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Thinking about Bates College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Bates College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Bates College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Bates College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Bates College experience. These Bates College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys. So the weather in Maine, Okay, everyone, I'm basically like, Oh, my God, it's so pretty. It's so pretty. Which true, in fact, the weather here is so pretty. Everything is really nice. But the Weather Mother Nature in Maine, period is bipolar. I am from Philadelphia and like, I like the way I get my four seasons, you know, I love the Four Seasons. But main, they now justice to extreme, like, Okay. For example, freshman year I went Apple picking with the Bobcat first mom, which is like the first ten generation college club on campus. We went Apple picking for a little program that we were doing. And while going Apple picking which at this farm, which is like a little like ten five minutes away from Bates by a car, it snowed and hailed and rained and got sunny all in amount of one hour of us being there. We were there for an hour and it snowed and rain and hailed all in one hour. And then the sun just kept coming back out like it was like back to back. I'ma let that sit and marinate for you guys. I'm just going to let that marinate for you. I do love the weather, but man is Bob Hohler don't wanna buy it, so everything else is bipolar. But yeah. Come debates, you know, enjoy the bipolar weather, you know, and join me in my body and my Hey, guys. So I am in a pickle. The this is one of the big ground floors and pico it houses over or the maximum number of people in a confined in this room is one hundred and twenty four. Ron, I've had bio one ninety in this course is a one of the bigger lecture halls. During freshman year, when I was taking by over ninety, it was about sixty students in this class for eight AM nine thirty, it was a similar ten and eleven, well, ten, fifty and eleven o'clock courses they were about. It's relatively the same size courses. There's normally for, like big science courses or other things that, like it's a classroom, has a lot of students. You've been also, when costumes aren't being used in this room, this room can be used. So just like any other room on campus could be reserved for clubs or special gatherings or events that she wanted Teo, all you would do is go online on the Bates I did to you and find and click reserve a room online on Bates. But essentially many people, these romance and many uses. These people are all that studying here and do homework for finals. And then there we have class, so yeah, Hey, guys. So I am on alumni Walk. Ah, Love Night Walk is one of famous walk pathways on Bates campus. It's a really, really long, long walk, but it's not that long. But so it house houses, all of academic buildings? Well, most of academic buildings on campus, as well as one of the student student dorms called Parker. That's over there. Yeah, so, yeah, it houses Hawthorne Hall, which has math. Um, Dana of the chemistry building on P. Gil Pio is beautiful. Oh, my God, yes, so good. And then it's funny thing because the alumni walk, it leads to comments right. At least the comments, which is at the end of this path. Comment is where we eat. It's like one of the main dining halls. It is the only dining hall on campus, but it's been one of the main ones. But we also have the den also, and it's funny how alumni, for some reason, leads to comments. And it also ends right at two eighty and up the street, where two eighty two to eighty dorm is, Today. Wait. No. I know in the moment. Yeah, It's definitely a lunch food. Thank you. All right. This is our dining hall. It's called Commons. We have one of the best dining halls in the country. And an abundance of space to sit in. Beautiful. All right. Yeah. Violated. Also, like get back. What? No. Bang, is it? I will. What? Yeah. Hey, guys. So this is Coram. Corum is one of the research facilities on campus. I think this is one of my favorite places to do work on campus because there's a giant computer from in there and there's full of a lot of computers. They're like apple computers, and they're really fast and efficient for me to get a lot of my work done for pre med. It's also like directly next to Carnegie. Carnegie is the science department building on campus, house of the bio department and everything else in there and physics. It's amazing. It also has a greenhouse in there that's full of beautiful animals and trees. It's so amazing at the top on top floor of Carnegie and which is right next to forum. So yeah, so as far as academics go abates like you person. I personally feel like that's one of the most best academics that I've ever received in my life. I have I feel like that. I've definitely grown as far as my education as far as my understanding of the world. And, ah, a lot of the way the base academics go. It's very challenging, but at the same time, It's like very, very intense. And it pushes you to go outside your comfort zone because you to really try and make an effort to do things efficiently. And I really appreciate that for school on us for anything. But again, this is just one of my favorite buildings. Also that I just love Tio, Go and be No living life, really. About wait life first year, it's Sam's double major and I love it here. I like he's such a great school and it's the perfect school for me. That's really then we have a building where over there. Where? So have I? How? What better than that? Yeah, I was upstairs right now. Your house. Fun with your okay, guys back. So now this dorm eso it's great. Hi, association. And so night they donated ten million dollars to build these two new dorms. And this is one of the new door. So I'm going to keep you guys it it and start to show you some more of the new door and the rest of or to hear from you soon. Guy. So I'm here with Melissa, who is a sophomore at bay. So, Melissa, why don't you introduce yourself? Hi. My name's Melissa. I'm a sophomore, and I'm from Brooklyn, New York. So why did you choose? Breaks? Lie chose Bates. Because, unlike in the city thing, well, I can definitely focus a lot more on my academics here. No way from all the distractions and the buzz of the city. And definitely really because I'm from Philadelphia. So So then what is your major and describe academic climate taking a cz that major, right? So I'm a Spanish major. You're and I'm minor, come in and throw so And I have a GEC in Latin American studies. So for a lot of my anthro class is they actually fulfill my get combined American study Celeste School. I contain a lot of Spanish Latin American classes in Spanish. Right? I can like my my focus is my major, my minor. They go very well together. So with Vladimir, he's No. If you're really interested, she's very lucky. If you're really interested in African American and African American studies or Latin studies, especially Latin studies, you make sure you want to learn Spanish s. Oh, OK, so then he described the pop of the population of baits like feel right. So the people here pretty down to earth and easy to talk to their very welcoming and warm, which is also one of the reasons that I came to be. So then what is your favorite thing about Bates? And what is your least favorite thing about it's My favorite thing about Bates is definitely my friends. And my least favorite thing is that in the winter we have really short days and long nights and it's a little bit depressing. Very depressing. But, you know, we get by. Yeah, we're still here. We're still here. So, you know, let you guys for tuning in, and Hey, guys. So we are at the pond. This is our wallets frozen in the winter time it gets frozen over. And a little Bates tradition thing is that they decide. Tio, this is Olin behind me, by the way. But abates tradition is that they people they cut a little box into the ice and then people jump into the puddle. Yeah, dead of winter on negative degree weather. I'm you and I will not be doing that. But I have friends who have done this, and I've watched people do this, but I will never have. Your income. One of the main dining halls. College campus about number nine, No college. Really good. We have servants. So this is my Hey! I have my favorite, which is horse. They're better than any chicken patties there. Really? Yeah. Hello. Even no sorry right now. But especially. And that's our thing. Hey, guys. So we're in cop Errs hall in my single? Yeah, when I show you guys a little bit of my single because it is messy, it's It's a little messy, just just slightly. Well, actually, now it's very much I'm not going to show you the floor because the floor is messy. But this is my view of my You see, I have a really nice window as a junior, I'm during the housing lottery. When you're assigned housing, you get the cheat once. As a freshman, you basically get randomize. It's wherever they place you based off of one. The little form that she fell out. When you're after, you're acceptance during your all in Porto over the summer and like after that, your you get put in the housing lottery online and you basically choose where you want to live. When your time's a lot becomes available for you to choose. And they'll send you an email and let you know that a scene as a senior next year, I get first pick and then it goes down as you go. For juniors and sophomores. Freshman freshman year I lived in Ran Hall with my roommate Sebastian. And then I got a single in Parker sophomore year Parker is next is on alumni walk, and then after that, I lived here now and I have a single on one of the new dorms. KA Paris is one of the new dorms on campus, and I'm height because, like, I work downstairs also and like, I don't gotta walk anywhere because it's downstairs like it's like Perfect because the bookstores down serious. So I got to do is walk so serious, you know, great. So yeah, this is the dorm situation on campus, like it pretty much anywhere you live is like I'm going to look good like it's J break's pretty good about, like the first Wall. They get everything. It's clean, literally every day except for the weekends. It's really not like they take care of the campus really well, for even on the off campus house is still everything is still pretty good. You're going to you never knowing if you have a problem with where you lived, then they're more than happy to find you somewhere that you couldn't so that you're