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Weekend Life | Campus Tour 2019

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This Westminster College PA Campus Tour was taken at Theta Chi Fraternity House.


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Ellen Greene
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Westminster is definitely not a party school, however that doesn't mean we don't have fun. Being that we're located in the middle of nowhere, there is not a 'bar-scene', unless you're willing to drive at least 25 minutes (there's no ubers out here, so I don't recommend it). But for those who are 21, there's a nice brewery/winery in town that students like going to, which has live music and even paint and sips sometimes. The normal move on the weekends is to go to a fraternity or a house party, which are safe and fun, and within a few minute-walking distance. Or, you can always stay in with your friends, grab a late dinner somewhere, or go to the movies that the campus shows multiple times over the weekend!