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okay. My favorite part of the campus is Global Village. There's a few reasons why I would say it's my favorite one of the newer parts of campus. It wasn't built with bricks. It looks different than the rest of campus has. Definitely a more modern field. And what? It's nice outside. There's a lot of outdoor places you can say you can sit on the field that goes up to this alone center, or there's a nickname for a toilet bowl. There is like a patio above sorcery. That's a good place to sit there, steps that lead up to the little village apartments. There's there's a fireplace there, sitting all around that, and then they're seating away, down when you're walking down, right pass, assign global outdoors, and it's really nice when the weather's nice, which is not very did in Rochester. There's not a lot of sun. Most of the time. It's mainly just gloomy and cold, but occasionally there is a nice guy when you get to see outside, especially when you first get here in August time. That's probably what you guys are the most, because by the time the weather gets nice and made we're leaving anyways. Global. There's also. So there's the Simone Center next to that. On top of self Serena's, there's a place for you on the bottom. There is. It's the honors program offices and the study abroad office in the city about office also happens to be. She's a part of the division of diversity and inclusion, but she's located over. Their name isn't a fool, and she's the leader of the Future Students program. So I spent a good amount of time over there. That's where you are. Yeah, once just a nice place on campus. They also have the only place you can really get international foods. It's called the market, so if you're looking, there's mainly Asian foods. There's, like Hispanic Section section. But if you're looking for things that you cannot find here that you're used to at home for me, like there's these drinks called cutting those you can't really find them. And most places in Rochester. But they do have their plus on certain days of the week. They have company coming in the cell bobo that you could buy with your dieting dollars, so that's So we're in front of my favorite academic building, which is my college building. It's called Max one Thal Building with twelve. No one really goes based off of that, but it's the Saunders College of Business, the It's one of the smaller colleges on campus. I think this college and then the College of Liberal Arts are two smallest colleges on campus. Building itself isn't that big. It's two stories, and then there's a basement kind of. It's a weird half story where the offices are on the first floor. There is a lab right there. Then there's another lab in the back classrooms all around multipurpose room. On the bottom. There is a dip and it goes down. That's where you'LL find your academic advisers. Those type of offices air down there on the second floor. There's more classrooms, another lab. I think there's a lecture hall on the second floor, along with the first floor. There's different rooms for different things. Some classes are more lecture base, so you are going to be in that type of setting where it's a lot of kids in one room and you're all listening to someone lecture A lot of them are discussion based just because it is business. You have to develop those people skills. So you're gonna work in groups really often classrooms. They're going to be set up for that. I'll probably show examples of each of those classrooms in the building itself, though there's a lot of natural light, and I appreciate that. I really like sunlight, and it's right next to the bus does pro tip. If you're on campus, it is going to snow. For most of the year, it's gonna be really cooled, and you're not gonna want to go to class a way to get yourself to class. That is especially convenient for me because the bus stop is right there is that the buses they run from Most are housing places. There's some other housing places that have their own buses that'LL come on campus. But this called police in circle. It's the main bus stop that's on academic side on dorm side, where Kate Gleason Hall is right outside of that, there's gonna bust up right there. If you have the app and you download it, just check the bus schedule on kind of understand what it's going to come in relation to your classes because then it only takes four minutes for you to ride the bus over here rather than like ten to fifteen minutes walking in the cold. You're more likely to go to class and you get to class faster. It's a great thing to Dio. I started doing it second semester, but I wish you would have done it first semester, especially when I started getting cold, because you lose that motivation to get to class when it's no and especially the way they are. It is built because it's all brick buildings and create wind tunnels and the cold isn't as bad as the wind. The wind is what is painful and terrible and not fun. Yeah, the workload that you have depending on your major, depending on your college, it really depends on what you're doing. You're taking a mouth course. There's gonna be a lot of homework without a lot of practice because there's no other way that you really practice that some courses you're spending the entire year making a major project you presented at the end of the year. You spent the entire semester working on it. Obscure projects, individual it really depends on the classes that you're taking. So you have to look into what that course work is going to be. That like Ford those classes. So look into the major that you want. Todo si What courses are necessary? Look at those classes. Look around. Great. My professor is always a great tool, all right. He has their own version of that called open evils, which is another good resource. But obviously the mainstream is great. My professor. Make sure you look at that. That's important. Your professor can make or break a class. That's all I really have to say about it. Favorite academic building. So just looking. So this is one of the labs in the building for looking well that this is politics. There is that cool? Thanks. That's no sets people like to look at. I think it's kind of just wait. The floor's kind of don't make sense. So we're on the ground level. This dip sounds or stairs that goes down. That's where the academic advises. Are those type of offices on the second they're ISS. More office is right. so this would be a typical classroom for a lecture style class. My clothes experience in lectures. Because even though this is a lecture style class, this is definitely a smaller lecture classroom that you would find it compared to the College of Science or something like that. Even within lectures in the college of business, it's still smaller. Not as many people. My experience is over bowl been good. I don't mind the classrooms with the way that they're set up. I feel like they're well lit. That's really important to me having good lighting in a classroom. Because if there is not, if it's a dim, I will fall asleep. Um, lecture classes or electric classes. There's not really much to say about that. It's mainly figuring out the best way that you can be engaged in a lecture, and you will have better professors again. That's why it's important to look into your professors and choose a good professor for yourself, even though it doesn't let you pick your courses for the first semester. Think about what you're going to take, who you would want to take it with for your second semester, spent your first semester researching. But whatever my packet said, it's gonna be different from what your packet said. It does change you, dear, the year that's around the same numbers. Apparently, now it's twelve to one student faculty, which is not bad. You can't get that attention. But even if you are in a big class where it's a lot of students to that what, Professor, not everyone is usual utilizing those office hours. So if you really want to have that one on one time, that connection with your professor going off saris would be the way to do that. Um, my relationship with professors is not necessarily close in any way. I'm closer to people better within the division for diversity and inclusion. I came here during the summer program with them, so I've gotten close to the mentor. I've been assigned to that and the different programs that they have available for me. But that's just me. If you are within Saunders, I know a lot of people get close to faculty through office hours. You also have the option of doing the business fraternity. It's coed. That's a huge thing, that people will be involved. Besides that, it's really any. No matter what school you're going, Tio, it's honestly what you make of your situation. If you wanna have that relationship with your Professor Yoo, I have to put in the effort to go to their office hours, talk to them and build a relationship. It's not gonna happen just naturally. Maybe you'LL get lucky and it will. But most likely it won't. Any situation is what you make out of it. There's going to be about happening. It's your choice to attend. Those events are not, but they will offer them. It's going to be available to you. That's what I say about this classroom. We can look at a discussion style. This is a more of a discussion style classroom, so there is the TV's on each thing than the main projectors. When you're sitting at a table, you don't have to crank your neck back to look at whatever's being presented. But most of the time you're not watching your presentation. Anyways. This classroom is set up for group work conversation discussion. I had a business card. I had a business course in this class where we worked on a business plan. It was kind of year long, which was actually, it was a lot of fun. There was a lot learned in that class, and I had a great professor. So I did enjoy that, and being in this classroom was a good experience. I think again, with the lighting, there's a lot of like that comes in along with natural light. And then there's the outdoor seating areas. You could come early to work on things. Have you had to meet with your group early? You have the option to come really mark on things in a really convenient place, going into discussion based courses again. It depends on what you're taking, why you're taking it. What you're going to get out of it is what you put into it, especially with improved projects you can. It's not as bad doing group projects in this setting, I found, because professors hold everybody accountable and you do great your peers on their participation. So people are very honest and they will say if you did not contribute and you also have the chance to save someone else didn't contribute you'LL get credit where credit is due and that's something that I also appreciate cause group projects can't be complicated. If you're ever in an issue with that, make sure you talk to your professor. Because I did kind of have some problems in the beginning of the semester going into the group project and finishing it off. But we sat with the professor, talked about it during your office hours not really fixed the problem. You're able tto go into the rest of the semester and complete the course. Utilize officers basically go to class. You know yourself. I don't know. You do what works for you. I'm gonna go ahead and give you a tour of my room. I am in a pretty fortunate kind of unfortunate situation where my roommate actually moved out around spring break. So I have had this room to myself for a while. That kind of is fortunate because it gives me the ability to show you what everything looks like when you get here and plus but it looks like filled with all of my things. I'll start probably right here in the entrance. I probably gonna have the camera like this for most of the duration. Just so you I can see everything but you'LL hear my voice. So here I have your door will have a mirror on it. This I brought myself. It's been really helpful. I have a few things thinking on there right now, But even then you can just use command trips. That's not really necessary because these bars right here are technically meant for that. These are total racks on mine. I have my who's Carson ads because it is cold here. Haven't been using them recently since it's gotten into winter time. I'll give you an overview of what my side looks like, filled with things everywhere. And then I'll show you this empty side of the room so you can see what you'LL have Teo use once you are here available to You have a lot of things on this side because when you don't have a roommate, you do have the ability to move your stuff on that side unless you get a room. But you have to give it back. But for the purposes of this video, I moved a lot of stuff back. But I originally like head all of my make up on the table and stuff, but my side of the room it's just filled with these things. So when you come in, you come to already Sorry that the window is open, we're on the first floor, but when you come to or if you have a room like my double, you have this bag. We aren't allowed to loftier beds unless you're in a over occupied room. There's certain things that qualify you to be ableto loft your bed, but we weren't allowed to locked our beds. You'LL get some pieces of furniture so you'll have a desk, a chair, the bed this little George right here on the bottom, and then you'LL have this dresser. Then there are these built in shelves. There's a record there for hangers or pole right there for hangers, empty shelves, plus a recycling bin and then Trustman. So that's the basics of what you will be given. Getting into each piece of furniture just like tips that I would have the dust underneath has this shelf right here. That's a lot of people do not utilize. I use it to store books and different just school supplies that I don't need to have on my desk all the time. Storage a storage and there's not a lot of space. So I would recommend using that under here stored right there because we couldn't use them. The bets come with the bed rails that I don't really know what they're supposed to do, but they kind of just get in the way so most people will put them under the bed and store them there. When you have this, people use it for supplies. Some people use it for closed. People will keep sacks in the bottom drawer because it's bigger. You can keep that under your bed, put it next to your desk. It's up to you. What you do with that. I personally took it and I connected it to my mother does. To make a kind of El desk type of situation is a lot of stuff going on there. Over here, you will get this. You can move this out on decided in here just to be out of the way on my side. It's out of the closet because I have things hanging up in the closet, but you have three smaller drawers on the dresser, two big drawers. I did not have problems fitting all of my clothes, but I might. Just not having any clothes is a lot of people do. A lot of people have a lot of loving for the outlets. There are outlets along this. There's form his panels along each wall. So is a panel here, a panel here and then a panel there in a panel further along, Here's a window. We have a window that's on our with any dorm that you live in. There's ways rules that you have to follow. So along the rules about the wall on everything they're certain appliances that you can and can't have certain type of lights that you can and can't have. Um, but even then, when you're moving in, especially if you were coming from somewhere, that's far away, don't be too concerned about getting things like fridges, those kind of large appliances that you want to buy for the year because a lot of the times when is that happening is that you only really use it for your freshman year. And then after that you get rid of it. All right. He has a thing called Goodbye Goodbye. At the end of every year, they collect all of the usable items that people throw out shower caddies, fridges, monitors. They throw a lot of good, usable things. They collect them off. It's an effort to be sustainable green and also provide this to their students and honestly is probably cheaper to just buy a fridge from Goodbye, goodbye, Then bring your own mini fridge. It would take up a lot less space. They have a base price. They do their big sale at the beginning of the year and they have a base price for everything. So it's really first come first, serve on the better items because the way that they was prices, it's like, Okay, all fridges are all small Verges, they're twenty dollars a large bridges of thirty dollars. Something of that sort and everything is really cheap. So I would recommend utilizing good. Got good bye good bye to get those items so you don't have to worry about traveling with them and bringing them here. Um, so that's just a piece of advice that could be useful to you. Hey, guys. So I'm just kind of kind of go over a little bit of some frequently asked questions and some things that I wish that I knew prior to coming here. So the first thing that I'm going to talk about is the co op program minority. So if you are one of many majors, you're gonna be required to spend a year on Coop. My major actually does not have a requirement for Coop because it is in this college, but magic arts and sciences. But I know that a lot of people in, like engineering and a lot of people in biomedical sciences or anything like that, they're required to do one. This is a super helpful resource because it often times I hear leads to so many job opportunities for students that go here on DH. Even if you are student of the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences and you're not required to do and come up. There are so many professors and there are so many people who encourage you to still do internships, and there are re sources and counselors you can go to to help you find those internships and to help aid with funding and everything that you need for those internships. So I think that that's a really big part of our tear is like learning from experience and going on to the field prior to other people and getting that experience. So that's just something that's like kind of a super hot topic for anybody. It's like interested in the school because it's such a big part of our tea. Another thing that I was gonna talk about is Thie Area of Rochester. Before coming here, I really didn't know that much, even on Lee, from being like an hour away, I kind of wish I knew about how many kind of like, niche, cool things happened here, I think, because it's not like one of those conventionally large cities. People think like there's nothing going on. But just because we have, like four colleges in the area and we have still, like a busing community of young people and older people living in Rochester, there are so many like different events and kind of like community things that happen, like for interest. This really big thing that happens in the fall. Um, I went swing dancing one time like out of German heritage house like it was just Super nation random. And it was just something that was, like, super cool. And I always find myself surprised by what happens in the community. So I would see Don't be afraid of those kind of things. Honestly, you're probably gonna be so busy on campus that you're not even have time. But when you do, there's still things going on. I wish that I knew before coming here, it's the ratio because, I mean, it's not like I would have chosen not to come here, but it is kind of important to note that the ratio was, like, seventy percent male here and thirty percent female are something like around that, um and you can kind of feel it. I mean, when you're just kind of walking around, it's not the worst thing. It's just something to kind of be aware of before you come here. I mean, I don't know what you like being surrounded by ratio wise, but I mean, it's there's a male heavy community, but, I mean, the girls are like, we're all in this together. Do you know what I mean? Because there are so many guys on campus, but that's just the thing. I kind of didn't know what I kind of wish I knew something else. That's kind of maybe frequently asked. Question is about the deaf community here, authority. So we are actually home to the National Technical Institute of the Death, which is one of the biggest universities for the death in the nation. So it's kind of cool because the SL, like hard of hearing community is really prominent on campus. And like it's, it's a totally different experience and like something that you may not have been exposed to before. And I think it's something that's super awesome. I think that everybody that leaves already he's with a little bit more knowledge and cultural awareness that they never knew that they like needed. Um, it's really just kind of an awesome community. There's interpreters and every event and honestly, you realize, like how important it is to be inclusive and like be aware of people that have those kinds of things going on and making sure that you have like accessibility. I think it's something that arty suits are especially like Maurin Tune, too, because we have such a large institute, so that's just another kind of fun fact. Maybe, like a frequently asked question. Um, another thing that I guess people maybe would wonder about is having a declared major. You can't come to our I t undecided. You can't come undeclared and then figure out from there what you want to do. I know that there are definitely people that go that row, and that's by no means different or like looked down upon another thing. That's kind of cool. That already has a school of individualized Eddie, which is kind of people that are looking to have, like, their own creation of a major on DH. You pretty much work with somebody one on one and create, like your major and the classes you want to take individually. Like I talked to Hannah and you guys met Hannah and she was like a visual culture like comic studies like that doesn't really exist here, but she made it exist. So I think that's something that's like super awesome. Especially if you don't really know exactly what you want to do or what fields you want to combine. Just knowing that that's an option is kind of something that's really cool. Um, frequently asked questions. You probably wonder with food a za freshman, you are required to have a meal plan, and it does require you, Teo. In Greece, he's dining hall, which it has mixed reviews. But honestly, I don't mind. It's like all you can eat, and there's always something that's decent there. They have options for people that have allergies, people that are vegetarian, vegan, ahs. Well, it's just like a normal girl and stuff like that. So that's something you're gonna have to eat a freshman year on an unlimited ice cream, which is very important. But once you are in dorms anymore, you aren't required to have a meal plan. But there still are so many good places around campus to eat. Like, honestly, when I go home, I missed the food here. I'm not even kidding like it's so good. I love the big goods, and they have like visiting chefs every day of the week, coming in from places that are in Rochester restaurants. They really just know how to feed us, right? So Tiger's got eat. That's a saying S o another kind of freak. Last question might be about housing. So Artie housing is guaranteed for freshman, but it's technically not guaranteed after freshman year, unless you are part of the honors college or you're part of the special interest houses. And I know that probably sounds intimidating, but it's really not terrible. The housing process in itself is a little stressful because you have to, like, figure out Odo on living apartment, too. I want to live on caps to win a little off campus, but because we're located in a residential area, there are a lot of like places to go that are different opportunities like there's not one typical path. Nobody is like you can live in the dorms all four years if you want, or you can live in a house like not affiliated with the campus like five minutes away. That is completely up to you after you graduate after your first year here. Um, so as much as like it is stressful. There are plenty of opportunities. And you're definitely gonna figure something out if you come here. Um, but don't worry about that. A ce faras your first year and everything like that. Everything else will come to you, but if you are a member of the honest college is one of the benefits or photo house computer science How's Engineering house. You can all reserve spots on floor for guaranteed housing for special interest houses. Um, so I think, other than the fact that I wish that I knew to bring my bike when I first came here, um, because there's a really big by community long boarding skateboarding. I recently that around campus. Um, I did bring my bike, like, a month after I got here, but it was, like, already kind of getting cold. That was something I kind of wish I knew. I was like, I should've brought my bike. I can really think of anything else. That was really a surprise to me. Art. He's really pretty good about putting everything out there and not like hiding too much like you don't get here. And you did cover something like big that everyone's forgetting to talk to you about. Pretty much you could talk to anybody and they're going to tell you honestly how it is. So that's about it. If you have any other frequently asked questions, I'm sure you could find them online. Or you could reach out and have somebody answer them for you. But that's all that I can really think So right now I'm walking through the tunnels. The tunnels are really important, part of transportation around academic side. That's one storm, said authority. They connect all of the dorm buildings, and there's another set of tunnels that also connect all of the academic buildings down here. You could find a grocery. Stores also centers for clubs and a lot of murals. We love art authority, so we, like Tio, uh, broadcast that by painting girls onto the walls. Hello, everyone. I'm here with my friend Katie and what is your year and Major? I'm a first year by my engineer. Awesome. So why did you pick our teeth? I put Joe Teo was my top choice, like from day one. But I really loved the Coop program, and I actually I started out undecided because Trevor want science engineering and I declare my major halfway through my first year. But all of the three hundred plus clubs here and the coop opportunities and everything else just kind of German Awesome. So what is your favorite and least favorite parts of authority? I think my favorite part is probably Look, Artie players because it's like Superman club that you've probably heard about by that because your interview, but playing people. But I'm in it. And it's basically just like a big friend group that puts on shows, and it's like a lot of fun. And, uh, like I think that it's great to get involved in a club, and it kind of becomes like a second family. To a lot of people. I think my least favourite is probably meal plans because it's just a lot more food than I normally eat and right, it's like money like that. You can only spend on food that you have to spend on food, and I'm like, I don't know, I mean, thankfully, once you don't live in dorms anymore, you don't have to have your meal plan social and Mr Yes, so the first year probably will eat more than you expect. Tio Tio Tio who? Literally. But you're never going to run out of food and they do have grocery stores, so, like you can buy, I find myself I'm like buying non perishable things, so I can, like, put them in my apartment next year. That's what I should do that, yeah, so there are ways I kind of get around, and if you're somebody that doesn't use up your meal, plan entirely I'm glad you brought that up because I hadn't really talked about your plans at all. But, yeah, when you're a freshman, you are required happen and you're going to eat a lot of food, but it's good food. It is good food. It's also a great opportunity. Five foods, because, like at the all you can eat place, you could, like, go up in Chai like something that you've never had before. If you don't like it, that's a super brother. Yeah. So what do you think? That, like student bodies like here, I think that there is a very wide range of student body here, and I was at one of the club fares for accepting Soon's day. And I just like, looked around and saw all the different types of people at comfort, like you had like I was at the theater birth and next us was one of biomedical engineering clubs, which I'm also a part of. And then you have, like, like religious groups, and you have the Aka Pala groups and the like robotics groups and a pep band and all this other stuff and, like everyone, kind of has their own personality here. And there like I've never I haven't met someone that doesn't fit in because there's fit in is so broad here, right? That's like a really good way to say that. I think that's a good way to admit to thank you for letting me interview problem. Party is really great about promoting campus events, no matter what area of campus or who's putting the band saw so pretty much anywhere you go, you're going to see flyers for things that are happening for some of the many, many different clubs that we have. So here, even in the School of Health, Sides and Nutrition, we have fliers for some use a jazz band, our president, Dr Munson's Performing Arts to challenge the relay for life, all different kinds of stuff that's going on. And you can just tell there's so much happening around campus because there's always fires. So if you're always looking for something to do, you're always going to find something So right now I'm heading down to the arty club fair because it's accepted Students Day. Lots of clubs have come out to show what we're really all about, said accepted. Students can see that there is really active student life on campus, so we will just quickly go through and see some of the clubs that Archie is offered. We can even see the arty mascot Richie is parading around. Like what? There.