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The Towns of Monmouth and Independence, Oregon

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Cheyanne Bumgardner
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In this video, I discuss our towns, where to shop, and the weather! Western Oregon University is located in the town of Monmouth, Oregon. Monmouth is a reasonably small town, with a population of just under 10,000 people. There is a high sense of community, and while there isn't a lot to do, we do like to brag about our delicious local restaurants like Yeasty Beasty, Yang's, and Koyote Tacos! About a ten-minute drive from Monmouth is another town with about 10,000 people named Independence. There is more to do in Independence than in Monmouth, including a park by the Willamette River! Places to shop include Bi-Mart and Roth's. Our climate is cold and rainy during the school year, which you learn to appreciate (or at least tolerate!) quickly.