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this's stuff. This is the only place on campus that you use your meal swipes can that I'm on. We have find me also sweet, like five or six hundred dollars a semester, so it is super manageable. So I try to come here like four or five times a week. It's all you can eat pretty much see it as much as you want. You do have a pretty good food, and they would like to try to keep a variety. They also like cereal, a salad bar. If you're just kind of looking for something, Little is well, you're also a very good ice cream here, so that sort of something, I always look forward. Teo and they even have, like a little healthy station that serves like gluten free. Another, like allergies, special type So tonight we're at the Titan Club, which is actually connected to one the other dining halls on campus. And here you can get pretty much anything from burgers, toe mozzarella sticks. Pretty much anything that you could imagine I have. I don't know what I want. Thank you. Tonight we're at the Titan Club, and I really like this place because it's open every night from like five eleven Saturdays. I think they're open a little bit later, and they have pretty much everything that you could think of, from burgers to mozzarella sticks, fried cheese, Mac and cheese for sure. OK, and it's basically this one of the best places on campus, D, I think. Thank you. My friend Taylor really likes her milk shakes. I can't forget that way. Will your person through? I can't forget that way. Yes, my surprise me. A lesson in a magic way Whatever you like. Wait. Wait. I can't forget that way. Everything in its way. You're so wet.