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Are you a future or current college student interested in exploring band scholarships? Trying to find ALL the different marching band scholarships and vocal grants? Feeling like you could be the next Nick Cannon in Drumline, but don't know how to find band scholarships? You may or may not be aware that there are TONS of different marching band scholarships, full ride band scholarhips, and band scholarhips for high school seniors... theres even a school band and orchestra magazine scholarship or two...so it's important that you weigh all your options carefully to determine which band scholarships are right for you. For many students, college marching band scholarships are the only way to finance college. If you are a talented band member trying to find the best band scholarships or looking for band scholarships for high school seniors, the following directory is for you! CampusReel's Scholarship Directory provides you with the most worthwhile marching band scholarships, full ride band scholarships, band scholarships for high school seniors, and any other band scholarships we think you should know about. We suggest that you look through all of the marching band scholarships listed below, and make a list of the pros and cons of each. Once you have identified the four or five band scholarships best suited to your specific needs, it's time to sit down with your family and counselor to determine which to apply to. Good luck, band members!!

How much total award money and scholarships are available for Band students?

There are 1534 scholarships totaling $1,500.00 available to Band students. You can easily browse through all 1534 scholarships below.

How many scholarships are available for Band students?

1534 are available for Band students.

How can you get Band scholarships?

Each scholarship has different criteria and requirements for applicants. You can easily browse the each Band scholarships by clicking to view its details. From the details page you’ll be able to find the application link.

John and Bettie Meadows Scholarship
University of Montevallo
Applicants must be incoming freshmen at University of Montevallo and graduates of McAdory High School. Students must have an above average ACT score for Montevallo freshmen. Preference given to band students and athletes.
March 1
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