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at the back of campus is the bio trail, and some of the environmental science classes have different classes back here. They do some sampling and testing and do some of their labs and stuff back here. But it's also perfect. If you'd like to come back with your friends, our If you'd just like to come back here on the run or anything, they have a few different paths that you can follow. But there is one main path. The bio trail also passes over this creek a few times, so I know that some people like to come out here fishing or, if you're brave enough, some people might even go swimming in here. Uh, right now, it's a little bit dried up because we haven't had too much rain recently, but it does get pretty deep way back there. If you kind of walked through the woods a little bit, there's actually an island that some people really like to go and sit on and just tan or hang out their friends or whatever. So that's kind of something to try to find. If you ever come here, there are a few picnic tables, and there's a few trash cans and stuff back here. So they really try to encourage you not to leave your trash around and just pick up after yourself so you can try to keep it clean. Farther back the trail that actually leads to a little labyrinth, which has one of those little boxes that you kind of stop and put something in or they have a little book. You consigned her name and stuff and also a little bit further than that. There's also a campsite that there's a guy whose property connects to this, and he lets you use the campfire if you'd like. You just have to kind of call him ahead of time and hell, even like drop off wood and everything that you need. So if you and a few friends want to go back there and check that out, it's definitely an option Oh, here and with the essence. The entrepreneurial center meeting that we have every few weeks on my favorite part of these meetings is that my favorite Professor Gaber, always gets us pizza, so that's really nice. They want to wait a lot more here, but it's I just wanted to mention a few more things about the Westminster Club that I'm a part of. It's actually really meet programme that was just started this semester by that professor that I just showed you. And it's basically anyone, any student that is interested in maybe starting their own company or even has sort of something in the works right now to kind of get together and kind of learn different things. And we're all assigned different teams and we his teams, where are them working on different projects? And the team that I'm on is actually working on opening a store online, that we're going to sell anything that current students or alumni of Westminster, anything that they have or and they make, or they just, like, wanna sell. We're gonna try to create some sort of online space for them to kind of cohesively do that, and so that way that other Westminster affiliated people are able to So this is the largest stadium that we have here at Westminster, and this is where all the football players have their games. All the soccer players, um, track has their truck meets here. And there's this big, nice set of bleachers here for any parents and spectators that like to come and watch behind me. We're on campus. There are a few other practice fields, and there's a different feel that the softball team uses. But there's actually a game going on here right now, which is pretty neat. And I really like this spot around campus because you can see the lake perfectly from behind, which I just think it's really beautiful, right? We started me. Here is a victory bell, and this, though we Hughes for whenever different teams Westminster teams win a game or a match or meat or whatever wearing this belt, Teo celebrate our victory. This is the Titan softball field, which is where the softball team has all their practices and games and everything like that. And behind this field here, there's a small Patrick grass, which is where the ultimate Frisbee team actually meets every single day, just kind of hang out and have fun with each other and throw the Frisbee around. This is the main tennis courts that we have your own campus for all the tennis players come to for their practices and games back here behind the lake, there's a few more practice fields for lacrosse or soccer pretty much anything that needs additional field to get some practice in. And I know the band also uses this area to kind of get some of their performances ready and just different stuff like this on one. Nice thing about this is it has a really pretty view of the league and also a few of the so this is definitely one of the hidden gems here on campus. It's actually not connected to Westminster at all, but it's in the town of New Wilmington, but an artist pain this a few years ago and basic just like a little shed. Their is a farmer's market that's here in the spring and summer, on the weekends that local Amish families and farmers are able to sell some of their fresh produce and food. So it's really need. It's nice to kind of come here and do some shopping when it gets warmer. right now we're standing in the middle of campus. You can basically see everything from where we are right now. Right ahead of us is old seventy seven, which is one of Jim's, and behind it to its left is Iike an hour, which is the building that I live in. Over here, to our right is Ferguson Hall, which is where all the sortie lemon lived. And further to our right is the library, and they're open all day, every day so you can go. Always go there to get some studying done. And then right there is Old Main, which houses a few classrooms and different administrative offices, stuff like that, and write off Teo the right of old Maine. You can kind of see the admissions house, so that's a role of prospective students will go to meet their missions, counselors and just anything like that. Here, to your right again is the tub, and that is where there's a lot of meeting stuff like that. Connected to the back of the tub, which is also called the McKelvey Campus Center, is Thompson Clark, which has different classrooms and offices for some of the department. Now ahead of us. Very far off is one of the auditorium's, which is also connected to Patterson Hall, which is connected to another one of the auditoriums where theater has their different productions. And then over. Here is where there are two different residence halls and the two holes connect in the middle by Duff, which is one of the places you can eat on campus, and the Titan Club, which is open at night for dinner and just snacks, things like that. you were standing in front of Old Main, and this is where graduation takes place, and it is rumored that you aren't supposed to walk across this main terrorist area or else you won't graduate in four years or so. If you ever come here to visit, or if you end up coming here, just keep that in mind. If you want to graduate in four years, don't be walking across it. And also over here, there's kind of a few little coves and stuff, which is where a lot of people like to come to get pictures. It's just really pretty, especially in the spring. Once the flowers and the trees bloom, there's a lot of just pretty flowers, and it is a really gorgeous area. And of course you can see the rest of campus just standing right here in this spot. There's two gyms here on campus. This is the first one old seventy seven. It's a little bit older, but has everything that you need if you're looking for kind of a light workout, or if you're not as intense as some of the other athletes and stuff that like to use the bigger Jim at the bottom with the campus. I'm here with my friend. Hi, I'm Abby and she definitely works out a lot more than me, So she's gonna kind of help us show us around. So there's two levels. First, one has Major that there's a lot of export center playing basketball. Dodgeball. Those troops shoot this one first. So as you can see here behind me, this chin's a little bit smaller. Has all your basic treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, that sort of thing. And then over here in this room, it's pretty much the room that you can hang up your jackets and stop her if you like. You are stretching also at the bottom of old seventy seven. There's this really nice dance studio, which they used for different yoga classes, different dance types of things that they have, and we even have this really cool thing called dance theater, which each semester they put on a really cool show just for the campus, and it's pretty neat to go on watch and see all your friends This is Thompson Clark. This is where the business Doberman is, along with the English Department of Theater, and a few other departments are all kind of shoved in here. This is also even come if you're ever having help with class or one help studying or even just want someone to read over your paper, they have tutors and ten people in there like that that are you gonna help me with everything? So I wouldn't say there's about two different types of classrooms here. Toms and Clark. This is one of the first ones. It has a stadium seating and nice white board and a smart board as well for the teachers to use. This is an example of one of the conference style rooms here in tossing Cork Way. Actually have some meetings in here, part of the Western Suraj for Neural Center. And that's where we always have a meeting. So it's just really nice to sit and talk to each other, kind of collaboratively seeking all, hear each other and have a good conversation about stuff. And this year we just found out, actually, that they'LL be doing a lot of different renovations in here I actually made this poster, so I'm pretty proud of myself. But it'LL be really exciting to kind of have a new upgraded looking here because this is definitely one of the older buildings on campus, especially when it comes to academic building. So it will be nice to kind of have a new fresh looking here over here, a second classroom and just basic seating here. Whiteboards surrounding rooms. Great. This is another example of the back. This is almost always lots to come. Here were once something. Here's dessert. sports here at Westminster College are definitely very popular. Were RG three school So school offers just about every sport that you can think of. Really, I would say at least fifty percent of the students here were involved with some sort of sport or currently involved in some sort of sport. And all of our sports teams do really well, um, I know that there's a lot of kids actually come to Westminster just that they can continue their sport from high school, which I think is just a great opportunity. And even though we might not have huge game days like some of the bigger schools Dio, we all definitely tried to show up and support our fellow students and friends at their different meats and events that they have here on campus. And it's also important to mention that all the student athletes really good good grades and they're really involved with a lot of different things. I think that's something that Westminster really excels in is pushing its students to still do well academically while playing a sport and being involved in a bunch of different things. So the student athletes have a ton of resource is on their hands, like tutors and study hours, stuff like that, just to make sure that they're still keeping up with their schoolwork and stuff, Um, and just doing well all around and that they're not becoming too overwhelmed by all their games and practices and stuff. We're on the lake today, and this is definitely one of my favorite spots on campus. It's just really nice and lakes, actually a lot bigger than you would think. Um, and you can pretty much see a lot of campus from here. There is the amphitheater over there. Sometimes they help hold little. Concerts are different markets and stuff in there on you can try to see the townhouses and then to the right there is the Russell dorm building, which is another one of the freshman dorm halls. Um, and it's actually right back here, connected to the baseball field on the track and football field. Uh, semesters ago, I actually took a canoeing class. So once a week we would come out here and just do some canoeing for, like, an hour and a half, and that was really nice. It's just a different way kind of. Spend your morning and get your day started. Even there, you can kind of see someone pretty far off in the distance getting some canoeing in. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Just wait. this's the Westminster Invitational. There are about fifteen different colleges that come to Westminster to compete in this invitational for track and field, and it's basically a really big deal. I know a track and field players get very excited about this and something they always look forward to. So I thought I'd stop by today and just social sport and see what's going on.