store you would have. Stuff here is really overpriced. But you can use your passports, your suit ninety to pay for it. But you're like wandering type money. But here you go. Getting good or what? Yeah, we're gonna go back out. This is where it's at. So you stole downtown and the cool thing about downtown that that it's great off campus wear on Main Street right now. Just open up, so it's really cool. But they have, like ice cream chocolate on, like some cute stationery stuff like birthday car. Let me just show you like the other door around. Here a place that I don't know if you can feed it to you with a tree that just opened up on that friends, like all good, because you opened up as they graduated. There's also another our story called Miss Smith. Where I go, you go home with a picture of my chipboard. Really? Definitely a lot of local stores Just feel walking and show you. A very big downtown, considering it's like a small cruel. So I think it's very cozy. Introduce yourself and explain why you chose your school. My name's Peter Golenbock. I'm a senior at Virginia Tech. I chose Virginia attack due to the amount of community service the school does and their drive to serve others before themselves. Describe your typical Friday night. A typical Friday night usually involves, you know, board games, possibly watching movies with friends and everyone still ongoing downtown because there's a fantastic atmosphere down there. Describe the food options on campus had a lobster yesterday, so I feel like that kind of sets the bar. So how, you know, diverse the food is what's your major and described the academic climate. My major is geography, but more specifically do spatial environmental analysis. So I studied spatial patterns. Uh, the academic climate. Everyone that I've worked with So far, all the professors and other students have been very professional and just to a certain point, just overall, fantastic. I mean, it's a great a great environment to work with and give one piece of advice his perspective. Students. If you're going to choose your college, don't choose your college based on your major or the programs that are associated with the college. Choose it based off of where you want to call home for the next four years. So for me, that's here. All right, Ron. So I was looking at up to catch one of our traditions, which is game ball, where the corps of cadets runs around with the ball from the next football game and all students touch. It's the speed of good luck. We're definitely gonna kill the game. All right, so right now we're in what's generally called Owens Quad. Over on this side, we have Owen's dining hall, which has two sides. One side over here on that one has more faster grab and go. There's a chick fil a Dunkin Donuts keeps a hood. All the stuff you could ever want. Teo, grab and just go study in the library with and then on all other sides, we have freshman and connect norms. There you go. We're gonna go inside and check out what's on the table today. All right now we're on the hook. A girl's gotta arms right there. We have Chick fil A. We have a BBQ place on over on this side, we have a pizza hut Right now I'm a pizza. It's down is a huge size compared to win here. No clothe so five fifteen place. Using physics is a small joy. Not big, but they're working really late, so people will All right. Here we have a grill menu. Vegan options like up here. First one in West fighting. Gobbler them here, have more of the sandwich crap type thing. Wired has desserts and coffee and whatnot. What going up that here. We've got J. P s Chophouse. A man. This is Leif. Ladle for all of your salad and soup needs. Very good. A lot of people really like their salad. Take a look up here. Over here is our sort of juice bar version of wired. Best fresh squeezed orange juice I've ever had in my life. And now gonna wander over to stroke friends? I don't know, people. Just call it the place where you get pasta and pizza at Western. There you go. Well, get up. Six seconds. Yeah, R So that's your dining flexion West has a beautiful view. All these windows here, seeing a lot of natural light. It's an okay place to set up if you want to study, but quite frankly, it's usually really, really busy. I got here five minutes after they opened for lunch today, so normally, this line here would be coming back to where I'm standing now. You can waiting as long as twenty minutes went during peak times for one. So we also have over here sort of a grab and go section, and you could check out right there for if you're in a hurry,