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All right? Right now, Met fit rack. I can't really go in and film. I'm gonna have to go and do that sneakily. So let me talk about it. And then I'll show you some clips of what it looks like inside that wreck is a state of the art exercised facility that BU has. It has four floors. It has a pool. And as workout rooms, it has elliptical machines as a rock climbing wall. It has, uh, tennis court. It has table tennis courts. It has basketball. It has ropes. It has. What's that thing called re squash? Sorry. As squash, it's a beautiful facility. Every BU student gets free access to it twenty four seven, and it's a really great place to work out. Come on over. Hey, all my name is Julian Shapiro Barnum I pronounce Or he him his. And I'm an acting major here at Boston University's College of Fine Arts. This is my campus, riel. And I'm going to be showing you what my life is like here. A student. Um, first off, I'm going to be talking you guys about campus life and what it's like to be a student here. Then I'm gonna take you with me to my classes. And I'm going to show you my teachers in the classrooms and with the school's like and lastly, going to show you around campus and show you what life is like here in Boston. Uh, this campus real should be interesting for anyone looking at Boston University. But especially if you're looking at on the College of Fine Arts or anything are related. Okay. So introduce yourself your name. Your hometown in your major. Okay. My name is Orry Grodd. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio, and my major is, um so what interests you about your major? Nothing, really. I just want to make money. Makes sense. There's nothing around with that. There's nothing wrong with that. How would you describe the academic climate of your college? Well, I think it depends school. Like what? Yeah, like so. For example, I'm taking a lot of courses in the philosophy department and like the kid's there, the professors and the way we all interact so much different than my question forces. But I generally say that like the teachers and the faculty would like to encourage open dialogue about things that's kind of like their teaching method. So yeah, which is something I enjoy, but it's not for everybody. Yeah. Um, what is your favorite class so far? I'm kind of split between two different courses, which would either being reasoning in argumentation, which is like kind of like the other one would be African and Third World cinema, which is like, like, write critical analyses. Okay, Holmes. Super cool. Um, so what's your favorite place to study on campus you like? That's not part with benches like we're like most people are. It's like it's not weird, right? A little weird, like I just I just really like the scenery. That's very good relaxing, especially like you're writing a paper. They say that lake, the higher the ceilings in the building are, the less confined spaces. More individuals are creative, and there's actually studies, so just ability to sit out in nature and do my work is like great. Okay. Last question. What's one piece of advice you give to a prospective ER incoming student to be? I think I would say, just do it. Why? If it's you and what helps us study? Because I think there's this, like high school, kind of fed us false notions we all are. We don't have to read it, but like obviously, that's kind of contradictory if you're going to tell me that everybody has different learning styles. So, like I found personally the first week of college honesty and I was doing a lot of the readings. Whereas now I'm doing what I'm doing with which is really engaging lectures, discussion, study videos and, like I feel like performing much better. And that's just because that's what you get for me. If you don't want to do something, and if you think it's not benefiting you and it's like you have proof that it's not benefiting you, then why waste Yeah, that's what? Well, thank you so much for your insight. Have a great rest of your day. So right now, we're in the study of student services. A couple of very specific things palest in this world. On the first of the second floor is Marciano Confidence. My favorite dining home. Third floor is the writing. Senators well is advising for educational things. Thanks. Fifth floor are the sea, which is educational resource center that you are supervised. Money room service is such as to drink if you need help in certain classes and sit in on the radio. They called the language. For example, I speak Spanish so I can go like once a week. The group that we all speak Spanish, learning more about grammar, just utilizing language. So don't forget it. I'm right here. I'm on the sixth floor right now. This is the CCTV, the Centre for Early Development. They host mock interviews as well as, well, help for resumes. So you can make sure your resume is perfect for you. Your job? Um, I find it really helpful that you office is kind of programs so that they can make sure that their students are doing the best Right now, I'm on calm one, which is the big lawn outside of the com building. Which kind of makes sense. Um, it's the building that I have all my classes in this semester, so I spend a lot of time here, but this lawn is probably my favorite green space on campus. As I've said, there's not many, but we take advantage of this. And especially on a really nice day like today, kids come out here and that homework or they'll make their friends. People bring picnic blankets and they just hang out, and it's really nice. There's a big fountain here that's kind of always under construction and then not and that it is again, the fountains really nice, and it creates a little bit of white noise for you to study and kind of block some of the noise of the road because combat is a CZ usual right in front of us. So along the hallway in the sea affair, all the teachers office is, it is a super friendly community here, and the teachers always have their offices open, and you can pretty much come in at any time and haven't office hour. My freshman year, I was always hang out by movement. Teacher Yoel, the student teacher relationship here is super friendly. Everyone is with a first name basis, and it really lets you feel comfortable in the classroom because you are doing such vulnerable work. Here we are in one of the typical CF classrooms. This is used not for rehearsal but more for play writing and directing classes, where you study more specifics of theater practicum Here I am, and one of the smaller black box faces on the third floor of the C F A. The CIA has three black bucks theaters where a lot of productions were held and they are super versatile. And that's the point of a black box. You doesn't have a lot of proscenium stages, which were just normal, like traditional theatre, because we feel like that is limiting toe are actors and tor production and design teams. So we have several black boxes, which offer an extremely versatile way of performing. Here I am on the fifth floor, which is a gallery space that was usually a little bit more colorful, I think. But currently I know that the FAA design and art students are currently studying Cubism and Minimalism. So they're doing things like this, which is not Chris end of part. I like the colorful stuff, and that's a quick tour of the CIA. Hey all Welcome to West Campus, one of the main dorms at Boston University. This who are most freshmen are put. West campus is split into three main buildings. Rich Sleeper in Claflin, all of them house freshmen and other grades. Over there is ten nineteen, which is another dorm here. The blow Claflin and Sleeper is the dining hall, which I'm about to go eat at convenience, which is attached to West Campus, and you can fight anything you want here, and it's open until really, really late at night. So perfect for those late night snacks. Here's a lovely you West campus that guts into the dining hall and you can see students coming home. France up there. That needs to be where I lived last. No longer this year's Christopher Riley, A rare animal. This's Nickerson Field, which is huge. It's where most of the sports games were held. Here on campus. We have soccer football band. Thing is, I don't know. Don't ask me about sports on the theater. Kids. Would you look at Nickerson Right now? You can see Frisbee practice soccer practice, Dan practice, and whatever they're doing over there is stupid. The student village, where only the most esteemed juniors and seniors live. Some people say that studio he is the nicest house anyone will ever live in. It has a kitchen, a living room, your own bedrooms. I've been in there a couple of times, and it is gorgeous. Also, there's a amazing view from the top floor and has, like, thirty seven floors, like a penthouse in New York. Except instead of looking at New York, you get to see people play football, which for some might be dope at West Campus. All the doors have security guard that watch everybody who comes in. This is Joe. Yeah. Good. Oh, my. Just gotta meet Ellen. Ready to go all the way to western. This is a water station in towers your morning. So I've just left the towers on my way to hospital costs in West campus. And I'm gonna wait for the bue bus, which is like a free shuttle service cross common. I've and my campus at BU. It's really nice. And it's free for all students. The only downside to BU bus issues really late, but surprisingly, today it was on time, ready to go. We're in a hospital waiting for a professor to show up. I'm just going home. Our favorite professor. He's great. We love this class. So I just got a hospitality class. And now while I'm on West campus, it's I live on East. I'm gonna do a bunch of errands. Was that right? Over. Um, I'm gonna go toe ods And which officer Disability Services because of a type one diabetic, I get accommodations like extra time on tests and the ability to have snacks in class, like my cheeses. Just think he's not sure it goes low. Uh, yeah. I'll go put in my papers and and turn into things that student health services, Yes. And now started rating. Typically, this happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For some reason, I don't really know why, but here the rain is way different than where I'm from. Portland, Oregon. Um, it's a lot more like torrential and you step outside for five seconds and you're soaked. So I got a friend an umbrella. So it's a common joke. But there's always construction com. But the more Joe is that this metal strip at BU Bridge is always frozen during winter. And now entering the GS you for some delicious soup for lunch. It was a cold and rainy basis is perfect the best thing about the GS you is that all the restaurants you paid with your dining points, which is included in your meal plan. On my way, not my calculus lecture. It's next giosue, which is where there's a bunch of restaurants and things. You can eat it with dining points, and they also have a bunch of clubs and organizations heading up free stuff. I just got some empanadas, and I am a happy Colombian. I just got back from the longest calculus lecture ever. And I'm gonna can I Smith Day not before going to work. This is a torrential downpour I was talking about. I thought out for my not ready to go to my interview. Reigning Cats and Dogs on Base State Road One of my jobs Tele Fund is to call up alum and asked about their experience would be a swell is to donate to the scholarship fund. Finally, the end of the day, leaving the question building from the telephone. I'm going the last stand of my day. Thank you. Days for following along today. I hope I could help you see what a typical day at you looks like with a mix of classes and meal breaks and Erin's work eleven p. M. Now. So I'm just going to study a little bit. Genomics. Mid term next week. Now a little bit around like twelve. Hi. Welcome to my humble abode. My dorm is located on the ninth floor of towers, which is the very top floor, and it's really cloaks that faces out to Bay State Road that has all the beautiful sunlight. Um, some of the furniture that BU provides for our dorm includes the armoire, the dresser drawers and the desk as well as a limp. Um, so starting with the armoire is really important for me to have. All my clothes and hate are hung up because I don't like the folds in them, but it's really nice. Could has room for not only my blouses and dresses, but also from my winter coats, which I'll need starting in after hello. It also had the shelf so I could put my hats and my scars, my bags and then underneath. I have some storage space for extra hangers and my diabetic boxes, and the last really cool thing about the armoire is right next to my bed. I can use it as a nightstand so I can have my assault length and my fan, which is really important in the first couple weeks of school because it's really freaking hot in Boston some other things in their dorm. While BU does provide a mirror like that one on the other side. My room and I also got another mirror, a swell as a clock, so we can tell the time, and we could make sure we're on time for class. And it's also really nice because the towers is located right behind question, which is where all the business classes are. So when we wake up at eight fifty, five hundred classes at nine ten, we could just run right over. So now, moving to the back, the beds are lofted in the towers. However you can love them. A lot of my friends have them unlocked it. And on the ground level, uh, when they are up top, it's really nice to have this, because this is definitely save me a couple times from falling off and I've fallen off a couple of their beds. Also another dorms. So the beds here, BU and most college storms have twin XL bed, which is kind of pesky finding sheets. But it also leads you to pick new sheets and have a whole new room to court. Uh, next we have the dresser drawer, which it's like I hung with. I hanged most of my things, but I do have a couple of things in here like T shirts as well, a story to the bottom. And speaking of storage the way I have the dressers located underneath the bed behind Over here, you can see my suitcases. There's two right there, but there's actually seven within all of this book, like there's a lot of stuff in there look really good storage really nice, because I have a lot of things from the West Coast. Next, we have my little. Would you call this a nook? Getting ready for run it through the day? I actually used the thing from on top of the desk as a shoe rack. You could see my kid shoes through the nice so I don't happen just like laying at the bottom of a closet. And over here is my desk. I have it facing the window, which is kinda close to the super bright outside. But it's really nice because I love the natural light and it's perfect so I can look out until they're really nice. Um, landscape of Boston, and it faces the west side. So all this afternoon, sun comes into a room and warms it up so beautiful. So some essentials for the dorm, I would say, is the fan for the first couple weeks of summer, our first couple weeks of classes. I have that fan and I have this dance and they both definitely save. Meeks was really hot in here, and there's no air conditioning in any of the dormitories except for the upperclassmen. Stupefy, your student village own West campus. I would also recommend a mattress pad because the door was here have really hard mattresses. And this will definitely save your back from having to go to a chiropractor. And another thing I would recommend is an extension cord. Because you have You think you don't have that many things to plug in. We have, like a laptop charger, a lamp, a phone charger. Also have your other fans. So you don't I need an extension cord. The last thing about during the super important is the micro fridge. You can rent one from BU Vetting services. They don't allow you to bring your own microwave. However, you can bring your own fridge. But what's nice about this fridge is it's just released. It's delivered to you. You don't have to move it anywhere. They just take it from you from the end of the year. Has a freezer and the fridge. And then this is nice shelf is our pantry. I have all my snacks from city code in here. Bye utensils. And my roommate has her scent on that Welcome to the Fresh Food court. Marciano Kami. I'm just swiping inside. Go get some food. The way the diamond has work up BU is that it is buffet. So there's a variety of options you can choose to eat, ranging from the grill to Vegetarian International, Gluten Free and Delhi. Each student that lives on campus has to have a built in and the tools properly. Your friends are the unlimited and the two fifty the only one. It gives you Oliver Amiel swipe suit and come to the dining halls as many times as you want. Where's the two fifty? Gives you less meal swipes. However, it gives you more dining points that you can use at Starbucks of hand expressed her various restaurants. Look it on, and here we see my favorite. Well, bring me a sandwich station. It's a toasted hand letters. It's so nice to come to the meal hall with friends and in between classes and even to Southwell and study and eat some food. The gluten free pantry is an important location for me within the dining hall, as it has specialized use for people with seo ecstasies such as myself as well as appliances set aside to make these foods to avoid cross contamination. As for my review of the gluten free kitchen, I do think it is a bit redundant in the things that they serve. However, the rest of the time cause so many options, and I typically find myself eating from the other stations. Since the dining hall is self serve, you take your dirty dishes and trust to the conveyor belt, so it's an easier time for the workers to clean up. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Marciano's my favorite. One of the four finding holes here.