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University of Vermont Sample #1
UVM partners with CampusReel to generate hundreds of videos like the one above.
This content is exactly what we need
Colgate University Sample #1
Colgate partners with CampusReel to scale video creation and put their students at the forefront of their brand.
We love the simplicity of creating tours and videos
Bloomsburg University Sample #1
Bloomsburg partners with CampusReel to power its video generation capabilities and drive inquiry generation.
CampusReel is a core piece of our content strategy.

Unlimited Virtual Tours

CampusReel moves universities from one-size-fits-all virtual tours to deeply customized videos, tours and experiences. Should an in-state applicant, international applicant, engineering prospect, and English major all receive the same virtual tour? By creating videos and virtual tours at scale, we put the right content in front of the right student at the right time.

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Tour Creatorn
Virtual Immersion

Virtual Immersion

By integrating directly with Google Maps and Google Streetview, CampusReel automatically generates the most engaging, walk-through, immersive experience of your campus. Rather than sending expensive videographers to campus to take 360 images, and bringing them back every time the campus changes, CampusReel makes use of existing data on Google to create adaptable, flexible and deeply customized immersive experiences.

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Our partners

Video Partner Network

CampusReel owns and operates the video pipeline in college search. Your CampusReel will reach and impact viewers of your college profile across our 10 partner sites.

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We Change the Way Colleges Recruit Students

CampusReel works with four year undergraduate colleges, graduate programs, and community colleges to turbocharge their video recruitment capabilities.

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