Wake Forest University Dining & Food

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All right. So Courtney and I are now walking on the upper quad and one of the hidden spots that we have been to win last year with a meeting there. Yeah, I'm It's called campus grounds. It's just really good copy shop. They have cranky. Is coffee, right? Yeah, they had, like, specialty, like local coffee on DH. They have it's such a coffee. It's from downtown, But they like, they saw their beans here, and that's what they make there. Coffee out of it. So good. And we're going to go get Khun Future, which us senior two years ago started her own computer company. And so they sell it here at Wake, obviously, to help promote her company. Um, it's really good. They sell it on tap, and we're gonna go get, like, awesome cookies, pastries that they all bring in from, like Salem, like communities and stores. Did you ever spend time downtown like, got any restaurants or like your breweries or, like francs to Boise? French? Yeah, early on. Like freshmen software. I never cars, so I almost never left campus. But especially junior and senior. I've been twenty one the whole time going downtown. Go to bars. Going Tates erect. Billiards are going foothills trivia. I've definitely gotten Mohr into that stuff. As I've gotten older, it's been a lot of fun. So as a freshman described like what a pits it is. Uh, Pitts it it's Ah, it's a pretty basic breakfast, lunch and dinner environment. You text somebody you say you want to pit sit. If they say yes, you're sitting in the pit together. If they say no, then