Radio/Audio Broadcaster - Fun, Part-time & On-Campus Job

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Radio/Audio Broadcaster - Fun, Part-time & On-Campus Job

The average management intern will earn between $4,000 - 40,000 this summer based on performance.

Current students at Andrews: We are looking for passionate college students who are friendly conversationalists and want to become radio or talk show broadcasters to host live shows on our platform. This job can be performed remotely from Berrien Springs.

You are experienced with radio hosting, creating YouTube content, or live-streaming on sites/apps such as Instagram, Twitch and LiveMe. You can host live shows about topics you are interested in; for example, life stories, college experiences, books/poems, music, TV Shows, movies, or anime. You are more than welcome to sing or play instruments as well. Our goal here is to be able to engage with the listeners and create a fun, interactive space for users to share their voice and story. Remember, you don’t have to put on makeup or have cameras ready. Tin Can is voice only!


$10-12 / hour based salary. You will be able to earn more with our tipping system. The more you engage with your listeners, the more likely they will purchase virtual stickers and send them to you. You will then be able to cash out the virtual stickers you’ve received and keep the tips!

Time commitment:

At least 1-2 hours between 8 PM to 1 AM on Thursday to Saturday.

This job is completely remote! You are free to host a live show at your most comfortable setting and time without worrying about how you look. All we ask is that you are in a quiet space with minimal background noises during work hours. After interviews, we will conduct live tests and give adequate training in order to ensure that you will become an amiable Tin Caster.

Feel free to visit our website: & our Instagram @talk2tincan

About us:

We are a small nuclear team who wanted to share the magic of audio to the rest of the world through Tin Can, a live audio streaming app that caters to creators from all walks of life. As the developers of a user-centered platform, we strongly believe in bringing in and engaging with everybody who wants to share their thoughts and experiences with their own voice.

  • Base salary: $10 - 15 hour
  • Date posted: 2020-03-04
  • Organization: Tin Can App (near Andrews)
  • Employment type: Part Time
  • Location: 4150 Administration Drive Room 136, Berrien Springs, MI, 49104