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Thinking about Boston University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Boston University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Boston University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Boston University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Boston University experience. These Boston University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Julian Shapiro-Barnum

Philadelphia, Acting, Class of 2021


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Bye Everyone! Thank You So Much For Watching <3 Boston University

Hey, everybody, today I'm gonna be doing a dorm torm today. I'm gonna be doing a dorm tour of my room here at Boston University. I guess you could say I live in Warren Towers and it's not, like the nicest, like dorm building you will probably find, but you can definitely make it your own and make it really nice. And that's really what I've tried to do. And so I'm just gonna kind of take you around my room. You can learn a little bit about me. But I was just kind of how I worked included everything that I wanted in this small space. So let's get started. So I just got back from winter break and so my room was fairly clean that I left it really clean. Someone's gonna get started here. Bernie Walking in This is kind of just wearing my coat. Middle of January. Boston is a very cold in Stark's Where's, uh, one of my coats? Name Ian Wright from dry. You get every time this mirror here on the back of the door. Really nice forgetting running in the morning on then this is my closet. This comes with the dorm I really wanted to change it, but I'm still having had after her money changes its we're happy. Did you already want to invest in a new curtains? So I'm just gonna keep it. Plus it has right on it. This is my closet. I just ordered a shoe rack so that you'd be here really soon. And then here we have all my clothes, which I have found slowly accumulates throughout the year as I get more and more things so struggled the end of the year to move all of this out here on my backpack when I go back to classes in a couple days and then up here is where it gets messy. That's kind of where have all my extra toiletry stuff. Laundry. That's three things all right here, like my camera case and write papers for my printer. Just much cleaning supplies, closing staff. That's essentially the closet I used to have like a what you call it like a union organizer. Things hold T shirts, but it's winter certainly T shirts, and that's why all my teachers are here in the bottom drawer. Um, man, I have socks and underwear, and then I have, like, sweater stuff and then work out clothes, et cetera. Those are almost doors. They're already packed a lot. So if I hope in one, take 30 minutes and then you have the TV here I found It's really nice to have a TV is not. A lot of people here have. I'm a TV and I have a little ht my court, and we just got I'm an Apple TV, too, so I can watch Netflix or anything on here. And, um, it's really great because remember, like, friends wanna watch a movie or something. Please come here, because I, uh, have been up here is that it's for me. BC hockey game And then that pinata is from my birthing. It's broken, but we fixed up enough. So getting on the wall, I get a lot of compliments on this part of the room because they like kind of this polarities anybody having. Then the lights around. It kind of highlights all the little pictures I have, except this one's like lower than the sight of kind of bothers me. I'll fix after this and then this is my bed right here. So that's like sweater like throw blanket and then pillows and these pillows. I have different covers for each of them, and so I'll change him out like seasonally, like just hikers or someone's on there. I'm another kind of back to the basic design and then under my band way, have more toiletries, stuff in a couple boxes to ship things back to the end of the year. Those are my luggage for when I travel, go back home and then in other cities around here. And then there's not any organism thing. And then this is where I have a paper plates and everything. And then those ribbons air. There are food. Yeah, it's time to go bad, actually holds a lot. And then I have bed risers on here, too. More things. And then this is my favorite part of my room. This is my desk area. Polaroids, continue up here. And then we have a Seahawks y you feel at home and have our Lord and savior dual eba. And then these are a couple of pictures. Actually got this as a secret Santa gift. These are pictures from a coffee bar. Better do my friend Jeannie. And so I really like that was really personal gift. And then I always have dancing time, certain tissues because I've done steak a lot already. This is where my camera usually is, but I'm using came right now. I just keep things that my friends have written, and then this is my desk. Have more Polaroids here on the back sign couple post cars. I got this in Philadelphia. It's one of my favorite sayings. And then I walked in the store and it was on a little name type thing. And so I said, You get that there is my laptop. I've had this light up J for, like, a couple of years now, and kind of reminds me of all the rooms I've had, I move around. I would say a lot. I moved around a lot in the past couple of years, so that's one thing that's always been in my room was always kind of been a highlight. That kind of makes you actually like my room. And then this is the ugly part of them with all the cables. These are my books, school staff, the lamp on and then silverware, coffee mugs, photos of the stuff to read. And then here's where have, like important documents and stuff that I cannot lose. That's where we have our blunder, the clear vinyl. And then there's like, Booth, This is the view from outside my window Definitely got pretty lucky with this. I love it so much, and I love when I wake up early enough that you could watch. This carries over to absolutely gorgeous trash. Can that just be to get myself look cleaner? And then we are not having anybody have to go cups there. So I just make coffee in the morning. Those teen, honey, Morty and other some plates that use whenever I do cooking in here, which is rare on Dhe. Then I need to get more cups for this. But security we have. I use it at least three today, um, appears a printer. You don't really technically need to have your own corner near, but I found that it's a really useful doesn't like something due the next day or anything like that. You don't have to think about going somewhere. Working with him is not working on. Just do it right here. Microwaves. I'm a message to cook things warm up these any left for a while. We haven't done a lot of groceries. Actors, They just got back from winter break. I just went out and got some of these food. It's not a very big fridge, but you'd be surprised, Like, actually how much you could fit in here If you're going to that Tetris kind of stuff and then, yeah, the freezer needs some more stuff. Usually have, like, frozen fruit in there and then some more, like wants to stacking things in there as well. But I also have most of my food bins. So I guess that is the extent of my room. As you can see you like, it's not super duper big, but, like, make it, like work with the space that have and I should have taken, like, pictures and stuff when I had my Christmas decorations up. Because those were really, really fun and was really festive in here. Yeah, this is my room. Uh, I know that when I was waiting to come here to be you, I really wanted to know what, like a room looked like. Second, better prepare. So hopefully it's kind of give you a good idea of what the rooms are like. If you're curious about that and maybe just in general, how to decorate a dorm room, Nothing. I know how to do it right or anything. But this is just what makes you feel at home. I hope you enjoyed this video. You have any question comments which you give them down below? Get this video like and subscribe for more on this mess is just getting started. And so I have lots of cool car share, so okay. I just want to say I'm editing this video right now, and I know this looks so bad. The quality gets so much better. I promise. But, like, just watch how awkward I am in this beginning. This is my first time filming in my new room. So, like, I don't know why I wasn't, like acting normal, but, like, I'm really awkward and quiet in this next clip. Also, I feel like I'm gonna get this question already. Sort of like answer it right off the bat. Um, I'll be doing like, a dorm tour video once I'm actually all set up and I have everything for the room. It's just It's only a couple weeks then and I literally don't have everything I need yet, and you'll look a whole lot more organized. And I have, like, certain storage and that kind of stuff. So if that makes any sense, so yeah, here's the actual in short of the video, enjoy and watch how awkward I am. Hey, guys, welcome to the video today. We're gonna be doing a day in my life my sophomore year at Boston University. It's our influence right in front of fans not the best idea. This is what my normal Monday looks like. I get a lot of questions about how you balance, you know, music, internship school, having everything in between. And so I kind of just felt like the day in the life was kind of the best way to share that with you all. Yes. Was gonna get started, have a brand new vlog germs to check that out below. And let's just get this started. Good morning. I don't know why this angle makes it look so bald. Software just started. I don't like logging in public's. That's where we're at this angle first thing in the day 7 a.m. Head into the show that I could produce a friend. Josie takes about an hour to phone. Sure, as much of that as I can. And then you're gonna see all this. My carriage broke. And now I have to buy coffee every morning in the bank accounts running low because of that. Probably just buy a new cure IG and save them money. But we all know I'm not doing that Just finished. Um, and I just finished my business homework, and I finished my Lawn Society homework. So shout out to me. But actually the whole thing ready, you actually had me hide. You know, I'm putting that all in. What's coming up? I have a show this weekend in Boston. It's sold out today, which is really, really exciting. So I'm just really excited to finally play this music for my friends in Boston. How low and welcome to college got me like a New Heights magazine original podcast with Geneva, Jacob and Jewels. For the next 30 minutes, we'll be talking about something about the college experience that's currently on our minds. You can contact us with any suggestions, comments or questions and strewn new episodes every Monday at new heights magazine dot com slash college. We love to hear from you. I've done a sucky a day of longing. It's about eight o'clock right now. A lot of work Tuesdays are really busy day for me, and that's tomorrow. So, um, I got work to do, and I got a lot of work to do today. Today I received a lot of work to do, if that makes any sense, like literally. I was sitting in calculus and it just went black and I felt like my head fall forward and I like, shot up. And the girl next to me was like, Are you good? And I was like, I think so. So yeah, plus, it's just been like, really hot in Iranian mugging healing today, So I've kind of been like a little bit of a funk and just really warm like I don't know, like, am I supposed to be wearing a sweatshirt? Don't like, Hold me accountable for this, but I think what we're gonna do is replace the 1st 3 episodes in three consecutive days for you guys. I just think I may have just broke my beats. This new album, it's been really tricky. Um, starting like to do an album is the first night filmed or not filmed? This is the first time of recording album when I'm at school, so it's a whole new dynamic. I really have to like, bunch of the time out to focus on stuff, and I just reserved, like these spaces that we have on campus is sort of do this and just have the silence and like the time, the spaced like record, because when I do this music and stuff like I just like you need space with this New music is totally different than anything I've done before, and that's why I'm so excited. And I just couldn't wait until the summer to start recording. Some of it was so we're just doing some demos and stuff right now so I can send back to the people who are working on this with So they can kind of hear what I'm thinking. And it's very much a back and forth process, like I've been working on this one song for months, but it's like, seriously, the dopest song I've ever done. All right, y'all, it's, um, smoke 1 a.m. I just finished my calculus homework. We are done with homework for the day. My day's over. I'm going back to the dorm. I'm going to bed, I'm exhausted, and then we're gonna wake up and do the same thing again. Hopefully, you enjoyed this video. I kind of got a glimpse. Sorry. This is literally, like under tunnel lighting right now. Hopefully, kind of got a glimpse of what a day in my life is like. Stay tuned. There's a lot more on the way. can it wait? Wait a mi What's up, guys? It is Friday afternoon. Now I just kind of finished my typical fry day. I was on the show this morning, and then I went and I had to do a research study for one of my classes. It's required. And then I went to class. I worked with my team on a group project. Then I went to work, finished up a couple projects that I've been working on my internship. And then I had a work meeting, and then I went to lunch. I met with the photographer who it's gonna be taking the images and shots for my next out moon. We had just a really good conversation about what the vision is and how we're gonna execute that. Because I have this really clear aesthetic and concept in my minds that I really trust her to execute. We're starting at the early stages, just kind of planning and stuff, and then we're gonna actually take photos. And I really want this next air to be so interesting visually and so that's why we're spending a long time on the artwork, um, have some cool ideas and concepts that are so deep and there's so much metaphor behind it. Um, and I think you're gonna be surprised. I came back to my room. I just finished my lunch Fridays. By the time this rolls around, I I get about five hours of sleep a night. It's really, really bad, and it's something I really need to work on. But this is what I just like Crash. The week has just brought me down so heavily, and I just really find my time too. Readjust myself Friday nights, actually, usually pretty chill for me. I like just to catch up. I'm really tempted to record a song because I wrote a song this week that I'm really excited about, and I want to get some sort of demo going with it, so I'm not gonna do that. Instead, we're kind of chilling, and I wanted to start up this fog because I did a really bad job of putting out any sort of content well this week. But But, um, you see this? It's gonna be last week, and that's just because there was a lot going on. I had jury duty this week. Um, I had a lot of extra projects. My internship this week and I had an exam this week interviewing for a couple internships and stuff starting now. And for over the summer, Just a lot of stuff has happened. I want to talk this weekend because this begins a three day weekend and I don't actually have a lot of land. So you're gonna get to see kind of a cool weekend my life and what that looks like playing right now is to go hiking later. Um, I think on Sunday, just because I want to get out of the city for a little bit Don't get me wrong. I love living in the city and, like, literally, I'm sitting writing from my window right now. I'm looking down the street and I have the most beautiful view I do miss just like seeing trees. And then I'm going to London in a couple weeks for spring break. What's more than a couple weeks? So I have to finish booking stuff for that trip. Yeah, we're gonna be doing some stuff on that trip to so prepare The ball is really starting to get rolling on this next air. An album that I'm putting together. I don't know what I'll do. I could really taken out right now, but I don't like napping. It just really feels off my whole day. I don't know why a lot of people do, but I just can't do it. So anyway, welcome to the weekend Flog. This is my life, everyone. Good morning. I look sleep. I'm going Thio quick yoga cardio kind of class This morning I've been taking a couple classes at court power in Fenway and I really, really like it just because it's different than anything that I've ever done before. And it's really just gonna be a good start to my day. I think I only ever done the later classes, but now we're gonna do a morning class. I'm gonna meet some friends there, could see me busy day, but first we're gonna get our body moving. I just woke up about an hour ago, had a little bit of coffee and injuring tons of water. Because you sweat so much in these classes, it's really important to get here body hydrated and you're even just dehydrated after a night's sleep. Anyway, um and I'm gonna pack up my things and get going. I'm already running a little bit late if you wanna watch, Like my morning routine, What I do in the mornings that's just gonna be in the description makes you check out that video. And now I'm off to the public library to do some work because I really just want to get off campus and get into the city a little bit more. If you never been to the Boston Public Library, at least look at pictures because it's beautiful. It's a wonderful space just to study. It closes in a few hours. I don't have too many too much time to spend there, but I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna work on some songs. And then tonight I'm gonna go to the booth time. Hey, guys, because this is these extra clip won't make any sense to you. It'll actually look very weird. You didn't if I didn't get a booking on campaign with July right now way we're taking the photos that will be bored already. You know, I published posted until this from behind the scenes. Half his face is only a thief existed. Why? Wearing shoes with where she was in the bathroom. Paul, do you wear sandals in your bathroom? That's the whole point. Nobody. Finally, you get that You let I want a razor too. What? Most asked, Do you have crows? Where? Good. I'll get snot. Morning. It's afternoon. We're out of the city for a couple hours at least. All that cracking and snapping is ice. We decided to go hiking at Little Sex Fells. The trails are full of ice because I gonna put two and two together and think, you know, middle of Windsor, its wake wet Just note trails will be fine, but it's fun though we all noticed right when he stepped out of the Hoover that the air is so much cleaner here literally is fresher And just I couldn't breathe so easy. Not like sewer mixed with lead mixed with cigarette smoke, A little bit of Popeye's. Either we're gonna like, slip in today or have a great time. You don't hear from us again. There's no follow up to this. You know what happened? You know. Okay, this is like money. Everybody. Sorry, I look like this. I just woke up, get some breakfast, meeting my little coffee and then I did some work on. I responded to a couple e mails and stuff and getting ready for some things I have this week and made some decisions that are really exciting. And you will know about soon today. Um, I am gonna hopefully get off campus here. I haven't done a post for my coffee block yet. Which, by the way, you don't follow it. You definitely should. It's pretty cool. So I need to go to Cambridge to do that. But I don't really want to anymore. I think it's still will, but, like, it's kind of gross day outside. Been thinking about, like dying my hair like a little bit darker. But then one of my friends was like, But you're so pale like that might like the contrast might look weird. I was like, you know, that's probably true. So and I wanted to, like, get a haircut differently and, like, do a new kind of style is beginning to summer and stuff. But I'm not gonna figure that out right now. I'm just gonna get my hair cut for today work and stuff to do it Like after we went hiking yesterday. I just didn't do anything. I applied for a couple more jobs. I'm tryingto internal work some things out for New York this summer. It might not end up working out. That's all right. But if that doesn't work out, I have to have a backup plan. So it's kind of preparing for a backup plan working on a project that is coming out before summer. I should stop saying that cause it's not completely confirmed yet, like things could fall through and it could not happen. But But I'm gonna put it out there in the universe that that's gonna happen. I am amazed. That is still so I thought it was gonna be done, but it is not. I got a second cup of coffee, get a bunch of places, do some cleaning. Now, I don't know why involved in this is gonna be so boring. Let's put it this way. I'm trying to work on Marie Condo in my life. I think I know she likes you Fold shirts like a certain way. I need to watch the show again because I forgot now, like her technique and everything, I need to get rid of a lot of clothes to be honest, I don't I got one of those people that has a lot of clothes but doesn't wear all of them. I'm sorry my fans on It's a little bit warmer today, so that's a turnoff. So many T shirts, especially in Boston, like you don't we're t shirts. Unless it's like July. I'm just gonna go with my classic. I have to get rid of some stuff, but that's okay, because I don't wear it all anyway. And there's people who can wear it. I don't need it. And there's people that do so we'll just I just don't need it. All right, guys, I'm gonna finish cleaning. Gonna clean my bathroom to which you don't want to see. That's gonna be the end of this block. Thank you so much for watching. I will talk to you well, real soon. And I'll see you next time. It should give us a like, even though it was a horrible log we should subscribe to. We're close to 1000. If we haven't already hit it yet, Andi, everything want to get there? Because that would mean a lot to me. Um, and I'll see you guys next time Okay, Bye. Hey, guys, this is the end of the block. But there is one last thing I do kind of want to add onto it to be totally, totally transparent with you all. And that's exactly what I've been trying to do since day one. There are, of course, parts in the weekend that I don't show on the log just because they don't necessarily need to be documented online or tied two the brands that I'm building in the sort of audience and trying to connect with. So, of course, there are those elements of college that, of course, you can all understand and is implied, and you probably knew what happened and everything, but just I want, you know, because a lot of slug was work related things. And I want you to know that I do take care of myself. I don't always work. I do have fun of friends, and we do a lot of things. I just don't always fog those sort of things because I don't necessarily want them tied to what you see to me online. So that's that, um, again, Thank you for watching this Hi, everybody. Thank you so much. You're clicking on this video today Ever giving you a tour of my dorm University's miles child. I'm a sophomore here. Just moved into my own room and talk about it Finally do for you today. So my room is the size of a shoebox. Okay, now we can start. This is the entrance. This is the door where you leave from this'd is from my collaboration before me that I did. It reminds me a lot about the trip to Ohio I took last summer and all the people I met. And I really just like saying, Get out there. Works with kind of door. See, every morning, obviously just bath towels. Here is where I keep the shoes that do not fit in my drawers, which I'll get to shortly. Just get my backpack here for exit was dirty yoga mat that I honestly rarely use. This is the best part is curing. Don't tell anyone I have this around technically allowed to have it, just like forget it After this video. This is among I got from my friend Sam for Christmas and tea and stuff in there. All the silverware I've had the security for a long time. This is what my friend Josie got me for Christmas. It's a scratch off map of the world and we have this, like dream to always like travel and do as many things to be can together. And so it is kind of like a reminder of her. Well, she's abroad. To see all the places that I've been doesn't look like a lot because it's just the whole world. But we're gonna check off more of those soon the front of the fridge. This is really where I just keep a lot of, like, general stuff. My name tags for my internship postcards. This isn't even mine are supposed to send this months ago. I'll do that. This is my favorite saying my mom got average magnet for me and send it in a care package. This is from a trip to Philadelphia. I took with my mom, obviously, uh, and this is not to be pretentious. Anything. It more so just reminds me of the incredible experience I had of touring last summer, and it's supposed to it from my very first headlining show. This isn't closet. Obviously, I love having a printer. I highly recommend it. Actually, as a college student, even though there's printing service is all around campus, it actually just really makes it easier on me. I can print things right before I go to bed or if I need to write in the morning. I don't have to go anywhere and go out of my way, and it lasts a long time. I've had it for both years of school now, and I've used it countless number of times so highly recommend that just a site in my closet is very packed. We don't have a lot of space on Ben. This is where I just keep all my like, uh, toiletry products and stuff cables in the paper for the printer. Then I keep my winter jackets in our hallway Sweet closet. These drawers are my T shirts and then the rest of my shoes. This is a rug that has, surprisingly, lasted a long time from target. By the way, this is a fan's not going right now and just turn it off. I don't want it to sound video. Okay, I just, like really like white noise, so that's why I have it. It's usually going. There's all my mugs and then oh, my books and stuff that I use. I think I mentioned this in the last like door for video that I did. It's just a dollar coffee card from Bed Bath and Beyond, and it's lasted years. So shut up tonight and you can always get, like, a 50% off, 20% off about Beyonce's even last Sunday. Um, this is the worst part. There's no outlets in the side of the room, so we have this giant cable just going across. You either ignore it or just choose to enjoy it. I'm gonna get a beer that stands right here, but I just moved in, so give me a little time. I don't know if you can see the lights going around. This is the only time really, that I actually have the overhead light on. I don't like the overhead light. It's really strong, and it's not really nice on the eyes. So I really just keep those lights on. And I have a lamp and it's the perfect lighting when it gets dark. This is obviously a bed. Um, originally, when I moved into the room. The bed was over here and it just took up too much space. There wasn't a lot of floor, so I literally just pushed this whole thing. And it's perfect fit right here in this corner. And I really like you, too, because it's a lot more comfortable at night. I can look out and watch the sunrise literally only wake up. First thing I do is I open my blinds and helps me wake up over my eyes. Um, and then this is the air conditioning unit that I always hit my head on. These are Florida photos. These are older ones. This is like 2017 before, and then on this side is more so 2018 into this year. I have, AH, glory printer that I use instead of a Polaroid camera, and I really like it a lot because I could just take anything on my phone. I don't know. It's got to be thinking about bringing a separate camera for it. I can edit photos, make sure they're clear before I print them, and it uses the same film everything, and I get a lot of really nice photos out of it, and I guess this would be the time we're talking if they sponsored me, but they didn't. So they should. And then I don't know how much people really want to know. But like, these are pillows. Probably the profits from Amazon target. I don't know. Oh, this comforter, though this country from Amazon, and it's really good. It was, like $20. And I really like the white comfort because it makes me feel like I'm staying in a hotel. This is my laundry bag. It's full because I go through a lot of clothes in a week, then all these drawers, Uh, this is is Well, this is snacks, Mrs Food. Very messy. This is sweaters and stuff and that socks and underwear. My guitar case. And I'm not talking. This is all my suitcases, my keyboard. It's filming equipment and everything. And then in here is where I came more valuable sort of things, you know, like you even say that Probably not. No security. Pass your This is my desk. Obviously, um, I grew up in Seattle Seahawks flag. Hopefully, you know that this is Jay. My mom gave me for you. Stir a couple years ago. It's lasted a long time, though, So my best friends, we we need to replace that picture. It's getting old, and I do not. I look like Nemo in it. I got this in Philadelphia. I really like it. People are very surprised to see this. They thought I'd have something more fluffy on my desk. But, you know, that's just E do a lot of my score and stuff here behind my computer. This is where I just put a bunch of nice notes. People have written Lee really in ecstasies. I'm sitting here studying. Just reminds me of a lot of the love that their exit. There is a lot of the love that exists thes air cards. He's never run out. I've used them so many times. I don't remember buying more. Um uh, but they just say J hands were right on their to do lists and reminders and stuff. I only put this year to make my room look nicer. I don't actually read these. This isn't plugged in than those of the vitamins they take every morning. You do not look in that last stuff on, and I think it's for the interior. This is just my guitar. Obviously, this is the first time this semester I actually put my guitar out. Actually played a lot more, whichever the light, because I believe they're not actually have more space in this room than I would like in a double. And then this is a thermostat, probably with your part of the room. I have to keep it nice and warm in here, and I control with that. And I don't have to pay heating bill too, So you can go wild. No, I guess I don't know. I don't watch enough. A room tours. You, Robert tell by watching this that I don't You want to know where anything's from? I guess I could tell you. You should looking down below. Okay. What's that leak? I would like the comfort. I'll leave the comforter, I think anything I could find. How about that? Yeah, that's a good idea. I don't know any more college videos you want to see. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Better you do, then I am. I really am. Course. Just, you know, if you have any other questions. Advice. Thank you so much for watching over. This wasn't too boring. And he found it at least somewhat interesting. I love my little space. I was gonna say I hope you did too, but that's it was just a video. Thanks so much for watching. I guess I'll see you next time. What? It asked a question. I will. I guess there's no way you guess. What are you anyway? Oh, my God. The Antarctic booth. Did I come to tell me when I cover it all? Because if I don't cover it Hello. It's me, Ryan. And welcome back to another bu t full video. All right, so the next question I ask people was just what are some general pros and cons of going to be you? A lot of the pros and cons of people were telling me things that I really have already mentioned in this video positives, really high quality academics, a really large student body, that it's so diverse and really helps develop your cultural competency and teach you so many new thanks. And another positive was just location of the school because we are right in this part of the city. So we have a lot of different options for restaurants, concert venues. There's so many activities that you can do that are so close to you. So student life can be very fun. And for negative things, Yes, view is a lot of hard work to be used. Campus a Soviet. You gotta walk off a lot. It can be almost 1/2 an hour. Walk from one class to another, and that is on a day to day basis. So it can be a lot. Sometimes another really common negative point that was brought up was just the fact that for the amount of money that we spent for you, it doesn't seem that a lot of that money is poured back into student life on our campus experience. Well, it definitely just seemed like the really expensive you tuition fuels the quality of our academics. We don't really see a lot of that money reflected the amount of money that you gives to student organizations for the amount of money that is poured into the quality of facilities at BU or the food. Many things like that. Meanwhile, if you go right like a mile away to Northeastern University in Boston, which is a pretty comparable school, they have very similar tuition to us. Their facilities are obviously a lot nicer. Their clubs get a lot. We're funding that our school. And this is something that I think a lot of be used to bond and have a lot of questions. Well, it is so great that a lot of you students do feel like our money is definitely fueling our education and the quality of that, you know, we really do kind of see a discrepancy between the our school in other schools around us with the qualities of our facilities and buildings. And, you know, the amount of money are clubs get, that's everything. And it does kind of leave a lot of questions to be asked about. You know, am I getting truly what I'm paying for? And honestly, I don't have the answer to that question. It is really kind of up to you. What do you value most? What do you care about? I am pretty Southside with my education and experience that you and people like me. But I do certainly think there could be improvements in ways that the really high tuition that we're paying could maybe be poured back into us a little bit better. As a trend, you're probably seeing through the video as a trend your colleagues seeing through this video. A lot of what does define be in a reputation at school, in the culture of our school is the quality and the strength of our academics, and that is really what sets us apart from other schools. But I'm sure there are ways that maybe could be nice to meet a little bit more in the middle. Okay, so the final question, I asked people was just one. Some advice that you would give to your senior yourself who is looking at schools really stressing about your college application process. You know all of that stuff that you're experiencing right now if I could really sum up. But everyone said into one sentence, it really is just that it is going to be fine all through when you're growing up, and especially in high school in your senior year, there is so much emphasis placed on your undergrad education, and it creates so much stress. But honestly, you do not have to worry as much as you are worrying, right? Honestly, if you don't get into her dream school, if you can't afford a certain school, If certain things just aren't lining up the way that you want them thio, it is going to find. I know it can be really weird to hear this, and I'm sure it conflicts with a lot of what you've been hearing about the college experience in the application process and all of that stuff thus far. But please trust me. It is going to be fine. You are going to make the best of any situation that you replaced in, no matter what school you're at, you are going to be able to rise to the occasion with the people you need to meet, achieve the goals of me to achieve all of that stuff down the line. You are going to be able to do it no matter where you are. And I can't stress enough that you do not have to stress. That hasn't much as you are right now. Obviously, keep at it. Keep working hard, keep pushing and power through to the end of high school. But I promise you, you can relax a little bit with all the students that I talked to, regardless of whether or not going to be you was their plan. Initially they all stared the same sentiment that everything has really worked out the way that it needed to whatever school you decide to go to. I think once you get there, you're going to realize none of this stress you're going through right now really mattered as much as you thought it would. And even if it is hard to trust to me saying that try your best to at least trusted a little bit. Feel free to relax a little bit, Cotton. Let yourself be proud of yourself for the hard work you've done in the hard work. You're putting it. You will get through this. You know what? It is all going to be fine. Anyways, that is all for this video. If you have any more questions and wants no more fellow BU campus life, be sure to check out my other campus real videos or feel free to DEA me on instagram. And I will be sure to answer any questions that you have. Thank you for watching and the best of luck with all of your college starts by. Okay. Here we are at the Booth Theatre, which is a really, really knew, really giant awesome theater that BU just got added It's Ah, four story black box theater. Ah, look. That's me on the poster of the boot. I'm Julian and I'm famous. Lookit, all of the boots, Majesty. Look at that. It's so big, so cool. Booth also functions as a classroom space for Boston University's designed production students. There are many classrooms in the building, as well as art studios, design shop and costume shops, lighting rooms. It's very state of the art. Very beautiful. I'm gonna show you inside really quick. So here we are inside the booth. I've I require your help because they're setting up for an alumni event. Here we are inside the main theater. It's huge. It's a black box theater, which means that you kind of set up any space you want. I've seen proscenium shows in here. I've seen Thrust. I've seen three quarters. I've seen the round. It's really a versatile space. Also, the floor below me completely comes out, which means you can have a whole underground level, which is amazing. Therefore, floors and the ceiling moves up and down, which allows for a lot of really cool stuff. All right, I'm gonna take you into the scene shot. Let's go. So I got asked to leave because there's an event going on right now. But you just have to take my word for it that the classrooms were also really beautiful and really amazing facilities on the third floor. There's this really cool room that I wish I could show you that has a place where you like test flights. It like, has this really cool wall that moves and has all these light manufacturing pictures that you can hang up on it and test it out. Also a sound booth that's beautiful. There's music practice rooms. It's a really beautiful facility. It opened last year, so it's still very new, and hopefully we're gonna be able to start doing shows in it. I think we have for opening this year. So along the hallway in the sea affair, all the teachers office is, it is a super friendly community here, and the teachers always have their offices open, and you can pretty much come in at any time and haven't office hour. My freshman year, I was always hang out by movement. Teacher Yoel, the student teacher relationship here is super friendly. Everyone is with a first name basis, and it really lets you feel comfortable in the classroom because you are doing such vulnerable work. Here we are in one of the typical CF classrooms. This is used not for rehearsal but more for play writing and directing classes, where you study more specifics of theater practicum Here I am, and one of the smaller black box faces on the third floor of the C F A. The CIA has three black bucks theaters where a lot of productions were held and they are super versatile. And that's the point of a black box. You doesn't have a lot of proscenium stages, which were just normal, like traditional theatre, because we feel like that is limiting toe are actors and tor production and design teams. So we have several black boxes, which offer an extremely versatile way of performing. Here I am on the fifth floor, which is a gallery space that was usually a little bit more colorful, I think. But currently I know that the FAA design and art students are currently studying Cubism and Minimalism. So they're doing things like this, which is not Chris end of part. I like the colorful stuff, and that's a quick tour of the CIA. Hi. I'm Isabella. I'm a junior at you and I'm a journalist. Hi, I'm Lena. I'm a junior at U and a film in TV. Jay, what's your favorite thing about you release here? You do least favorite person, please. And why my least favorite thing about you? Although the campus is really nice, it's a little bit long, so sometimes very loved. It's very literal. So sometimes walking to class takes a long time. But honestly, I love it because gives me exercise. And it's so beautiful here that you can see all the scenery as you want to cost. Um, my least favorite part of going to you in part because I'm from Miami is the weather. I don't fare too well in the cold in the dark cold, but it's actually really fine. It's really nice right now. It's just the second semester sometimes gets too cold for me just because, Yeah, favorite part, I think my favorite part. Um, it's my least favorite part. So because these campuses so spread out, everybody's walking everywhere. So you always run into friends and new people as you walk into class, and it's just a very big community on the strip. That view is just very trump. Oh, and it's a good thing I really like the people that I've met Definitely. When my favorite parts of you I love my professor is here especially. My minor isn't compared to literature and some of the professors that an encounter within my mind had been so phenomenal. I've learned so many things from them and from the film professors that pad these people are people that I've been studying, what they love for a very long time in a really passionate about it. And I've been fortunate to have professors that really love to be re sources. And I want you use them as a resource. No. Yeah. Perfect. Two a dozen questions. One. Could you describe the student body at you and then to Could you describe what the academics and you're like? I think the academics are very rigorous, but they also have very cool classes that you can take for electives when you're done choir mint. So think you have to work hard. But you can also take classes that are very interesting and very unique. Yeah, as faras the student body goes I feel like whatever community like you're attracted to you, Khun. Definitely find it at you, even if you don't. But first, see if it's definitely there. You're like more of a person who likes to be artists. You could definitely find that the people, if you're gone really interested in, like, social club, like any sort of, like, active activity that's like a social activity on campus. He could definitely find that. So it's really finding your niece. Well, thank you guys, so much prayerful. Welcome to West Dining Used Dining Hall is actually rated the top thirteen Out of all universities were pretty cool, but it's pretty cool. What do you like? The food neck honestly variety. Here is the key. There's always Yeah, and they have different like fun nights like they had nineties night last year, which was nostalgic in a way that none of us actually remember because we were born in like ninety nine, like Western Night, which is a cowboy theme. The space night, which is space food. They've underwater food, which is all underwater. What's in the middle? What? Look at that pastor licking them potatoes from them greens. Liam, what you got? I got a nice hamburger from he's done it. This is a freshman here. Do you love the dining hall? Yeah. Some very enthusiastic president about the signing off. Did I get too much dessert? Hell, yeah, But Lian slight, slight me in the dining hall. So it's all for free. Always for a friend, it's for a friend. That's thing about dying hope is that you can come here on a weekend or any day and stay as long as you want and eat as much as you want. It's really good to come here like on a weekend and do your homework and just do one swipe and get as much food as you want. It's really fine. Another thing is that the people who work in the dining hall are really awesome. Like last year, I was friends with Carrie, who worked the pasta station, and she was looking amazing. Has also friends with Monica, who did the vegetarian station so pretty much It's an amazing spot, really good food. Sometimes it gets a little bit repetitive, but I feel like every month or so they're able to mix it up. And if your inventive than the food's always go easy is that? Was that a successful trip? The dining hall course. It was always a successful trip. Dining all. All right. I'm gonna go home and do some homework. Yeah, me too. Keep the grades up, catch Thie, upperclassman and calm usually don't have really busy schedules. A lot of her classes are called independent classes, where it's just kind of like one block of class of time. Not like two times a week were like with a discussion. So my schedule's pretty light, and I actually don't have any classes Mondays and Fridays, so I feel that with my internship. But if I'm not, I'm internship in our free time. I will either hanging around, watch movies or TV shows from my friends. If I go out, I'll go to cafes around the city, visit some friends in other schools or just off campus. Michael did a lot of concerts at Paradise Rock Club, which is right down the street from where I live for House of Blues, which is right next on my part. Come on. Sometimes they go to museums like is Boast to regard the museum with buffet, which will get free access to because we'll be Houston's. There's a bunch more museums that we get access to. Well, sometimes I go to the movie theater. Regal Cinemas is right by federal was well, right now. Luckily, I only have one class today, but I think it most. I had four classes in one day, but that's not really typical, usually two or three. And personally, I prefer to study in my room or in some alone, just around campus. I really don't like library. It's like kind of weirdly quiet. I prefer to mean places like the Calm Lounge or the GS. You just places that are, you know, a little busier, and I don't feel weird that study this building is the College of Communications. This is where I have all of my classes this semester. I'm taking three classes there right now taking storyboarding editing, the motion picture and sound design which are all really cool and very hands on production based I will be a luxury at the radio station. There are people broadcasting live in there every single day this week from six a. M. Two a. M. My show is currently a ten. A midnight show. What kind of a long trek back after my show at midnight, but totally worth it. I love the radio station. It's brand new. It's uh, too No, it's one year old. This's the classroom where I have my motion picture editing class. As you can see, it's a pretty big room with a lot of desks in a big TV front. Obviously, this class can hold a lot more people, but I think my classes read maybe twenty people total Right now, I'm in basic dining hall, which is the biggest adding on campus, also known as Marciano Commons. It has two floors, and there's a ton of good food there. Stations like he's a vegan station. There's always pizza. There's gluten free food. There's always sharing options, too. And there's a really good selection. The chefs are all really nice and try to make really good food. Everyone simply best items in the dining hall of the Mac and cheese, which sometimes they have made to order. And you can add other toppings. The Eminem, Blondie's our personal favorite line or any of the little high things that they have a different creams. I got prize and I got Moroccan Su casa across the grounds cream eventual suit. Just calling. Besides, the dining hall says a ton of places on campus that you eat things like triple play. We have a blaze Pizza, auto pizza, bunch of cafes got life alive, which is an organic cafe reason canes, which is really big after sports games. None of them take our dining man points, so you're gonna have to pay and your money. But there's a lot of good food to explore. On a night out. I'd like to go explore. Yeah. No. Let's eat. What? Think about it. This Cannoli from MySpace. Excellent. Wait. So what a typical night in I usually hang out with my friends, but, uh, the time He's pretty poor right now because all my friends have exams, A ton of work to do this week as well, Uh, which is kind of an inevitable thing In college, I'm sick, but typically on a night in with my friends, we just do some dumb stuff. Usual. It'll consist of us stealing desserts from the dining halls to bring back to our rooms. We'll play, you know, we games like Mario Kart or we'll watch movies were big fans of like, scary movies. Listen to music and just hang out.