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Thinking about Boise State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Boise State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Boise State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Boise State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Boise State University experience. These Boise State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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heading over to the rec center jam to the gym. We go so often, never way should. But we're actually going today. We're going to take a dance class, and it's not, in fact, but just so students can know that you can only get to the gym for free if you're a full time student, unlike me, I'm a part time student on. I have to pay to get in there saying, Of course it is today. But anyways, we're walking to the wreck. So we're on our way to dance dance class, and look, we have a little indoor rock climbing wall. Uh, so, yeah, you can get in here with your I D card and they just have, as you can see, different mats, and we're got equipment upstairs. They have an indoor track who walk or run, walk, Um, downstairs three three stories. So the bottom floor is the weight room, where they have different weights that you can lift and then middle floor. They have the aquatic complex, as well as basketball courts and a racquetball room. And then upstairs is where they have all the classes. So they have classes like the one we're going in today. It is a dance class, one of our favorites. It's like three times a week come, and all of the classes that air drop ins are free to full time students. I didn't see you there soon. My daily stretches this. Anyways, um, I really like going to the wreck because it's a great opportunity person to get a workout in whether you're motivated line, it's really using access, since it is three full time students as well as personal training. If you ever want to do that, they have for very increased price. And if you get a group of friends, you guys want to train together. You also have that Christ, but just the equipment in the facility that they have a recreation centre are really nice. I really like the Jim. I just don't spend enough time here. All right, guys. So right now I am here at my job working on campus, and I just wanted to do a quick sign off and say that I am very thankful that you guys came along on the tour with me. You got to see a little bit more Boise State. Uh, just one last piece of advice for all of you future Broncos or just future prospective collisions in general. I know that application times and touring could be a very, very stressful process. But just keep your mind clear, because everything happens for a reason and go into a positive mindset and choose the college that you feel at home. You're gonna meet tons of people, tons of different professors, different workload. It's different transition from high school, but it is well worth it. You're gonna be lifelong friends, and you're going to I just learned so much in the field that you want to pursue in your career. And I just wish you guys the best of luck in your college admissions process and then touching on why I wanted to work with campus Riel I've loved created an ending videos for all of my life. and just being able to showcase his stake in a positive light. Being able to get you guys inauthentic. Have you, uh, Boise State through these videos? Not some position or scripted, but something that's my real motions, my real opinions and my real view on Boise State. I wanted to bring that to the table and campus. Really? Really. Uh, campus real really gave me the opportunity to do so and Teo learn different aspects of campus through videography. So I have been really grateful to have this opportunity. And this job is very going for me because I have gained experience in video creating editing. It's well as more experience for my tour guide because I am also a volunteer tour guide here on campus. So being able to familiarize myself more with campus more than I already am and just being able to showcase that in this light in creating this video three guys was awesome. Opportunity. Aaron, If you're looking into bringing your All right, guys. Right now we're walking into one of my favorite academic buildings. I take two classes here way. We're walking into the communications building, also known as a call to classes that I take Carrie take in short film media three. Oh, one is well as media three o three Media aesthetics. You know what? Over three thousand of us idiots got the Purple Heart. All right, guys. So behind me, we have the Interactive Learning Center, also known as the I'LL see. And that is also our education building. This is one of our tallest building on campus. It is five stories, but anyways, back Teo, the I .'LL see this is just has different dining options that you can use a part of your meal plan as well as just different classrooms and lecture halls. I'm gonna teach you guys into one of my classrooms later. You guys were kind of see class and action, but this is one of my favorite buildings on campus. Just because the open windows and just the set up is a very modern building. And I just really want this how everybody's so. As I said before, behind me is education building. And that's actually where I had my first lecture in college. It's one hundred fifty person lecture hall, and it's our second largest lecture hall in the business building. There is a two hundred fifty percent lecture hall, which is the largest on campus. But Education Building also shares with the science department, which is over there. But basically this is the largest and tallest building on campus. Five floors. We have elevators, and like I said, I took a psychology lecture as well as one of my statistics lectures, and I took a media class last year. Behind me over here is the simpler advising and success, huh? Building also Anissa Smash building and in that building is going to be our testing center, which is one of our resources on campus. Basically, if any of your classes not all classes but some of them, you do have to take your exams in the testing center. So what she'LL do is you'LL make an appointment online for any day or time that works for you. That's within the slot your teachers give you and basically you'LL take your tests on the computers up there and as well as some advising offices that air in there. So if you ever need to talk with someone thinking, um, if you ever need to talk with someone about different exams you need to take or major complications as well as, like, study abroad, you can make it a point with your advisor and head on over to the One of the first places that we are going to go is my dorm. I live on campus as a second year. I lived in the building known as leak in town homes. They are upperclassmen housing. So sophomores in above. And they are townhome apartment style places that you could live on campus. And it is one of the best decisions that I've made. I don't have a car on campus, so being able to live so close to campus is really nice just getting around. I also work on campus, and I will show you guys around that, but yeah, So we're gonna just dive into my dorm. So when you walk into a door, you have it's all fully furnished. So it comes with couches and the tables, and then we just awesome recorded place upon their Also comes in that booth. Yeah, fully furnished. Have a stove mark away, then. Then you despots some coffeepots, coffeemakers swells, more microwaves has a fridge. We're gonna walk over here, which is really nice, actually. Have how long we're gonna take you upstairs and mission. So it's nice about Myron was right. When you walk in to your right, you have your own bathroom. Hello? But yes, it comes out the bathroom and bath shower, toilet sink. I keep my shoes right here. Yeah. So we're gonna walk into my room, give you a little overview. But as you walk in, I just have a view of the other town homes right on the street. And it's also really furnishing here. So you get the dresser Abed as well as the desk. Mine's kind of dirty. Sorry about that. What? Yeah, so this is my little room. It's a really nice space. Just toe be ableto have and I do live on campus. So it's really nice being so close to campus because I don't have a car at the moment. So being able to walk or ride your bike, Rollerblade Scooter, anything you want to do just to get around campus a super convenient. And this is also located right next to the wreck, which I'll show you later. But it's a easy two minute walk to the recreation Centre where you can work out, go to the gym, which I need to partake in board. Hey, campus riel. And we are back filming again from my dorm room. Emma say, Hey, that's my roommate, Emma. You'll meet her in a later video. So starting this is the living room windows. A nice couch to my back. We have our television in our Xbox three sixty with the entire collection of my movies underneath, so that's pretty cool. Most freshmen dorms are going to be this elaborate, but Boise State has some of the nicest housing that I've ever seen on a college campus. We practically have an apartment in here. Here we have our table. We have our kitchen pantry, and it's all super awesome, because regardless of whether or not we get around to cleaning, it still feels like a home environment. Here we have our laundry room, which you can check out. Super cool. Emma's room is here. Our lovely bathroom is in this direction. Full sized bathroom. It's really awesome. We absolutely love it. Mirror super cool. You guys get to see this. And then finally, my bedroom. I have what's called a super single. So I have a larger room. I have two beds that get pushed together, and that gives me more room to make a mess, which is great. So that's my entire door. Um, for a freshman, you could get something really similar to this with four bedrooms instead of two. It's called University Sweets. This is University Square. So in this video, I'm going to talk about my meal plan and the other meal plans on campus, as well as the food services provided on campus. So there are, I would say, three yeah, three main places to get food on campus. There is the PRC, which is thie innocence or Boise River Cafe, and it is buffet style. You go in one swipe, one male swipe, and you get in and you can grab whatever you want. They have to go containers, which are super cool, you know? So that's the PRC. There's also Southfork, which is a little nicer. They have nicer food a lot times less food because it's not about face dollars. Not like oh, there's you know, there's pasta over there. Pizza over there, grill over there. It's more just like there's one grill right now. There's a Mongolian grill. They switch it out every couple weeks or so. What the meals are for that week, and for that you Khun d'oh, a main dish in two sides and a drink so that Southfork and then there's also the I'll see which is in the middle of its like, right past the quad. So there's like the B R C South work. And then you go across campus and there's the PLC, which is really good for in between classes. They have a panda express they have Let's see here they have just like a where you can get, like, salads and stuff like they have, like a little just fridge with, like sandwiches and salads. They have Einstein's bagels, which was really good. They have a papa joins. I'm sure I'm missing something. You can look this up, and for each of those you can use a meal equivalency swipe. So, for example, for I'm signs I'd get a bagel and a drink, and that would be one of my meal swipes. And I think for for Penn Express, you get one little thing plus a drink. You know what? You can fill with whatever you'd like. Um, so that's those air the meal off shins on campus for my meal plan. I have the I don't know if it's basic or Bronco twelve or fourteen, so I get two meals a day, fourteen a week. I don't have to use just two a day, but I do have to use the fourteenth week. It doesn't carry over, so if I only use six week, I don't get eight for the next week. But I do get to a day, but if I say I only use one today, I can use three tomorrow. It's a little confusing, but it's it's really once you grass, but it's not that hard. So I get to today and I just go. I swiped my card and they're like Thank you very much. You can look up the prices of those online. There's also one for five meals a day. If you're one of those people who needs to just eat all the time. And then there's also one that is unlimited so you can go in whenever you want. One thing that I should mention is that there is a thirty minute they block your card for thirty minutes. Once you swipes, you can't just like like, for example, if you have guests or something you could just continuously swipe. However, you do get guests wipes. I think you get around fifteen to twenty, depending on your plan. So if you have friends who are in town or your parents and you want to let them and you say, I want to use a guest wipe or if my friend, for example, like forgot their car dinner like I need to get some food that you can use the guest. Wait. And then for each of these, you can also just pay. So if you don't have a meal plan, you can pay to just get into the PRC or you can pay for whatever you get out Southfork or whatever you get at the I'll see. So those are the meal plan and options for Boise State. What's up campus? Really? Gillian Meyer back and we're outside Dutch roast coffee, which is arguably the best train of coffee that you can get anywhere in the Boise area. Their cute little shacks like so you can see behind me way Have acute ducks throws coffee sign right here. We love this place. This's where you come to hang out with your friends if you like an outdoors kind of day. Um, none of them There's only one of them has a an indoor location, and it's downtown, which is where you want to be, anyway. And it is the place to hang out with your friends. That's why we're here. We're about to go get coffee. Yeah, we just thought we'd give you guys the inside beats first. Check out my next video. So right now I am headed to the I'll see, which is one of the biggest food distributors on campus. It is right in between, like all the educational buildings, the math, building, a riverfront, all of that, and it has a lot of food options. It's not like a buffet or anything. It's not like Southfork or the B R. C, but it has like Einstein Spiegel's it has Mose and has pizza has Panda Express. It also has a little pod. There are some classrooms like on the upper levels, but the I'll see is really cool. For when you just have breaks in between classes and you really need a bite to eat. You can use meal equivalency swipe. So that's what I do a lot. So once I get there, I'll show you inside the I'll see up above. You have Einstein's bagels. Right now. It's closed to Sunday with buildings have, like a plot area. You can express stacks, right? It's also tables here, hang on. But during the week, it's actually really busy here. So I decided to come when it wasn't super busy and crowded just because it's easier to record we got This place is super cool, so you come here and check it out. Reductions Howard's life. To be really quiet long. We're gonna sneak upstairs. And here we are, I'm certain. Yeah, space up. You went over it first floor.