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Goodbye for now!

Sarah explains the campus community and covenant before saying goodbye.

Video Location Wheaton College

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Sarah Spacek
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This was created by I'm one of the art classes on campus last year, so they each broke all the different pieces off the rocks and they placed it one piece of time and all cannot seem to get a full view of this mosaic. Yeah, so that is a wrap of our time here at weaving together and and just want to say this place is really special. You can really feel it in the atmosphere of campus in the way people interact with one another. One of the things that is commonly said by students is that we love each other well on and just the body as a whole is really good at noticing when people are hurting or noticing when people need a little more care and love them. And one other thing I would say is know about the Covenant and read about that, especially if you're applying. So that means way won't drink alcohol on DH. It's way don't have sex here on campus and different things like that that we just agree as a community Teo abstain from not necessarily because all that sinful, but just so we have a really close communities of people who do struggle with things like that aren't feeling tempted. So if you decide to come to Wheaton, which I hope you d'oh read the Covenant first because when you get here, you are expected to stand to it, and it's not hard to do, especially when all of your friends were doing it. If you if you think that that's not something you Khun Dio, then yeah, maybe maybe look into it a little bit more. Don't come here if you can't do that because it can be really good to challenge yourself like that. If you're looking to have a really wild party scene, maybe this isn't the place for you. That being said the community here completely makes up for in my opinion, I have not felt a laugh of socializing or anything like that because of the Covenant. I think it's a really a great thing that the campus has to keep each other responsible. Yeah, that's I think the last thing I want to say other than I hope you all have enjoyed seeing around campus.