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Bye Everyone! Thank You So Much For Watching <3 Boston University

can it wait? Wait a mi What's up, guys? It is Friday afternoon. Now I just kind of finished my typical fry day. I was on the show this morning, and then I went and I had to do a research study for one of my classes. It's required. And then I went to class. I worked with my team on a group project. Then I went to work, finished up a couple projects that I've been working on my internship. And then I had a work meeting, and then I went to lunch. I met with the photographer who it's gonna be taking the images and shots for my next out moon. We had just a really good conversation about what the vision is and how we're gonna execute that. Because I have this really clear aesthetic and concept in my minds that I really trust her to execute. We're starting at the early stages, just kind of planning and stuff, and then we're gonna actually take photos. And I really want this next air to be so interesting visually and so that's why we're spending a long time on the artwork, um, have some cool ideas and concepts that are so deep and there's so much metaphor behind it. Um, and I think you're gonna be surprised. I came back to my room. I just finished my lunch Fridays. By the time this rolls around, I I get about five hours of sleep a night. It's really, really bad, and it's something I really need to work on. But this is what I just like Crash. The week has just brought me down so heavily, and I just really find my time too. Readjust myself Friday nights, actually, usually pretty chill for me. I like just to catch up. I'm really tempted to record a song because I wrote a song this week that I'm really excited about, and I want to get some sort of demo going with it, so I'm not gonna do that. Instead, we're kind of chilling, and I wanted to start up this fog because I did a really bad job of putting out any sort of content well this week. But But, um, you see this? It's gonna be last week, and that's just because there was a lot going on. I had jury duty this week. Um, I had a lot of extra projects. My internship this week and I had an exam this week interviewing for a couple internships and stuff starting now. And for over the summer, Just a lot of stuff has happened. I want to talk this weekend because this begins a three day weekend and I don't actually have a lot of land. So you're gonna get to see kind of a cool weekend my life and what that looks like playing right now is to go hiking later. Um, I think on Sunday, just because I want to get out of the city for a little bit Don't get me wrong. I love living in the city and, like, literally, I'm sitting writing from my window right now. I'm looking down the street and I have the most beautiful view I do miss just like seeing trees. And then I'm going to London in a couple weeks for spring break. What's more than a couple weeks? So I have to finish booking stuff for that trip. Yeah, we're gonna be doing some stuff on that trip to so prepare The ball is really starting to get rolling on this next air. An album that I'm putting together. I don't know what I'll do. I could really taken out right now, but I don't like napping. It just really feels off my whole day. I don't know why a lot of people do, but I just can't do it. So anyway, welcome to the weekend Flog. This is my life, everyone. Good morning. I look sleep. I'm going Thio quick yoga cardio kind of class This morning I've been taking a couple classes at court power in Fenway and I really, really like it just because it's different than anything that I've ever done before. And it's really just gonna be a good start to my day. I think I only ever done the later classes, but now we're gonna do a morning class. I'm gonna meet some friends there, could see me busy day, but first we're gonna get our body moving. I just woke up about an hour ago, had a little bit of coffee and injuring tons of water. Because you sweat so much in these classes, it's really important to get here body hydrated and you're even just dehydrated after a night's sleep. Anyway, um and I'm gonna pack up my things and get going. I'm already running a little bit late if you wanna watch, Like my morning routine, What I do in the mornings that's just gonna be in the description makes you check out that video. And now I'm off to the public library to do some work because I really just want to get off campus and get into the city a little bit more. If you never been to the Boston Public Library, at least look at pictures because it's beautiful. It's a wonderful space just to study. It closes in a few hours. I don't have too many too much time to spend there, but I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna work on some songs. And then tonight I'm gonna go to the booth time. Hey, guys, because this is these extra clip won't make any sense to you. It'll actually look very weird. You didn't if I didn't get a booking on campaign with July right now way we're taking the photos that will be bored already. You know, I published posted until this from behind the scenes. Half his face is only a thief existed. Why? Wearing shoes with where she was in the bathroom. Paul, do you wear sandals in your bathroom? That's the whole point. Nobody. Finally, you get that You let I want a razor too. What? Most asked, Do you have crows? Where? Good. I'll get snot. Morning. It's afternoon. We're out of the city for a couple hours at least. All that cracking and snapping is ice. We decided to go hiking at Little Sex Fells. The trails are full of ice because I gonna put two and two together and think, you know, middle of Windsor, its wake wet Just note trails will be fine, but it's fun though we all noticed right when he stepped out of the Hoover that the air is so much cleaner here literally is fresher And just I couldn't breathe so easy. Not like sewer mixed with lead mixed with cigarette smoke, A little bit of Popeye's. Either we're gonna like, slip in today or have a great time. You don't hear from us again. There's no follow up to this. You know what happened? You know. Okay, this is like money. Everybody. Sorry, I look like this. I just woke up, get some breakfast, meeting my little coffee and then I did some work on. I responded to a couple e mails and stuff and getting ready for some things I have this week and made some decisions that are really exciting. And you will know about soon today. Um, I am gonna hopefully get off campus here. I haven't done a post for my coffee block yet. Which, by the way, you don't follow it. You definitely should. It's pretty cool. So I need to go to Cambridge to do that. But I don't really want to anymore. I think it's still will, but, like, it's kind of gross day outside. Been thinking about, like dying my hair like a little bit darker. But then one of my friends was like, But you're so pale like that might like the contrast might look weird. I was like, you know, that's probably true. So and I wanted to, like, get a haircut differently and, like, do a new kind of style is beginning to summer and stuff. But I'm not gonna figure that out right now. I'm just gonna get my hair cut for today work and stuff to do it Like after we went hiking yesterday. I just didn't do anything. I applied for a couple more jobs. I'm tryingto internal work some things out for New York this summer. It might not end up working out. That's all right. But if that doesn't work out, I have to have a backup plan. So it's kind of preparing for a backup plan working on a project that is coming out before summer. I should stop saying that cause it's not completely confirmed yet, like things could fall through and it could not happen. But But I'm gonna put it out there in the universe that that's gonna happen. I am amazed. That is still so I thought it was gonna be done, but it is not. I got a second cup of coffee, get a bunch of places, do some cleaning. Now, I don't know why involved in this is gonna be so boring. Let's put it this way. I'm trying to work on Marie Condo in my life. I think I know she likes you Fold shirts like a certain way. I need to watch the show again because I forgot now, like her technique and everything, I need to get rid of a lot of clothes to be honest, I don't I got one of those people that has a lot of clothes but doesn't wear all of them. I'm sorry my fans on It's a little bit warmer today, so that's a turnoff. So many T shirts, especially in Boston, like you don't we're t shirts. Unless it's like July. I'm just gonna go with my classic. I have to get rid of some stuff, but that's okay, because I don't wear it all anyway. And there's people who can wear it. I don't need it. And there's people that do so we'll just I just don't need it. All right, guys, I'm gonna finish cleaning. Gonna clean my bathroom to which you don't want to see. That's gonna be the end of this block. Thank you so much for watching. I will talk to you well, real soon. And I'll see you next time. It should give us a like, even though it was a horrible log we should subscribe to. We're close to 1000. If we haven't already hit it yet, Andi, everything want to get there? Because that would mean a lot to me. Um, and I'll see you guys next time Okay, Bye. Hey, guys, this is the end of the block. But there is one last thing I do kind of want to add onto it to be totally, totally transparent with you all. And that's exactly what I've been trying to do since day one. There are, of course, parts in the weekend that I don't show on the log just because they don't necessarily need to be documented online or tied two the brands that I'm building in the sort of audience and trying to connect with. So, of course, there are those elements of college that, of course, you can all understand and is implied, and you probably knew what happened and everything, but just I want, you know, because a lot of slug was work related things. And I want you to know that I do take care of myself. I don't always work. I do have fun of friends, and we do a lot of things. I just don't always fog those sort of things because I don't necessarily want them tied to what you see to me online. So that's that, um, again, Thank you for watching this Hey, everybody, thank you so much for clicking on this video a few things before we kind of really dive into this. Sorry, this lighting is so bad, I don't have, like the majority of my recording equipment and stuff with me. I'm a parent's house is part of the summer's. So this is the last video how to college Siri's for me and I have had the greatest time putting together these videos because I really feel like they have improved my ability to kind of talk about my experiences, everything but also hopefully have given you a little bit of advice and just based off of my own experiences prepared you for your college experience. You can apply those things to somehow improve your current college experience. I did an interview a couple of weeks ago now, and the person who was interviewing me actually had seen these How do college of Videos? And she herself was going into college and really just mentioned how they really actually kind of helped her and prepared her for what to expect in college. It was really nice to hear, and it made me feel really good because I really put a lot into these videos, and it's nice to see that I just got glasses. If you can tell I have, like, my eyesight has always been okay, just hasn't been the greatest. It's always been good enough that I didn't necessarily need them. But, like as I'm getting older and as are doing more like schoolwork and I'm doing reading and I for like in looking like computer for, like hours and hours a day, it really helps. And already, like I can see myself so much better in the viewfinder. It's insane. So hopefully my videos and look better as well. I'm filming them. I can actually see what's going on. This video is gonna be all about scheduling how to manage your schedule on everything in college. This really depends on the kind of person you are, who you're trying to be, what you're trying to go for. For me, I was somebody who at the start college, really just wanted to make sure I did everything that I wanted to make sure took advantage of the opportunities and really pursued the kinds of things. I wanted to be a part of it, of course, with school though the number one thing is actually going to class signed? No. My biggest advice. Go to class. There will be people who called you Don't go to class, Really Go to class. Never go to class. It was occasionally skip every once in a while I will be totally open and honest with you guys. I rarely skipped class a few times That I did. It was because, for example, we had a huge project. He pushed it back like another week we had. Would you like another Pierre editing day? And at least in my experience, I don't get too much from my appear headed thing. So I went to the library instead and worked on my own project instead of going to class that day. It's things like those when I actually skip class, though I always go to class even because even if you're not necessarily getting something out of that our like, what would you really be doing with that? Our like you are gaining so much just from being there. Having professor know you're being there that you care about the class. Really? It goes a long way and then it then dismissed return to boost your grade. You continue, Professor. I never missed a single class that really helps. So really, when you're making your schedule, you want to prioritize your classes, make sure you don't ever have to miss any of those for me. I really like morning classes, first semester of college. I had class about 9 a.m. every single day of the week and then would be done around. Knew that was a really great schedule, because by the time it hit like 12 o'clock, my brain starts to kind of shut down and go into, like, the lazy or part of the day. And that's when I had more of, like, activity based things. And I had to listen to lectures and stuff in the morning when I could just drink my coffee and kind of be attentive. Second, most are actually tried something different where my earliest class was at noon and I was done around five. I had a three hour class on Monday nights, and I had no class on Wednesdays. I loved that schedule so much, I find that in the mornings are more productive, doing like small type assignments, tasks, laundry, all those extra kind of things. I could just get done in the morning, annoying. It had to get them done by noon for class really helped me just kind of jump and get on it. So by the time I got to class at 12 o'clock, I really felt like I had already done a productive day. So it really depends on you. It's gonna take a couple tries to see what really works for you. Invest in your schedule freshman year. You probably will go to class five days a week. I just got lucky because second semester, the classes I were taking, we're just minimal class time when creating your schedule. I don't really recommend going over five hours of class a day. It's really easy and really tempting just to one of load everything into one day and then just have the rest of the easy. My roommate last semester He had, like, class from like 9 to 9 on Mondays and then had like one class Tuesday Thursday and had the rest of the week off, which works for him. But really, I know I couldn't sit in class and get out of the lectures. What I needed to. If I was in class sitting there for 12 hours on a Monday, I knew I would do better having them spaced out. So when creating my schedule for this fall at the start of my sophomore year, I knew I kind of had to follow that similar schedule I had last semester where I like, had Wednesdays off classes at, like, noon. Just discussions on Fridays. And I know this is probably particular to BU. I don't really know much how it works and other schools, but your class sort of like layout looks like and everything. But my biggest piece of advice is just to schedule around. You. Try how different things, see what you like, and I know when you're most productive. Most people kind of already know, especially just going through high school. You know, are you more productive in the mornings, more productive in the afternoons? Evenings to make the decision? Should you schedule your classes when you're most productive or not when you're most productive? Because I've found that having classes in the evening afternoon when I'm not as productive, forces me to be productive and pay attention, whereas in the mornings when I'm or my mind is more a week, I want to accomplished more. I'm able to do the homework and everything, plus, in dealing with the time construction of having a later class, that I actually have to get things done. It's not in the evening where I'm working on homework and it's like 11 o'clock, like I still have more work to do. I have to stay up in my I sleep. It's less. I'm really proud of myself. Actually, I think the shortest night of sleep I've had my freshman year was probably six hours. I am somebody who needs, like, eight hours of sleep a night to be productive and do everything that they need to. D'oh! That's what I made sure happened. So moving on from actually scheduled classes, adding and extracurriculars, this is a whole new bubble itself. Most of your meetings and extracurricular things will be in the evenings, so you really want to make sure you have usually Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Aaron, A lot of things happened, so last semester I was in my class of five. Asia could go right to meetings right to everything kind of clubs and stuff I was involved with. That's a really common time for people to meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. You kinda wanna leave those open so you could be open to club opportunities. Okay. A ems adm. Zar inevitable. I consider myself very lucky that I never had taken a t m class. You probably will go. I just want to reiterate. Scheduling is a very per person kind of scenario and issue. I know now when scheduling I have my internship on campus, and I know that is like 4 to 6 hours at a time. So I've left holes. So I have basically all of Wednesday and after 9 a.m. on Fridays, I have free for those today. And I'm trying to work another job and I need time for I'm starting a magazine. I need time for those meetings and everything. I've saved time, evenings. I have saved that time on Friday to work Wednesday to work, and my weekends are free. So really, you learn kind of as you go. What best works for you? I thought I'd want all morning classes, first semester, freshman year. So you really have to kind of work on the case by case basis. Try how different things and also understand that you're not gonna get like, only three days a week of class. You're there to go to class, so prioritize that. Then think about internships, clubs, everything like that. Scheduling is definitely a really hard thing to Dio. I have learned so much about organizing my time, time management, everything my first year, and it's not something I can really talk about. Have click for you. It's really something you need to work on on your own and figure out what works best for you. Lastly, make sure you have a solid calendar. I knew people who didn't have, like Calendar, no idea how they survived, because I find myself seeing opportunities and saying Yes, then I want my calendar. A week later, when it's happening, I forget that it's happening and I need that on my calendar. Actually, remind me to go to this thing. I just I think I use whatever the Apple calendar. Is it on My Mac. I used that calendar schedule everything, but I know a lot of people use Google calendar. Those are all really good programs. Some people still like doing writing in a planner, doing things that way for me. I really like my digital calendar because I could check in on my laptop check on my phone so I don't need to have my laptop with me. If I'm scheduling a meeting, you're adding study session, whatever it may be. So scheduling is really important. Set up that time management platform, whether whatever it may be, whether it be in a planner online Google whatsoever. And by now you probably have something. I am a huge organizational person. I really like color coding. I really like scheduling Mess is something I really like. So I get a lot of good energy when I have, like, a schedule in front of me when I have things like color coded like work class everything. So that kind of concludes this video. But before you click away, I just want to say if you have any additional questions about your college experience, whether it be scheduling roommates, finding work, internships, any the videos that I've done for any other questions whatsoever, I really, really want to be a resource. I know it could be such an intimate experience, and there's only so much you can find online. Usually called. Besides, just have there academics, their study abroad, programs and everything. But if you really want to know about student life, I can definitely speak well for B. You and I can even mention just kind of things I've learned. If you're not going to be you some other school, I really want to act as a resource because I know I would have really benefited going into my freshman year from somebody like me that just kind of experiencing kind of give this advice like you're not gonna know this at first. Even somebody just telling me you're gonna have to trial and error and figure it out. What kind of he's just a lot of the stress and there's tons of great on campus. Resource is Make sure you look into those. Scheduling is really hard thing, and it's really gonna say it again in case Mickey Spaces, because some people really like to reserve time to relax. People like me, like toe book their day. One last thing What I did was to make sure I did got everything done. This is more of a time management thing other than scheduling what I did waas the night before on like just my notes on my computer. Anything I would write out what I'm doing for like every hour for the next day I get That's kind of meticulous and everything. It really helped me be productive and get everything done. I would write my to do list, then say OK, eight o'clock. I'm waking up from 8 to 9 of getting ready, doing shower, whatever I need to dio 9 to 9 30 Breakfast 9 30 to 10 o'clock. You are editing. Uploading this video video 10 o'clock. You have class until 12. 12 to 1. You are meeting with this person for lunch to discuss this from 1 to 3. You have this other class from 3 to 5 year meaning with this person to study 5 to 6 you have a meeting for this 6 to 7. You are going to the gym you're working out 7 to 8 is dinner. I know that sounds like a lot and it can be really overwhelming, but just doing that helped me keep on track on the day and just stay as productive as I needed to be. It was a really useful resource. I still do it to this day, and it's something that really just makes effect. I have a lot more of a control on things and just really helps me out. Generally, if you have any questions about scheduling, please let me know. Thank you guys. So much for watching this. How to college video? Siri's Thank you so much to Geneva and jewels for being a part of it. You have any questions? Feel free to reject any of us. Make sure watching even Jules videos. Those will be in description. It's our last ones catch up on all the videos, all the links in the description we have, I guess after day with nine different videos for you to watch so you've got a whole summer toe. Get ready for college. So watch those videos. There's still tons more coming for me. I'm going on tour this summer. All the dates and ticket info is in the description. I'm going to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Toronto, Rochester And then I'm gonna end up in Boston when I'm back in the fall, would even show there. It's gonna be so much fun if you live in any of the cities or if you're around any of those cities, make sure you come out. We can hang out, play some music for you, and it's gonna be a blast. Also makes you give this video thumbs up. Subscribe. I have tons more content coming this way to summer. I'll be blogging and everything as I travel. I'll also be tracking on my travels on the pin on AP. Make sure download pill on. It's one of my favorite apse right now. I'm working with them on on kind of making my tour even bigger and better. I'm gonna be documenting all my travel stuff on the APP. My profile is a really cool map. You'll be able to see where I go when I go. Pictures, videos, everything. It's gonna be a really cool way to bring you on tour with me. So all that information will also be in the description. All right. I'll talk to you real soon. Thank you so much for watching on behalf of Geneva. Jules and I have a great college experience. We're here for you if you need anything and we Hi, everybody at St Thank you so much for clicking on this video. This video is kind of a continuation of some sorts with the other video. I did all about my college admissions process and everything. I will link that video in the description because you want to check that out, talk about what it was like applying and why I decided to go to Boston University School I am moving to in about two weeks or so, But today's video is gonna be about all about my shopping slash packing list. So I'm from the West Coast and moving to the East Coast. So I'm not really bringing a whole lot with me. And so I've done a lot of research, tells a different sites, and I've kind of compiled a list here of a bunch of things that people have recommended that they pack or bring. So this can either, uh, have you in two ways. If you are moving a far distance like I am, you should have been about buying these things once you move, or if you're not moving as far, you should definitely bring these things or by these things and bring them as you go hope that this will help you out. It's not really dependent on our specific to this school that I am going to, because I feel like most dorm rooms are all the same, essentially some probably nicer than others. But I think we can all greatly benefit from a bunch of these things, and hopefully this will help you. If I decide to, I will, uh, put together a list, and I'll take that all in the description so you don't have to write notes as you go watching this. You could just check out all those things down there, and hopefully this will help you out a little bit so that any further do let's get started here. This list that I have is just totally random, just a bunch of different things that I found. So there's no like ordered anything of importance, sir. Whatever. Definitely get a foam mattress topper. That's the 1st 1 because turns out a lot of dorm bedrooms aren't exactly support for comfortable, so those matches is probably are very similar to a piece of plywood. I'm so definitely like a match. A stopper will help you out a lot if it'll make, um, your bed feel a little more comfortable. Hopefully, I'm just gonna start, like, listing more things. Um, I have hangers, fan trash can. I think that's something that a lot of people might overlook because you might think it's just provided, But I don't know. You might or might not have a trash can in your dorm room. I don't know, have, like on your like sheets and everything. But a lot of you probably know that I included a rug, just in case the carpet in your firm isn't as nice as you would prefer. I also have a laundry basket because you're gonna need somebody to get all those dirty clothes to the laundry room. Definitely invest in one of those hanging closet organizers because there's so much space in your closet and you really want to utilize as much as you can. You know you can think about everything hanging, But if you had one of those levels at one of those hanging closet organizers at, I think that will really help you out. Definitely invest. I've heard this from a lot of people. You want to get one of those Britta water filters because you'll probably only really have access to tap water on dhe. I've heard that using the filters makes it taste a whole lot more fresh and a lot more better tasting, so I would invest in one of those I've heard. Well, there's new, like Britta filters that filtered as you pour the water. I think that's a better option than as you pour it, like in It filters. If that makes any sense at all, I think the newer versions better. It's all probably getting one of those, and you probably should, too. I am a huge lover of Lance. I really like having planes in my room. Makes me feel really like at home. So I would definitely want you move, find some sort of florist or a place to buy plans. Maybe, like Hardware Store doesn't have to be like a straight up tree in your room. It could just be anything from a little succulent. A little plan. I think it, man. It's a whole new dimension of like comfort, and you're I mean, you are just like sardine into a giant building with a bunch of other people your age, so I think adding a little bit of outdoorsy kind of home five would really make you feel a lot more comfortable. That's just meet up. If you don't have a bathroom in your dorm, you probably want a like a shower caddy towed thing. I've seen a lot of different one summer plastic like summer mesh. I'm no expert yet. I haven't started school yet, so probably end up making a maybe a part like to do this as I really learned, Like what you actually need. This is just the research I've done. Having like a sort of canny holders would really, really help you out because you're going to be traveling to and from the bathroom if you share one with your floor. If you have a fridge in your room, I would invest in Tupperware or like those things that you do. Meal planning is that if you have some sort of access to the kitchen, maybe one day a week you can go cook like a simple meal, and then you can just keep it in that Tupperware and having like in your fridge and then that's it. Quick meals for us a week kind of like meal prepping. I don't know how I like much of the dining hall's gonna vary in like what they offer, But I think having meals for me to prep would kind of add diversity to my diet, but also make me feel a little more at home because it's like what I'm used to eating, you know, like what baked her cooked once I'm back home. Having that would make me feel good. And it's also good to make sure you don't change your diet up too quickly. I think having those kind of things that your body is used having is beneficial, special, easy transition to probably more different tight As you're in college ing, you are broke and you're trying to figure out how to feed yourself. So anyway, that was a long explanation for Tupperware. But I think that's something that'll probably help me out a lot. And you should probably consider, too. You're probably not allowed to hang up a lot of things on the wall, so I would definitely get those command hooks something like that. So in case you want to decorate the wall, I know I really want to put up like Christmas lights or something like that. I have a lot of pictures. I want to hang up and I have, like, a flag. I wanna hang up. And so you're not really allowed to touch the wall or make any sort of holes or whatsoever. I think those command hooks are great option. You'll have to look this one up if you are. School slash storm allows it, but bed risers, I've heard, also are really beneficial because it gives you extra storage space under your bed and in those rooms. It's really, really Grant, so you'll probably want his much storage space as you can get. I'm gonna lift off a bunch of other things I have here. Thes aren't necessarily like big things. You should get the things I've just seen. She probably invested, um, extension cord because you don't really know where the outlets are, as well as one of those outlet things that are expanded like you can plug into the wall but have a bunch of outlets on it. So you're not limited like the one or two let's enter in your room. Was it need a plug in a couple things, a lint brush for when you need to look nice A lock. I don't know. You'll have to, like, lock up. But I feel like I always Whenever I need an actual lock, I don't have one. So it's probably just one just in case. Hand sanitizer, because newsflash you're sharing sharing a small space with a bunch of other people, so you probably won't make sure you stay healthy and clean. Plastic plates, utensils, cups because, well, you're not really gonna have a place to do dishes as unsustainable as this is. We'll probably just want a bunch of plastic plates just row away or paper plates so you can toss because you want to eat in your dorm. But you don't wantto have dishes, because then if you don't have a scene, I have to go to the bathroom like vessels. Weird. This one I've heard, I don't really know. From then I use it or not, I heard to get an iron and ironing board. I guess that's really dependent on what you're doing, Uh, just up maybe a couple times, or to look nice a certain day of the week, or if you have to look nice every single day. The week. It's probably gonna have an iron because your clothes will get wrinkled because they're all trying to fit in this small space. And I think it'll really you look a little more professional. I found a couple things just on Amazon. Really cool in there. Like back to school, like off to college section a little Just tiny blenders that are super duper simple. No idea. Like how well they work but probably worth and 20 bucks or something like that. I think they're probably worth worth the investment again. If I end up doing a part to this video all, like, link, the things that I end up getting like, you know how they work. Um, this is kind of just day free before I figured everything out video. And so we should have let you I know how everything goes. And then, in addition, any sort of desk organizers, anything that you want to bring from home cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, you know all that stuff. But those hopefully or some things that you may be didn't initially consider when thinking about what to pack or bring, I'll put like a master list in the description of everything I recommend. Don't know if I even hit everything in this video, but you should definitely keep searching YouTube and keep searching online just for lists of what people were committed cause the people who have probably been to college and lived in the dorm probably know better than I do right now. He likes this field. Give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to me. I'm gonna be doing tons more videos. I really like these kind of talking ones. It's not usually what I post, but I'm probably gonna do more of them if you have any, uh, questions, comments whatsoever. If you have any recommendations for me and anybody else who is watching this video makes you leave it down. The comments we can all help each other out on with that. I think this video is about done. Thank you so much for watching, and I'll probably So along the hallway in the sea affair, all the teachers office is, it is a super friendly community here, and the teachers always have their offices open, and you can pretty much come in at any time and haven't office hour. My freshman year, I was always hang out by movement. Teacher Yoel, the student teacher relationship here is super friendly. Everyone is with a first name basis, and it really lets you feel comfortable in the classroom because you are doing such vulnerable work. Here we are in one of the typical CF classrooms. This is used not for rehearsal but more for play writing and directing classes, where you study more specifics of theater practicum Here I am, and one of the smaller black box faces on the third floor of the C F A. The CIA has three black bucks theaters where a lot of productions were held and they are super versatile. And that's the point of a black box. You doesn't have a lot of proscenium stages, which were just normal, like traditional theatre, because we feel like that is limiting toe are actors and tor production and design teams. So we have several black boxes, which offer an extremely versatile way of performing. Here I am on the fifth floor, which is a gallery space that was usually a little bit more colorful, I think. But currently I know that the FAA design and art students are currently studying Cubism and Minimalism. So they're doing things like this, which is not Chris end of part. I like the colorful stuff, and that's a quick tour of the CIA. Hey, we're walking back from class on. We're going to talk to you about what? Fine like we do for fun at Boston University's the sailor Liam. Well, one thing that we did a lot like freshman year was going to museums. We went to Teo and the a lot. Um, also the what is it? That Isabel Gardner museum? Yeah. That one was really cool to Actually. Earlier this year, I was able to go to the JFK Museum. Well, that would be really fun. Um, it's a really cool museum, and they actually have this new exhibit of Think there's, like, a hundred year anniversary or something. So they did like, this hundred kind of facts about JFK, and it was like a really cool walking exhibit. So there's a lot of cool facts about it. It's a really cool spot. Check it out. And if you're not in like a museum type and more of like shopping, like I am, um, Newbury Street it's really nice to get to a place. Every shop you could think of. Even designer, they have a gap and H and M Zara Barnes and Noble restaurants. We also do a lot of eating here. Boston University for food on DH. Lastly, there's a lot of really fun parties at the U. There's most of the schools like we're in the cfd way. We throw a lot of parties that are usually seem so what? A lot of construction, like respect. And I got out and I just about, uh, riding bike lanes anyway. Does anybody want to close? Was saying something for like, what if some a student is looking some important piece of information? Explore Boston when you have the chance. It's a really cool city. It's really easy to get stuck in a bubble butt. Do your best to explore the city and see what's out there. There's a lot of stuff out there, yeah. All right? Right now, Met fit rack. I can't really go in and film. I'm gonna have to go and do that sneakily. So let me talk about it. And then I'll show you some clips of what it looks like inside that wreck is a state of the art exercised facility that BU has. It has four floors. It has a pool. And as workout rooms, it has elliptical machines as a rock climbing wall. It has, uh, tennis court. It has table tennis courts. It has basketball. It has ropes. It has. What's that thing called re squash? Sorry. As squash, it's a beautiful facility. Every BU student gets free access to it twenty four seven, and it's a really great place to work out. Right now, I'm on calm one, which is the big lawn outside of the com building. Which kind of makes sense. Um, it's the building that I have all my classes in this semester, so I spend a lot of time here, but this lawn is probably my favorite green space on campus. As I've said, there's not many, but we take advantage of this. And especially on a really nice day like today, kids come out here and that homework or they'll make their friends. People bring picnic blankets and they just hang out, and it's really nice. There's a big fountain here that's kind of always under construction and then not and that it is again, the fountains really nice, and it creates a little bit of white noise for you to study and kind of block some of the noise of the road because combat is a CZ usual right in front of us. Hey all Welcome to West Campus, one of the main dorms at Boston University. This who are most freshmen are put. West campus is split into three main buildings. Rich Sleeper in Claflin, all of them house freshmen and other grades. Over there is ten nineteen, which is another dorm here. The blow Claflin and Sleeper is the dining hall, which I'm about to go eat at convenience, which is attached to West Campus, and you can fight anything you want here, and it's open until really, really late at night. So perfect for those late night snacks. Here's a lovely you West campus that guts into the dining hall and you can see students coming home. France up there. That needs to be where I lived last. No longer this year's Christopher Riley, A rare animal. This's Nickerson Field, which is huge. It's where most of the sports games were held. Here on campus. We have soccer football band. Thing is, I don't know. Don't ask me about sports on the theater. Kids. Would you look at Nickerson Right now? You can see Frisbee practice soccer practice, Dan practice, and whatever they're doing over there is stupid. The student village, where only the most esteemed juniors and seniors live. Some people say that studio he is the nicest house anyone will ever live in. It has a kitchen, a living room, your own bedrooms. I've been in there a couple of times, and it is gorgeous. Also, there's a amazing view from the top floor and has, like, thirty seven floors, like a penthouse in New York. Except instead of looking at New York, you get to see people play football, which for some might be dope at West Campus. All the doors have security guard that watch everybody who comes in. This is Joe. Yeah. Welcome to West Dining Used Dining Hall is actually rated the top thirteen Out of all universities were pretty cool, but it's pretty cool. What do you like? The food neck honestly variety. Here is the key. There's always Yeah, and they have different like fun nights like they had nineties night last year, which was nostalgic in a way that none of us actually remember because we were born in like ninety nine, like Western Night, which is a cowboy theme. The space night, which is space food. They've underwater food, which is all underwater. What's in the middle? What? Look at that pastor licking them potatoes from them greens. Liam, what you got? I got a nice hamburger from he's done it. This is a freshman here. Do you love the dining hall? Yeah. Some very enthusiastic president about the signing off. Did I get too much dessert? Hell, yeah, But Lian slight, slight me in the dining hall. So it's all for free. Always for a friend, it's for a friend. That's thing about dying hope is that you can come here on a weekend or any day and stay as long as you want and eat as much as you want. It's really good to come here like on a weekend and do your homework and just do one swipe and get as much food as you want. It's really fine. Another thing is that the people who work in the dining hall are really awesome. Like last year, I was friends with Carrie, who worked the pasta station, and she was looking amazing. Has also friends with Monica, who did the vegetarian station so pretty much It's an amazing spot, really good food. Sometimes it gets a little bit repetitive, but I feel like every month or so they're able to mix it up. And if your inventive than the food's always go easy is that? Was that a successful trip? The dining hall course. It was always a successful trip. Dining all. All right. I'm gonna go home and do some homework. Yeah, me too. Keep the grades up, catch Thie, upperclassman and calm usually don't have really busy schedules. A lot of her classes are called independent classes, where it's just kind of like one block of class of time. Not like two times a week were like with a discussion. So my schedule's pretty light, and I actually don't have any classes Mondays and Fridays, so I feel that with my internship. But if I'm not, I'm internship in our free time. I will either hanging around, watch movies or TV shows from my friends. If I go out, I'll go to cafes around the city, visit some friends in other schools or just off campus. Michael did a lot of concerts at Paradise Rock Club, which is right down the street from where I live for House of Blues, which is right next on my part. Come on. Sometimes they go to museums like is Boast to regard the museum with buffet, which will get free access to because we'll be Houston's. There's a bunch more museums that we get access to. Well, sometimes I go to the movie theater. Regal Cinemas is right by federal was well, right now. Luckily, I only have one class today, but I think it most. I had four classes in one day, but that's not really typical, usually two or three. And personally, I prefer to study in my room or in some alone, just around campus. I really don't like library. It's like kind of weirdly quiet. I prefer to mean places like the Calm Lounge or the GS. You just places that are, you know, a little busier, and I don't feel weird that study this building is the College of Communications. This is where I have all of my classes this semester. I'm taking three classes there right now taking storyboarding editing, the motion picture and sound design which are all really cool and very hands on production based I will be a luxury at the radio station. There are people broadcasting live in there every single day this week from six a. M. Two a. M. My show is currently a ten. A midnight show. What kind of a long trek back after my show at midnight, but totally worth it. I love the radio station. It's brand new. It's uh, too No, it's one year old. This's the classroom where I have my motion picture editing class. As you can see, it's a pretty big room with a lot of desks in a big TV front. Obviously, this class can hold a lot more people, but I think my classes read maybe twenty people total Right now, I'm in basic dining hall, which is the biggest adding on campus, also known as Marciano Commons. It has two floors, and there's a ton of good food there. Stations like he's a vegan station. There's always pizza. There's gluten free food. There's always sharing options, too. And there's a really good selection. The chefs are all really nice and try to make really good food. Everyone simply best items in the dining hall of the Mac and cheese, which sometimes they have made to order. And you can add other toppings. The Eminem, Blondie's our personal favorite line or any of the little high things that they have a different creams. I got prize and I got Moroccan Su casa across the grounds cream eventual suit. Just calling. Besides, the dining hall says a ton of places on campus that you eat things like triple play. We have a blaze Pizza, auto pizza, bunch of cafes got life alive, which is an organic cafe reason canes, which is really big after sports games. None of them take our dining man points, so you're gonna have to pay and your money. But there's a lot of good food to explore. On a night out. I'd like to go explore. Yeah. No. Let's eat. What? Think about it. This Cannoli from MySpace. Excellent. Wait. So what a typical night in I usually hang out with my friends, but, uh, the time He's pretty poor right now because all my friends have exams, A ton of work to do this week as well, Uh, which is kind of an inevitable thing In college, I'm sick, but typically on a night in with my friends, we just do some dumb stuff. Usual. It'll consist of us stealing desserts from the dining halls to bring back to our rooms. We'll play, you know, we games like Mario Kart or we'll watch movies were big fans of like, scary movies. Listen to music and just hang out.