Washington University in St Louis Dining & Food

The food at. While she was amazing, it was definitely the best food. I hadn't any campus tour. There are a ton of options, so it's hard to get sick of it. In the dining hall, there's really good stir fry, and there's like a different international cuisine. Every day there's Mexican food, pasta, bar, salads. You can really get anything. And on campus, I would say my favorite places to eat are our or homes hours, a business school building, and it's really cool. The whole ceiling is glass, so it's really nice when it's like sunny out and they have really good omelettes and paninis. And there's also a Starbucks in there that's nice. And Holmes is a little. It's like, kind of fancier has a really cool look. It's kind of cozy. It's a good place to do work and they have really good wraps. Um, so nearby. There's definitely a lot to Dio. Like I said before, there's a lot to do on the loop. There's like movie theatres. There's a bunch of bars. I think they have karaoke, E and bullets, and it's really lively there night. It's like, always very crowded. There's a lot going on. But the actual campus is a little more secluded from like lively areas. It's in a more suburban area, so it's kind of quiet nearby. But if you you could drive just like ten minutes and get two more like fun areas, there's a lot of restaurants that are driving distance. I wouldn't say the town of Wash U is like a huge part of the wash you experience. I think our campus is so nice that a lot of times people don't really want to leave that we do have great food, so no one's like desperate to go eat off campus. But there are definitely a lot of things to Dio and a lot of places to eat if you do want to do that. There are a ton of good restaurants near campus. Also, there's a street nearby. It's about a twenty minute walk away or a fifteen minute walk, and it's called Balloon. It's kind of like our college down, and they have a lot of good like or casual restaurants. They have to put Les. They have some good pizza places. Oh, so we go there a lot. They have Mexican places, and my favorite restaurant is pasta area. It's not on the loop, but it's about like a five minute drive away and they have Italian food. It's so good. Whenever I go, I run into like, ten other washing people. No, yeah, everyone loves it. Okay, We're heading into my I the best place to, you know, campus. There's just no contest there straight up. No contest. This place is called homes lounge. And they have carvery, which basically just means like a fancy type of meat. And they could put it in sandwiches. They basically just have like sandwiches. But the carvery is so good. Like yesterday they had flank steak. Sometimes they have, like glazed ham. They have turkey breasts. It is. It is so good. You guys, you have to come here. It's right on the other were still on the other side of campus. Right over here is so good. You just order it. You go up, order it. Tell me you want the carvery and they give you the best thing that you have ever eaten or will ever eat in your entire life. So this is your order Here. This's the cover. You can't see it, but it's turkey. They heated up here in the hand. The best places on campus to eat. I would say our well. So the place for freshman software is that I was talking about was called, Help bears Dan. It's the closest factory to them, and it's great. There's a lot of different options, but after a little bit after a couple months, it takes a while. But you can. You can definitely feel yourself getting through on this. All the options. So the different cafeterias have really nice variety so well, if you head over to the other side of campus, there's the village cafeteria, which is one of my favorites. Probably just because I don't need there's much, but there's a lot of opportunities for food. The meal plan essentially works on point, so each food item is worth a certain number of points on DH, so it makes it easier. If you're ever out late, I wouldn't. I don't think people usually go off campus to eat. Our dining hall stays open until two AM, so after going out at night, people usually just go back to the dining hall. It's kind of a social scene at that point, so it's always really fun. No. But yeah, no one will like walk off campus. I don't think late at night and get food. There are a lot of good places, unders. What's called Delmar Loop, where there's just a bunch of restaurants all in one location. It's really close to campus. You just walk right off here. They're in the loop and there's an amazing restaurant. This is something we'll place is sold out favourites. It's a Korean Taco Fusion place. It's amazing. That's it. Mission Taco is not a great Taco place, but there's a lot of Sam's barbecues really fantasy as well. Really. A lot of great places. Now, if it was two a. M on a Friday night, I would do one of two things. I would go to Paris and which is open super late and get a half and half, two contenders and fries, which are amazing. Or I would go tio, this one really good Indian restaurant. He's sort of have to drive out there with Now, one of the other things that sold me that wash you was dead good, very lucky. It's consistently every year ranks as one of the top schools for its meals at all. So the Washington food is really great. Who don't campus there? Several different dining halls across campus and several different little cafes that usually take meal points. Almost all of them do it. There's even a couple chain stores like there's a job to send camps that takes milk points as well. It's it's really nice. There's some gourmet food is actually won a really fancy restaurant where you can spend your real points at. So that's awesome. Don't say that. Excellent. You know, in the in the closest closes cafeteria to refreshment most freshman and sophomore dorms. It just has several different stations of all different types of How's the food? So it's great. So now I'm going to show you the South forty, which is basically just what we call the place where all the dorms are. So that's kind of the entrance. If you could see those stairs, you walk down. This is my building right here. That's a breath. Um, this is South forty, which is the other dorm building, um, in my residential college. And then this is also where bears did and pause and go R, which is where you can eat on the forty. And then if we walk this way, um, you can see all of the other Joran buildings on campus. A lot of them. Our freshman dorm. So you can see from here, Um, and then let me get over here so you can see there's a big field right in the middle. And then all surrounding this field, our dorm building says they're all dorm buildings. The mail room's over there. Over here. Uh, yeah, A lot of times people play Frisbee there. Um, there's sometimes some sales. They're like people have old books. Um, you could get him on this field. Um, there's a basketball court. Sometimes people look really nice