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    This free college chances tool calculates your acceptance chances at thousands of universities.

    Please note all chances are estimates based on test score and GPA averages.

    *or select a school above for a specific calculation

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    How to Calculate Your College Acceptance Chances?

    CampusReel’s college acceptance and admissions calculator uses up-to-date acceptance and enrollment numbers, GPAs and test scores to accurately predict your likelihood of acceptance at more than 2,000 colleges across the country. We’d like to emphasize that the results of this calculator, and any other admissions prediction tool, should be taken with a grain of salt - these types of tools solely rely on concrete numbers and data, which only makes up a fraction of your college application. We cannot take into account the strength of your extracurriculars, interview skills, teacher recommendations and other criteria that factor into a college’s admission decision.

    In spite of the data drawbacks mentioned above, this college admissions calculator does a stellar job at helping you to understand your competitiveness for acceptance at a college given your academic performance. In general, the predictor can help determine if a school is a far reach, reach, possible or safety school for free.

    To calculate your chance of acceptance, enter your GPA and SAT or ACT scores into the tool. You do not need to provide both SAT and ACT, so select whichever test you did best in. In you use the calculator from this main page, the resulting output will be a table containing your chance of acceptance at every college in the country, sorted alphabetically. These columns are sortable by school name and probability.

    To calculate your chances at a specific college, type the school name in the dropdown menu either on this page or the results page.

    Are College Chances Calculators Accurate?

    As discussed above, the results of these types of tools should be taken lightly. These results by no means imply acceptance or rejection at any college, but rather should be used to guide you in creating a well-rounded list of reach, target and safety schools. The results also help you visualize where you stand compared to other applicants.

    Is this college admissions calculator free?

    Yes, CampusReel’s college admissions calculator does not cost anything to use. Furthermore, sign ups are not required.

    What are your chances of getting into college?

    One reason I love the CampusReel college chances calculator is because it demonstrates that anyone can get into college, regardless of test scores and GPAs. To easily find colleges that will accept your SAT, ACT and GPA, enter them into the calculator above. In the resulting table click the “Chance of Acceptance” column and sort from greatest to smallest. You will instantly see all the colleges that you have greater than 90% chance of acceptance at.