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This free GPA calculator allows you to easily calculate your grade point average, without requiring sign up or registration.

Follow the below steps to accurately calculate your GPA.

Step 1: Your GPA is calculated by adding up all the grade points you have earned, and dividing by the total amount of credit hours earned.

Step 2: The chart below demonstrates how each letter grade corresponds to a certain grade point. The calculator above automatically converts each letter grade into grade points for your convenience.

Step 3: Credit hours vary from class to class. For example, a normal class at a university may be worth 4 credits, while a part-time class is worth 2 credits. This means the part-time class will have less of an effect on your GPA than the full-time class.

Step 4: Enter a letter grade for each class you want to include in your calculation, the classes corresponding number of credits.

Step 5: Submit the classes and credits to automatically generate your GPA.

All of this calculating makes me wonder… Does your GPA matter?

Please remember that you are not your GPA - or your test scores for that matter.

It is useful to understand your GPA to understand how you are performing academically compared to your peers, what colleges you should consider applying to, or how you rank at your current college.

High school and college GPAs tend to be more important because they play a role in determining the colleges and jobs you apply for. However, there is no correlation between GPA and happiness or life outcomes - the most important metrics of all!

Please use this GPA calculator to determine your grade point average and how you can improve as a student.

Note this GPA calculator uses the below grade scale:

A+ 4.33
A 4.00
A- 3.70
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.70
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.70
B+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- 0.70
F 0.00