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The biggest benefit of being a CampusReel partner so far has been the ability to streamline on-boarding, training, and quality content creation with students of all technical backgrounds and skill levels. The platform has broken down barriers for many students to be able to share their authentic experience without ever having picked up editing software before. In addition to the ease of use, I appreciate the built-in viewership the platform provides us with prospective student users, partner network placements, and the ability to embed tours on our official university site.

Elise Miklich Enrollment Marketing Specialist

You have given real students in real time the ability to bring Springfield College to life virtually and through meaningful video content. There is no better storyteller or ambassador for a college than its students so it has really helped shine a light on that student to student interaction. We truly feel like partners through the whole process rather than just one of their clients.

Deleney Maggofin Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

If a photo says a thousand words, then a video says a million (seems like an accurate estimation, lol). We needed to bridge the gap between our campus life and students and prospective audiences, while working around our own limitations with video production. CampusReel has given us that ability and the tools to scale our video production process quickly.

Tom Kresch Associate Director of Communications

CampusReel has allowed us to keep producing new videos in a time when filming ourselves would of been difficult/impossible...The CampusReel team has been wonderful to work with! Great experience overall.

Kelsey Nicholson Assistant Director of Digital Marketing

Students who are viewing our videos have been matched with students in our CRM so it is working at getting students interested in WSU.

Randi Niehenke Associate Director of Admissions

The biggest benefit is the scale, we are able to get so many more videos with the help of this platform and with customer service taking the reigns and the hands-off nature of it from our end.

Olivia D'Onofrio Marketing Manager

It has helped us increase our video output without having to hire production teams. We are able to add a variety of videos to our website and also to our other platforms which is especially helpful when prospective students aren't able to come to campus to meet us.

Lauren Spagnoletti Marketing Consultant

Allows us to fill content holes and to add a LOT more videos from student's perspective. We use a lot of CampusReel videos on our YouTube channel.

Aimee Frost Digital Recruitment Specialist

An End-to-End Video Solution

Our video generation engine creates engaging content, at scale, at a fraction of the price of traditional video content. CampusReel turns your students into storytellers and creates authentic, student-made videos.

Turbocharge Video Content

Create more video content in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost as traditional video - with more engaging results.

Video CMS

Easily manage, organize and syndicate videos across CampusReel, our partner network, and your own website.

Measurable ROI

Understand how your videos drive recruitment, enrollment and reach.

Adopting Video Recruitment

CampusReel enables universities and programs to scale video content seamlessly while driving quality data and viewership.

Before CampusReel

After CampusReel

Not Enough Video

Gen. Z requires more video than ever. They expect large quantities of video to consume based on their specific interests, but are left with generic videos that don’t cater to their needs.

Deep, Diversified Video Library

Turbocharge video generation from multiple student perspectives with our automated, streamlined creation platform.

Unclear ROI on Video

Measuring your video ROI is crucial for understanding your video recruitment approach. A survey of nearly 100 CampusReel clients found that 50% previously had no way to measure video ROI.

Measurable ROI

Understand who is watching your content, how and where they engage with it, and better understand how to invest your video budget.

Generic Video Experiences

Every prospective student is different. They have different backgrounds, interests and needs. Despite these differences, most universities show the same content to every student.

Customized Video Experiences

Put the right video in front of the right student at the right time. By generating vast amounts of video content, universities can create tailored video experiences based on each prospect's interests and background.

Too Expensive

Traditional video approaches are so expensive it is difficult to scale video generation and creation.

Cost-Effective Video Generation

CampusReel reduces the average cost per video by more than 90% while simultaneously increasing engagement, viewership and reach.

Too Time-Consuming

Traditional video projects take months to develop. Often the content is outdated before it’s even finished. Universities need to create timely content rapidly and consistently.

Rapid Content Creation

CampusReel develops more video content in a fraction of the time of traditional video creation. Within weeks and with minimal effort, our content engine generates vast amounts of videos speaking to all different audiences and topics.

... and many other leading programs!

More Success Stories

The biggest benefit is the scale, we are able to get so many more videos with the help of this platform and with customer service taking the reins and the hands-off nature of it from our end...It has given us a wealth of amazing content that we couldn't have produced in the timeframe.

Olivia D’Onfrio Marketing Manager

This is just another way that we can showcase our program in a more personal setting. Because of Covid restrictions, we have not been able to bring students to campus, and meet them in person. CampusReel helps us create video content that is personal, and current, and exactly what a prospective student is looking for in a future MBA program. I'm someone who would rather watch a video than read a program brochure. CampusReel truly brings our program/website/brochures to life.

Colleen Pagnani Recruiting & Admissions Coordinator

Customer service has been great...Allows us to have quality videos about our campus that are done by students in their own words. This is a message how the student feels about campus and through their eyes. These are the most powerful messages prospective students can receive.

Juan Perez Director of Admissions

CampusReel gives our videos purpose. Our students can post whatever they think is engaging and useful without needing us to have a mission or pitch it to creators. Then, we can use their content, bypassing the exhausting "would you like to be in a promotional video" emails to dozens of students.

Luiza Macedo Social Media Specialist

It's been phenomenal! [CampusReel] has alleviated my workload as I no longer have to create video content on my own...It allows prospective students to hear from real current students - an experience that as staff members we can't sell.

Mabel Perez International Outreach and Admissions Coordinator

The opportunity to use these videos in our recruitment and fundraising efforts is amazing. There is really no limit to what we can use these videos for.

Jenny Schlender Marketing & Communications Director

The platforms that the videos have made it to is the biggest benefit for us. Being able to put up content in front of someone without them having to specifically go looking for it is a big boost.

Ian Capozzoli Admissions Counselor

Providing visual, video content that's authentic & student-driven... allowing our guides to feel ownership again of the story of Hampshire; and, hopefully, allowing prospective visitors the chance to at least see parts of the college we couldn't offer during our lockdown.

Michael Montgomery Associate Director of Admissions

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