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Thinking about Alma College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Alma College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Alma College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Alma College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Alma College experience. These Alma College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Hi, everyone. I'm here with Chloe. Have Emily way are here at a lacrosse game. It's Elma against an out of state team. Chicago T Yeah, Chicago team. I am here for a Greek unity event. So there's a bunch of Greek members here, Greek life, and we're just enjoying the game on this chilly day in Michigan. Yeah, it's and we're in Michigan. It's about forty degrees, a little less than forty degrees. We're kind of losing right now, but we have our spirits held high, clothe schools, all of the school spirit. I think college is one of the streams and both good to go. Wei are still after lacrosse game. We're still losing its halftime. Everyone is damning and taking a quick look. This is what is behind the stadium. Can you do, Priest? They are, you prick Followed Scots. There isn't really much tailgating culture, especially not in March, but they're really still isn't much to go rooting for anything going on during, but everyone does. You know yourself well and that's honestly, really great because we all support each other here and it's really cool. Right now I am in your typical level. College classroom is a little bit bigger because it's on the first floor, the second and third four classrooms. They're a little bit smaller, but this is where I had my first com class last semester. It's It's a little bit bigger, but this is about the size. This room is for the bigger classes. Yes, these are the big, bigger classes at Alma College, which most colleges they have about double this size in each classroom. I had a calm class communications class in here last semester, and there's about eighteen people in it. So as you can see, this is way too many chairs for eighteen people. But yes, unfortunately, the second of three four classes of sack are locked on weekends, and I cannot get in there. So, yes, this is your typical maybe a little bit bigger Alma college classroom. But the class sizes will usually always be smaller, and your professor will know your name. Justice fast, if not faster than your high school professors did. It is crazy to me, and usually there will be some advertisements for, like classes or study sessions on the chalkboard just to make sure students know about them because all of your classes will have some sort of board. So, yeah, they advertise stuff, Which is nice to know. Hey, everyone, welcome back. Right now I am standing in the l'm a college lecture hall. It's pretty small considering that all of our classes are really small. Yeah, it's pretty small. The classes here are great. The professor's know you by I thought that I would try and be prettiest to some of my fellow students who were trying to study in the library when I was filming. So I decided that I would just fill the library, go through with my camera, and then I would record some narration. Now, just so you guys know what was going on? So this is the main lobby of the library. There are desks and tears all over the place. There are also desktop computers if a student needs to use them along at along with printers pretty much everywhere. So coming up here, this is called Highland Java. It is a student run, a coffee shop or students who are trying to learn how to start up a business or trying to learn how to manage a business. It's practice for them, and the coffee is. Actually it's pretty good. So these are some study rooms that are available. They are on a first come, first serve basis, which they're very handy if you want to work with a group or you just want to work with your friends. And also coming up is the writing center of this is just like a little meeting room is. The writing centre is run by professor, and students will actually go over your writing to proof. Read it and make sure that it is great so you could get a good grade. We just passed step These are also some more study rooms that are located in the basement of the library. Right up there. Those are the stacks, those big columns with the cranks on them. Those air, the stacks. There is so much to read in there. I don't think it's possible for one person to go through all of them. They go all the way from the basement to the top floor. This is also just another room that's kind of secluded from the rest of the library. There are more stacks, and it's another place for students to get work done. You're with a group of by themselves. And then straight up ahead. Those are some more study rooms again. They're on a first come, first serve, first served basis and they're really, really handy. I have taken advantage of them more than once. Hey, guys, welcome back. Right now I am in the basement of the library. I will add in some narration for the video because I don't want to talk out loud when there are people trying to study. So what I'm about to show you is the stacks, which is where all of the periodical czar you can pull him out. There's a ton of them is like three floors of them, and there are also a bunch of study room's down here. So if your friends want to get together and study, you can get a city room. It's first come. First serve. There's no sign in sheet. It's really nice. We've taken advantage of them a couple times. Definitely recommend, and it's a Saturday, so there aren't that many people studying. But I do want to B prettiest to the people who are trying to study so this we're coming up on the top floor of the library. There are many, many books over here of all different John Rose. We're coming up on my personal favorite spot to study. There it is facing the wall. It's a really good spot. At the top of the library is usually a little bit quieter, but the library In general, students do a pretty good job of keeping quiet no matter where they are, and you should buy the walls. You will see these tables. Some of them have more stuff out of. Those are called study carols. At the beginning of each semester, they get assigned out. It goes by seniority on a first come, first served basis. They're really neat. Students will leave stuff there, and absolutely no one will touch your stuff. It's pretty great, and it's the same in the cafeteria as well. If you put your keys down to claim a table, no one was going to mess with it. And it's on everyone in L. A. Just trust everyone else. It's it's pretty great because people will leave expensive textbooks in their carols and no one takes them or messes with them. Or anything, and the carols air all over the library. So right now we are outside my door. I'd like to show you what it's like. I feel like I said, they are three. Modeling this hall over the break over like some break. Here's the backside of door. What's really nice about this hall is that it has a thermostat in the room. Here is is a pretty good sized room, if you ask me, This is my side of the room. I do not have a roommate because she had to leave school for some personal reasons. There's the curate saved me more than once, so I'm going to talk about how I have this set up for a second. So it started out that we had just regular beds and they were kind of in the middle of the floor, and we decided that we wanted this nice little floor space here. So we have this right here is a shelf, and then this down here is a dresser. And then that's the desk, and it's made so the bed can go on top of it. I used my chair to get up there. It's really, really nice to have, like, the extra open floor space here And then if you go over here, here's the closet. Yes, And then this little medicine cabinet comes in handy quite a bit. And then there's drawers there. Yes, having a decorated up here toe hide them. I started back there, so yeah, in my opinion, it's a pretty nice sized room, and I have a decorated and stuff, and I'm getting ready to send some stuff with my mom this weekend. And also, yeah, like these little personal touches that even my fish, they help me get through, and then the desk is pretty standard. Has got to pull out for the keyboard. Three drawers chair and then, obviously you're probably going to want a laptop in high school or college. I feel like it helps to have your own. While there are some that you could borrow, it helps to have your own for when you're doing your homework at, like for you. Here's my little decorations that I have. This is my little memory jar kind of recommend having it, cause I put we're little memories in here like there's some tickets in here. There's an olive garden rapper from when I went to all guns with my friends, a movie ticket. It's just a little something to keep track of, like, stuff you've done here. Some more decorations. That's a bird. That a girl. My son already made me bless this mass because my room is always a disaster. And then, like I said, I was always and and that's just another gamma Phi thing. So, yeah, I really like the way I have my set room set up right now. So this is a typical alma college dorm room, complete with a not so great view. Well, I'm going to talk a little bit about the dining services that are here on campus. So there is saga. It's called Hamilton Comment, but all the students call it saga. And there's Jos, which is a little convenience store type place, and you can use meal swipes there as long as much money, along with much money. So lunch money is like money that comes pre paid on your I D card, and you can use it at Joe's to buy snacks or drinks. And you can also use it a few local restaurants who accept much money, which is really cool. There's a pizza place downtown. There's a Mexican place down the road, a Chinese place out of a really, really good pub that isn't it. The car, which is about ten fifteen minutes away and much money is, honestly, really, really cool because sometimes the cafeteria is an offering. Great things or Joe's doesn't sound like what you want, so it depends on how much much when you get independent your meal plan. I have the two ten year plan, which gives me two hundred and ten meal swipes and four hundred dollars worth of lunch money, and the much money comes in handy when you're wanting that late night snack when you're studying for something. So I definitely recommend going for more much money unless meals webs because you're gonna want it because you won't be able to get like a full meal in the middle of the night when you want a snack, and it also works on delivery. Like Jimmy John's delivers and the Pizza Place downtown. It delivers and accepts much money, so I definitely recommend going for more much money because Welcome back. Right now I am sitting in the any music building lobby, all professors that have anything to do with music. They are in this building and as well as the band room. The Bander wasn't here. The choir rehearse is in the chapel, and this is such a nice facility. Right now I am in the lobby kind. Looks like a giant fish bowl. Here we go. And right here behind me, this is the digital production and media studio or design studio. It's so nice. I had to do an audio documentarian project and I worked at it in there. It's such a nice studio. It's professional grade all over. The resource is here on l'm. A college campus is up to date. It's very nice. All professors here wants students to succeed in any way possible. I am still in Eddie right now. I'm in one of the many small practice rooms that are available in Eddie. They're not even that small. They're pretty. They're pretty good size. And there's a baby grand piano in here, forced to just a practice on, and there's even a computer for editing. They really want to make sure that all the college students have everything they need to succeed in their classes and in their possible career choices for the future. So this is the practice room I'm in. There's the piano. There are chairs and music stands. There's a computer for software editing, along with instructions, and there's a shelf and a chalkboard if students meet. Right now I am in the band room. It's very, very nice. Theokoles sticks are great and our band is absolutely amazing. It's obviously not set up for anything right now, but still, it's a very nice band room. You know, professors are for nothing. Hi guys. So, unfortunately, I do not have access to a single or a sweet Earn us a quad style room, so I want to explain it to you in the best way I can. You saw my room. You saw the size of it. So a single room is about half the size of mine. I think it's exactly half the size of mine, so it's pretty reasonable for someone to live in. I live in a double, which I think is a really good size. I saw some other campuses like there's double rooms were a little small. I feel like Thelma has a really reasonable sized rooms for no matter what. So a quad you could think of a lot like a conjoining hotel room. It has a double room and then a door, like between two double rooms. So technically you're living together. But there's just a door. So, yeah, it's a lot like conjoining hotel room when they just have the door separating the two rooms. And then there's also triples. I also do not have access to one of those. It's just a little bit bigger than a double. It's not that much bigger it's Those were the different sizes of rooms on campus. And, of course, there's also small housing for different organizations such as Greek life. And there's also the model U N House. There's a greenhouse is a majority house. There's different kinds of houses, and the housing on campus is honestly it. It's a process to go through, but the housing makes a lot of sense here on campus, along with like the meal plans and stuff like it goes along, they go along together. So housing on campus there's North Campus in South Campus North Campus is I live on North Campus. Freshmen and sophomores will live. There's four door buildings and those air on North campus. It might not make much sense make much sense because it didn't really make any sense to me until I got here and kind of got to see what it was all about. So I'll about North campus, and then juniors and seniors will live on South campus. Small housing is also on South Campus is on the other side of the street and pretty much everything. There's okay, so North campus is here, and in South campus, there's a road that divides and I know makes much sense. It's kind of hard to explain, but what you get if you two and then see it, it makes so much more sense. So thank you for coming to my little phone balls off of its little stabilizer here. Yes, Thank you for listening to my little spiel of housing on campus. And I hope you check out some of the other videos that I will show you all Okay, So I am actually a member of Greek life. You're on campus and I absolutely love it. And I'd like to talk about a little bit Greek life at all. My college is honestly amazing. I have only been involved for a little over two months. Almost two months, almost two months, and I absolutely love it. I'm a member of Gamma Phi Beta on campus. Absalon Beta chapter. And it's a smaller chapter. So we get to know everyone in our chapter very, very well, and it's amazing, and we have the opportunity to work with our community. Our philanthropy is building strong girls. So we have every year we have Moon Ball, which is a volleyball tournament, that we have other Greek chapters on campus. They come and support us, which is great. The Greek unity on Elma is good. We're working to improve it, to make it the best it can be. Gamma Phi. It's amazing and greatly in general is such a rewarding experience. Because you get Teo, you have your amazing sisterhood or brotherhood. If you're wanting to join a fraternity and you always have people that will support you no matter what and it's honestly such a rewarding experience. It plays in my life so much, and I have absolutely no regrets about joining it. It was, honestly, one of the best decisions that I've made in college so far. You just you get all of these new memories, all these new friends, and even though people the stereotypes are there, they're not riel. I mean, they're real because people believe them, but they're not real. That's not how it is. That's not at all how it's like, actually, because you hear all the stereotypes and I'm afraid that scares people away from actually joining Greek life. And that is just it's not true. None of the stereotypes are true on Alma's campus. We have each chapter will try and help the other chapters, philanthropies and in them any way they can. And Greek life it's It's definitely really nice here because you get to know everyone in Greek life and become closer with them, and everyone just supports everyone, even if they're not in Greek life, like there is so much support here on Elma. It's amazing, and I definitely recommend, even if you don't come to Alma like Greek life, Hi, everyone. My name is Sarah Sheath home. I am a freshman here at Alma College, and right now I am a communications major. I have not declared yet because I'm not sure I'm going to double major in something or what I'm going to minor in. I'm still exploring my options here in Elmo. You do not have to declare your major or minor until the end of your sophomore year. I believe, which is really helpful. And it takes some of the stress off. I mean, the stress is still there, but it takes off some of the stress, which is really, really nice because they don't have you, um, found to your major at all like the option is always there to change. I am from Manus to Michigan, which is up north from here. It's about two hours, so it's kind of the perfect distance, but I didn't want to make one of the biggest decisions of my life based on how far away it was from home. So I love Alma. It's the spring now, the spring semester, winter term and Alma. Coming to Elmo was one of the greatest choices I ever made, and I wish that I could go back and be like, Hey, Sarah, commit to Alma ASAP because you won't regret it like that's where you're going and you won't regret it. I mean, the workload here it's It's pretty normal. It's what you would expect. But I feel like I'm getting such a good education because it is a private college and the professors will know you by name. Your professors will see you in the cafeteria and will be like, Hey, Sarah, how are you doing with this? Or come to my office hours and we can chat. Having said that, the professors here they push their office hours so much, I have heard that other schools don't push their office hours or they don't even have office hours. The professors here, they push their office hours at you and say, Come here, I will help you. I will walk you through this. I have sat in my professor's office writing an entire paper in front of them, and they will help me every step of the way. All professors here on campus, they want you to succeed, and they want you to do the best that you can and they will help you in any way that they can. And I love it. Elma is, it's in the middle of Michigan. It's not quite the middle, but it's really, really close it because the middle of its about ten minutes away, it's a very small school I believe we have. It's about fifteen hundred students, which it's a good size, the class sizes. It's about who it's somewhere like twenty to thirty. It's about the size of a heist, like a high school classroom. I think the biggest class I have right now would be about about twenty somewhere between twenty and twenty five students and the professors. They all know you by name. It's crazy because I've heard I can't imagine it any other way. And I've heard other schools. The professors don't know you by name, and that's just weird, considering that I've been here and they all know me and even some of my professors from last semester they still recognize me when they also call me by name and say, Hey, you can come chat with me any time and I even had a professor. He was like, If you ever need anything, you know it'sjust to come talk about anything. I'm here for you. And that is just amazing to hear from a college professor. I love Elmo, and I'm so excited to show everyone what it has to offer. And I really hope you guys enjoy this.