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Hey, guys. Simon Castle, which is one of the dorms all years, live here. But a lot of freshmen also live here. It's really great community, and it's one of our more going. So it's really nice to show off, I think, college system. So I'm actually one of the new back. Do you think that because you know, for a lot of high school soon it's something like this, a community like what's going on? But because in some small, our bathrooms are last, all of the things that you may see in other schools. So he's just a nice little area. It's not too intimidating. There's going walking through here. And then the great thing about all of our dorms is that they have nice lounge is with kitchen, something that kind of walking down here. And then so there's a bathroom here, you know? And then these are some of the dorm. So some of these air single so one person lives in, and some people some of these rooms are double. So two people live in them, and sometimes they arrest the first man that I randomly matched. And then sometimes they are upperclassmen that choose consult. This is the castle. Just go in there. You came here. See? Really nice little set up going on and take it. So one of the castle rooms. All right cast because the way it's like set up there like so many twists and turns like You won't place to be right around here somewhere else but is really nice. Oh, I've never talked anybody that's lived in Cass. It didn't like living and Cassidy, so that's a Hey, guys. So I'm actually one of our classrooms in the language and dining center. Or, as we call here, the L. D. C. And so the L. D. C has a dining hall on the first floor and in the second report has classrooms and the language department in cross cultural Studies department are located in this building. So this is actually what I just had my Spanish classes. You see, it's just kind of almost well in a lot of high school classrooms. And so, as far as language classes, we have a language climate here, Carlton and you can kind of opt out of some of the levels of the requirement, but the classes are max out. It's sixteen people. And then with that, we're splitting to TA sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the one on one through one of three levels. And those classes only has eight people in them. So at Carlton is really easy. Tio, get to know your classmates and get to know your teachers in your ta tas because they're just such small classes. You can't really hide in the back, which means kind of seems like a bad thing. But Actually, it's very, very helpful. Um, I think the biggest class of taking a Carlton was a little less than fifty people was intro to psychology class. So a lot of like intro and lecture classes are a lot bigger. But for the most part, classes are somewhere between ten and twenty people. I think the small spots I've been in his nine people, so but, yeah, just this is a typical Carlton classroom, and then you've got the desk where all the grown ups it. But, um, so yeah, it's really nice. Tohave us small standing in a more personal setting than a huge room with thirty, forty people for every class. So this is really a good element of Carlton. Yeah. Wait, wedding. It is a good time on the institution of marriage. One of them. Weird. You're funny. No, right. Carlos. Where? Want mom? You're way. We're crossing the river with lures part about carlton. You are. And now we are entering Second, Sevy, severance all where I live. And I'm gonna show you guys around my room, which is a right here. Got some door ducks. Hey, what's up is my roommate, Taylor. You might have met her before on, So we have a two room double. Um, this is my room to give you a feel for the space. Um uh, Let's open these windows. You can see the view. It's nice and snowy out here. We get a view of the football field and stadium on and check out our lovely bathroom. And shower has everything sink toilet on. And something unique about Carlson is that most students stay here where they lived on campus all four years because it's a very small and tight knit community. We Huh? We prioritize dorm life to keep everybody more So it's a Wednesday night at Carlton. Clearly, some people are having a good time out here. I'm on my way. Tio finishing essay. Most people are probably still studying at us at this time unless they got all their work done. And they're going to do way more fun things like Okay, So this is a poor va. A poor. But why did you choose Carlton? So it was kind of a long story I didn't expect to end up, but I did like, program here. This has never been the country and just decided college. What was really trying to go you C or a large like minister, out with it. I want to I the types of resources to one on one relationship with professors and stuff stop in administration and also like tutoring. And financially, we're so, um, aging here than anywhere else. And I just knew that I would be able to feel like a student here. Not just like a statistic or a number like a nine interceded class. Yeah, Um, he described the student body. This body inspires me every single day. I have learned so much just by Just in the past three years, I've met people that continue to teach me so much about the world and about being a really critical and strong independent person moving through the world and really making sure that every environment we enter we're making it better for people that are coming after us. Love kind of relates to work that I'm doing. Yeah. What is your major in? How is it? It's like, how do you like it? Yeah. So, my majors Sociology, Anthropology, which is really amazing. I came to Carlton, someone who had been famous in my whole life but wanted to also explore the humanities and just found sociology anthropology away too. Really examined the world, understand how it came to be. And what culture society. But it looks like and also how we get, like, work to dismantle. Kind of like institutional, structural, systemic racism and others since repression that are really that we are at the forefront of changing. And what is your favorite and least favorite thing about Carlton? Besides favorite thing. A lot of things. Honestly, it's so easy to gain financial resources to do so many things. I've done all my internship on my spring break trips conferences fully funded by the college and something that I never would have dreamed of having when I came in and something that I really miss it. Yeah, Something I don't really like is I mean, I really love the winter. At first, I'm from California. Barely seen snow after a while, like depression's a really, Really. So it's really hard to take care of yourself So, guys, I am back from my last class last responsibility for a while, so I'm definitely gonna take in that. But I haven't really enjoyed making these videos and helping you tour Carlson through these videos. And honestly, I think one thing that I would definitely love to leave you guys with is that college is about finding who he never thought you would be. So no matter where you go, no matter what you choose, do things that you're high school self be like. What? Like, you know, shot guys goes off and step out of your comfort zone because it's honestly the most freedom that you're probably gonna have him. I've so you should definitely take advantage of it. So to give you an idea of what a Carlton classroom might look like, I am in the language and dining Center, room two forty five, where I worked as a Spanish teaching assistant. Um, so this is the room. You would not normally be taught any course by a student. But for inter languages, we have bi weekly sessions that allow students to practice their language skills and more comfortable close knit settings. Like, I know this is a huge room, but I only teach eight students at a time. Um, and so our average class size is sixteen students, and the faculty to student ratio is one to nine. And so we are very much oriented toward discussion based learning and student professor relationships, which is one of the huge, strong points of a car. Lt's an education. You know, you can't just hide in the back of a lecture hall. You really you really have to participate. But often people really wanna participate because learning is so fun because you got a you got to choose whatever classes you want to take and like, I always choose things that I'm super fascinated by, and I find myself just so engaged with the material and interests and kind of like heated discussion. Sometimes I find that really, really So I would consider. There's like a typical Carl to feel like, uh, pasta soup in a Saturday Sunday, of course, and there's also a lot of pledges hearing be free option. So everybody has a lot of options, like Hey, guys. I'm walking into a partner right now, which is one of our dining halls with our two dining halls. And it's actually part of the complex, which has three dorms, a student center, this wooded there and everything's